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  3. Hey I'm running into a small prolem and dont really know how to fix it.. everytime I use player.additem <formid> 1 after help"zhanyi" I get the message "compiled script not saved" and I have no idea were I made the mistake
  4. Yes to make true remaster we must edit the textures and normal map too. I did it with my mod lux weapon. Upscaled vanilla and remastered it.
  5. That's absolutely true, but those shots are closer than most screenshots peope make already. So I think that if there's no real impact at this kind of distance, it's not worth upscaling more textures since it doesn't make enough of a difference.
  6. if you want make comparison between too...try to zoom it larger. Say better see eyes part or hand part from close.
  7. which gif? you can make everything sweaty with this: Wet effect under fair weather at Fallout 4 Nexus - Mods and community
  8. I've been messing with image upscalers. One of these images uses Render's original textures, the other uses my upscaled versions. Can you spot the difference?
  9. Oh hey, you're right, it is on the Head Shape preset slider. Thanks! Another question is, there is a clipping on ECE's eyebrows, do you have a plan to either patch it or create a high poly ECE's eyebrows?
    Hi, this looks great and I'm sure I'll get it looking right, but I took an existing character I made and changed the face part to High Poly head and this was the result - I guess I need to do some work on my end to get the nose and mouth back to the right shape, but she seems to have some paint in her eye as well. Thanks, and keep up the great work!
  10. Miraak Alternative accessories for next release. Compatible with golden thong from bdo atanis. This is actually my old refit so i kind lazy re refit it. But so far no problem. Better i release this than bury it.
  11. Hehe thanks! I never used Presets from others myself. Always worked with the Vanilla drama from Bethesda XD My first few Characters weren't that nice looking too so it really is just up to pratice I believe in you!
  12. Last week
  13. do you know how to make the skin look shiny/wet like in the gif
  14. So the shoulder wider lower option? if thats the case here it is: The default skeleton edits increase the penis size in 11%. So, in this particular edit the penis was resized in 10% from the original size (20% from the skeleton edits), which leaves the total size in 90% of the original size. If its still big or too small let me know . Skeleton Edit - Shoulder Wider Lower + Penis 90%.7z
  15. Lol its been really hard. They've all come out looking like mutants, like very scary mutants XD. On Xbox I was really good at making faces, then suddenly I start with Racemenu and I'm so awful Ugh, you're so talented! I wasn't joking when I said I was a big fan of your mods lol. I've used other presets for the other races I've come across, but then they pretty much come out looking exactly like the preset with small changes like hair, eyes, beard, etc, I can never get them looking more original. I just gotta get way more practice in Holy cow, I didn't know you could do that! Thank you so much for the tip!!
  16. can't tell exactly, but the size of penis form bodytalk was great, also ima using defult choice in installer ( fourth or third option in instaling i guess )
  17. hello @jdhue. I decided to not include the penis slider to make it easy to give support to and to make it aligned with sex anims (Plus it'll be resizable in the feature i hope so because of possible skeleton scaling sliders for looksmenu). But if you wish, i can give you a skeleton edit with smaller penis or teach you how to resize the skeleton yourself (its actually pretty easy). You'd just need to say how much smaller you would it want it to be (like 80% the size?). Also, you'd need to tell if you are using any kind of skeleton edit of mine so i can apply the transforms to the correct one.
  18. I knew someone would ask eventually, I've added the optional textures to the files
  19. Rachmaninoffcello

    Kreis' Skimpy Stuffs

    If i may know, What's the name of the Dwarven armor one?
  20. hello, great mod b0ss, but how to change size of dong? too big for me, in bodyslide i can only make penis erect, tho there nothing aboot changin size
  21. The cultists finally found me. Thanks to them, I got access to their outfits.
  22. MaleSkyrim

    My Skyrim Handsome Male Photo~

    This is my skyrim SE male photography art, only for vectorplexus forum, please don't reprint it to other places,
  23. I'm trying to make a face without any scars (Nord character) but none of the scar options are blank. Could you suggest a way to fix this issue? Thank you!
  24. what mod is for doing kiss like that gif ?
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