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  3. I'll try looking into it further. Thanks for the reply! If you do end up making a pack for Dragonborn, I will gladly download it, though!
  4. Journey with serana femboy. Harkon and his pretty son.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Hello, im using oily normal, and it looks fantastic in the day time, the only thing is at night time when my guy goes near a big light source like a campfire, his skin glows a bright purplish tint. I mess around with a few of the night options under Object in my enb but it remains the same. no big deal since everywhere else it looks fine
  7. You are reason... so better get busy, because christmas is near, and i'm a good boy waiting for nice presents ... tanks for your beatiful and imaginative works brother! 😘 Gustavo
  8. Garet

    Gareth and Sven

    Here I will publish photos of Gareth and Sven - two beautiful guys who love sex with each other and not only ...
  9. I didn't do anything to the mesh. Actually, I'm in the middle of improving the texture. I also need to ask Kou first about sharing it
  10. @woofman I'm sorry but I don't believe the problems you are having is related to my mods at all. Literally none of my mods touches any clothes nor armor that comes from Dragonborn DLC. Try turning off my mods and see if the glitch still occurs. A new game to test that might be required though since I think what's causing your issue is a broken leveled list. I can't quite see what's happening in some of your screenshots, they are very dark. However, if the problem lies with the penis texture, you either installed SOS/SAM with incorrect load order, or you are using skin texture packs that incompatible with either.
  11. Cool... I would like to ask when we can get a ready-made set of armor and clothes for DLC Dragonborn?
  12. How do I replace all the faces of all NPCs with HPH at the same time?
  13. Sculpt art before after. Turn jafar into aladdin.
  14. Yeah!I know it's not Christmas yet, but would you give me the mesh body? because of photoshop I'm just ignorant!🤥
  15. Can anyone tell me the exact location of the file that i need to replace ? I'm New to modding, Oh and is this mod compatible with SAM high poly conversion?
  16. I love these, thank you so much! I'm having a problem for some reason, though. For whatever reason, the penis for the Dark Brotherhood robes and the Daedric Armor aren't displaying correctly. They're one solid color. At first I thought this was just because I use a custom texture pack for Argonians, however it also happens for all other races. (I only use custom textures for Khajiiti and Argonians, all the humanoid races use their default textures) I'm not quite sure what's causing this issue at all, because when I first tried them on I simply thought "Well, since these textures (the argonian/khajiit textures) were designed for SOS LE, that might be causing some issues" but then I tried slapping it on a few random humanoid NPCs (such as guards near Whiterun) and they also have the broken penis texture as well. Another issue I've encountered is that, for some reason, NPCs in Solstheim are uh... Glitched. For whatever reason, they now don't wear the Dunmer Clothes. Ever. At all. Neither the girls or boys. Which is very odd. I'm not 100% sure this is being caused by these mods, but it's the only one I can think of as it's the only clothing mod I've installed since the last time I touched Solstheim. Both the last time and when I encounted the naked Dunmer men are when I noticed no one was wearing the Dunmer Clothes were brand new saves where I hadn't touched Solstheim (or anything else) prior to any of the mods installed at the time. I'll provide some images of that, too, since it's... Definitely weird. And another thing on the side - would it be possible to get an unenchanted variant of the dark brotherhood robes and mythic dawn robes? I especially love the look the mythic dawn robes, but I'm having an impossible time finding an unenchanted version. Or at least, one that people aren't reporting as being super buggy. It's always been super disappointing when Bethesda adds equipment that doesn't have unenchanted versions, especially for stuff that's otherwise not that unique... And then add unenchanted versions of stuff that techncially IS unique. We have unenchanted Shroud armor, but not unenchanted DB robes...? Anyways, back on the topic of the broken penises, here's some images: https://imgur.com/a/Ujh7KwC And here's images of the Dunmer fighting the ash in their... Birthday suits: https://imgur.com/a/uaCqX4S And again, thank you, so, so much for these mods. I absolutely love them, especially the heavy armor ones.
  17. Ulfberth

    Hello from the Wasteland!

    Hello adventurers! This is Elder Ulfberth from Boston post total atomic annihilation. Humanity fell a lot but we are always fighting for a better community. Here you'll see some of my pics in the commonwealth.
  18. Last week
  19. it's just an enlarged areola in photoshop, though, nothing fancy
  20. I have finally finished the male nude mod. I looks amazing and I had to use LDKSuperDante body mod as an base to work off that to make the body map line up correctly. But it worked out well, everything is prefect. I wish I could edit the 3D model to add dimensions to the penis but no one know show too do that yet. Or at least I haven't found it during my research. Updates pics below.
  21. This is housecarls males i think : https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/17163
  22. Oh I forgot to mention that I'm on LE--do you know if it's still compatible?
  23. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/39908 Despite the name has the option of removing females from leveled lists as well.
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