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Current progress~



Me and @InoOnew88 has been going through my older redux series, Light and Heavy Armor, to fix various bugs and clipping issues. Since it was my earliest series, many bugs were left unattended and unchecked that we just noticed quite recently. 

Also if anyone did find bugs with any of my redux series, please don't hesitate to post a comment on their respective download pages :D I regularly check for new comments (since for some reason, I often don't get notifications). If I haven't replied yet, don't be shy to fire me a private message; and do mention the body measurement of your character that has clipping issue with the outfit (Weight, Samuel, and Samson slider values)

The update for the two series will be launched sometime around this week. 


On another note, I'm also working on the second last of my redux series; which would cover the Dragonborn DLC armors and clothing. 

Preview below: 





After I'm done with that, I will be revisiting armor and clothing that aren't accessible to players and made them craftable/wearable.

Such as the Tsun armor (I know someone already did this but I'd like to try my hand on it), Sheogorath (I did this on my clothing series, but it wasn't wearable for players), and also the Nocturnal Robes pictured below. 


I think I might also include Savior's Hide; I chose not to include that armor in Light Armor Redux because that armor is a bit hard to modify. 


Also, I've been thinking of converting DeserterX's female-only armors for male. 

Currently, I've just finished with the Emfy Cleric Robes

unknown.png unknown.png

This is exciting for me because I have never worked with modular armors before. It's also a learning experience to make my own original modular armor by seeing how other people do it. 


With that said, that is all I've been working on for the time being. I hope you guys will look forward to my upcoming creations! Thanks for reading :3


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