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Clothes Armor Redux Preview - Part 3



I've heard the votes. I will be converting the earlier farmer clothes to have thongs too haha.

I had pants options in mind when making some of these, mostly because the original NIF has a finished pants already that isn't cut off where the tunic covered; which means the original textures is enough for a full pants. Others aren't much, especially those with robes; at most I will include a barbarian-like loincloth where pants aren't possible for those who don't want them baring their naughty bits around. 

Now, for revealing....I am honestly not sure how to tackle this one because conforming a mesh to both SAM sliders AND penis slider isn't as easy as I thought it will be; so those who want them...eh, sorry, but it's apparently out of my aptitude. Do note, that I did try! 😂 but I just couldn't get them to work properly without much effort and I had dozens of armors and clothes to do and it simply became too much of a chores. Sorry guys >< 

Also, let it be known that @InoOnew88 had massively helped me with his list of references, inspiration, and ideas. So shout out to him! 

Anyway, enough talk and more previews, here they are. 

Thalmor Robes got a new pair. 

image.thumb.png.3c5ad5ab6f7761b7a5b5a734ba673bc2.png image.png.9ef779b844dd5705829c75f775f9aa1f.png

The Winterhold teacher also rocks a new pair. 

image.thumb.png.d4c21a7505a159786ba672604d962252.png image.png.c3a4de14345d5139031cd7a4e35b324c.png 


I didn't like this initially, but I think it kinda grew on me..., I like how sultry it has become. 

image.thumb.png.11600aa1176e747bdc804eb94db16d31.png image.png.c99bc5b3e2c0bc425f7b50728d9ce50c.png image.thumb.png.5752f269b7d084fdd9dd453edce84618.png


We get to see him once...twice, if you had Gray Cowl of the Nocturnal. I included a more...manlier version for those who prefer their favorite uncle to retain that modesty...

image.thumb.png.0e1133b5628ab6576a89d1e1651bd43f.png image.thumb.png.4d3365a8353563b45eae807e185addc2.png 


We get to see him once; if you're a Dark Bro. He shares his mesh with Balgruuf...and several other Jarls. I tried experimenting with titty chain, I kinda like how it turned out haha

image.thumb.png.02b25a6629e40a0fc7f9ef4516bfad32.png image.thumb.png.6251658df8aa97b75a95a6ea7607f592.png 

image.thumb.png.67d8326f1d9f121c550e6bec5f7f1aa0.png image.thumb.png.bd05d6f8eeb4c624a1fffd6b232f1085.png


Yes, yes. My take on Ahtar is a bit too extreme. But to be fair, someone has already did the "loose the top, kept the bottom" version of his clothes. So I thought I made it interesting. Also did you know he kept ears of his victims on his robes? If you don't already know, good, coz I left those bits out xD it was just too much for me.

image.thumb.png.ef5c5649bc12d0605d667892720d3926.png image.thumb.png.2f15b1c918e294c3d8f2eb424534facb.png


Can't say much about this one. It's particularly hard to work with the textures. Due to the way it set up, I couldn't get the cut-off to look pristine, but eh, I think it's not too much noticeable. 

image.thumb.png.1706691ddefdc8e6d19dced5b7c481ba.png image.thumb.png.67471a9f78840fbd17b0c5696de2987b.png image.thumb.png.68848078683b0117039e59d7f8a4cc9d.png  


Ino talked me to make that panties. Blame him lol. Stole the dick mesh from the amazing @Don.

image.thumb.png.163b67bef5d4623cc4830c6e546b4359.pngimage.thumb.png.811106c8b0275eb7751fdae4e82430ae.png  image.png.039a2ae450341abf41daa6e9f96ad0fc.png 


Everyone's favorite clown. I never liked him. 

Also, yes. If you couldn't already tell, Dark Bros' aesthetic is the boob-window-framed bra thingy. I'm patenting that name now as we speak. 

image.thumb.png.8ac4db61e4f48369a53ca89224edef92.png image.thumb.png.4c61e85fe5d799113ae7ea70492a0d5f.png  


Mythic Dawn. You'll see this on like...one quest. I'm surprised they bothered to make a unique clothing for him lol

I tried going for a different silhouette than other mage. IDK why. I suppose the silhouette gets boring after few modelsxD

And yes, this is inspired by what Detox wear on the Make Over episode of All Stars 2. You betta step yo pussy UP!

image.thumb.png.d2b79a71e2476b0ce94a6187c5f63406.png image.thumb.png.f170b17554436a21388c42dfec59edcb.png 


Last but not least. The last Jarl clothing. A derived version of this is also worn by the one and only Ulfric Stormcloak. 

image.thumb.png.d3beabecae1cdc22016a7ac45de2a500.png image.thumb.png.771ca8e58dd97cde375781ad3753af55.png  


Okay, I think that's all of the clothes. 

But no, I'm not releasing this now. After this, I probably would go back on several of the townies clothing I previewed some time ago. I want to give them the thongs version; and also some of the clothes in this entry still needs pants options so I probably gonna do that. 

Afterwards, time to dive into Outfit Studio and then test them in game hoping nothing breaks. 

Also, if you noticed, this collection is missing Monk/Necromancer/Warlock redux. I may or may not make that outfit since I'm still figuring out why they kept crashing the game :( If not, I feel like BadDog/air's version is good enough ❤️ 




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Awww thank you so much my fellow kinsman @kreiste. I will always be happy to spam you with references, inspiration, and ideas. Gonna keep 'em comin'! LOL 😆😘🤗

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Love love love. ❤️ Can't wait to get my hands on this mod to complete the male armor replacements on my skyrim

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