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  3. I can't either. Attempting to click the link says "We could not locate the item you are trying to view." With the error code "2D161/2"
  4. Yesterday
  5. I used to download from here all the time. Now nothing is completing the download. What happened?
  6. Is anyone able to download this or am I missing the download button. It looks hot af!
  7. Do you still happen to have the CBBE files? I absolutely love the look of the sleeves, but the mismatch between the men and women is starting to get to me lol Just wanted to add that I love using these and I really can't imagine my game without them! Hell, all the SAM patches you've provided here are fantastic - thank you!!
  8. Textures on the feet are black (CBBE Body, Skyrim SE).
  9. Lol he looks cool! That haitstyle XD Dunno if my Guys would be hunk material enough for you.
  10. I think my tastes changed lol I mean I love hunk males now and It was not like that before huh. So do you guys have any hunk follower mod? Sure I do edit other npcs with sam race morph but I would like to try a hunk follower if anyone have it.. Thats my guy..
  11. Last week
  12. so here is my issue  i downloaded this mod  Kreis_AIO_-_SE and it appears that there is only one "mesh" in the dragonborn (DLC 02) file

    i did not changed or removed anything from this file

    please fix this issue soon, thank you

    Screenshot 2021-07-26 113617.png

  13. Highly Improved Male Body Overhaul -HIMBO- at Skyrim Special Edition Nexus - Mods and Community (nexusmods.com) This one
  14. RT @bobcgames: @IndieBandits Yearning: A Gay Story is a visual novel about being gay, coming out, and making friends, and it is coming to S…

  15. RT @OasisSarah_: Some great cow milking skills you got there 🐄 https://t.co/Lmh2dWm80j

  16. RT @Emsimsx1: I think my sim is posessed https://t.co/66oJbXo26m

  17. RT @AnotherPlumbob: Sev: aww Livi...I wish you could stay a baby forever https://t.co/D7TzpWytIv

  18. Well hello everyone. 

    Glad to be visiting.

    I am  an old man. Back when I was in high school we didn't have any computers back then to play video games.We only had board games and play by mail  games.

    Seems like centuries ago.

    Take care of yourselves out there.

  19. Hi, Casmir. Sorry to hear about the issues you've been experiencing. What are the names of the armors you've been having issues with? And, I'll take a look.
  20. So, there seems to be some discussion going on on the EFM Nexus page about HPH and how the author doesn't support HPH or provide any help regarding HPH due to not having been asked for permission by the authors of HPH to use EFM morphs to make HPH compatible with the mod. I'm really curious now, since I remember you guys telling me that you don't use morphs and stuff without the original authors permission. Did you find another way to make EFM compatible with HPH, without using or modifying the EFM morphs?
  21. I have the same problem as the person above. The skirt appears but when its equipped the character's body disappears completely. The armor set is amazing other than that one issue
  22. @MSQSIMS Thank you, sorry I didn't read it I was in too big a hurry downloading my CC picks lol.

  23. Which hunk should my fairy spend the night with today? The android from my Sims 4 or the blonde spellsword that specialize in water and ice magic (inspired by Iceman from Spidey & His Amazing Friends, my idolization of knights and merman of fairy tales ?)
  24. @MSQSIMS Could you tell me who made the bikini she's wearing?


  25. View File [hiro]Egyptian Pharaoh Outfit Slutty samlight original mod: https://www.rektasmarket.com/post/egyptian-pharaoh thanks the original author. I change it for sam light please get the outfit with AddItemMenu Submitter hiromaxi Submitted 07/27/2021 Category The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition compatible Yes Created by hiromaxi  
  26. Hello! When putting on a skirt, the body disappears. What could be the reason?
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