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  3. Darnexx

    Sims 4 - The Gay Stuff and my WIP [NSFW]

    Me? I am Mike, yes! Lying, why?
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  5. KouLeifoh

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    It doesn't matter since I generally prefer using something I created. Erik's head mesh has a minor issue with eye sockets and mouth gaps, but it's not as bad as the Citrus head. I used hard edges/creases in those areas to prevent them from deforming. Besides, through this learning process, I created a setup in 3DS Max to convert the 150+ head morphs into high poly head meshes that share the same vertex count/order. This opens the door to allow me to potentially convert custom sculpted vanilla male head meshes (like those from Males of Skyrim) into a high poly head that's compatible with mine.
  6. thecoon101

    HDT BBB Bounce for SAM

    Amazing mod but like it was already mentioned the chest skin becosmes kinda deformed when it jiggles. Is there a wait to disable the chest jiggle and only keep the butt one?
  7. prisinka

    flaccid genital mesh for SAM?

    Cool! More options are always nice to have. Thanks!
  8. The midas touch. Lol. I think high poly head like erik almost considered abandoned. Many mod out there abandoned bro. Example...like males of skyrim. I sent permission long time ago. Yet never get reply. So i release it for community. Since some mod out there released as free mod and no one CARE for that mod for so long, i think we can use it for community. We not sell it or anything though. Purely for hobby like author intention. Different with mod thief who lock it behind paywall. Erik head in your hand i think best for our SAM since you really mastered that head than anyone else. If original author don't care anymore, that files still useful for community. It's shame if high quality mod forgotten forever.
  9. Its really boring having to enter slider values in your looksmenu advanced sliders manually right? Here you'll learn how to make the process real quick by "injecting" your bodylside preset into your looksmenu. Requirements: The main piece that made this guide possible, Bodyconvert tool: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/41781?tab=files Your bodyslide preset Your Looksmenu preset Notepad++ : https://notepad-plus-plus.org/downloads/ Open your bodyslide preset with notepad++. Bodyslide presets are located in Data/Tools/Bodyslide/SliderPresets/YourSliderPresetNameHere.xml If you are a MO2 user, you can locate your bodyslide preset by going to the DATA tab on your MO interface and browse to Tools/Bodyslide/SliderPresets/YourSliderPresetNameHere.xml. You'll notice theres a second column on the right of your preset, saying where its comming from. For eg: the aaaaaabuttonFinal.XML is coming from Bodytalk Bodygen Presets so you need to open that mod folder in your MO2 (open in explorer) and browse through the said folder The preset i'm opening is named as Big Bear.xml Once opened, youll get something like this. Just press ctrl+A to select everything and press ctrl+C to copy, we are going to paste it to the bodyconvert tool Now open up bodyconvert tool. With that opened: paste the code we copied from the bodyslide preset xml in the Bodyslide (XML) column then hit the button below (1. To Bodygen) > then press the button second button below (To Bodymorph) > And last copy the new generated code in the last column - BodyMorph (JSon), we gonna paste that to the looksmenu slider Now open your looksmenu preset with notepad++ by going to the following directory > Data\F4SE\plugins\F4EE\Presets\YourLooksmenuPresetNameHere.Json (same steps as the bodyslide preset if you are MO2 user). Now before blindly pasting the code, you need to pay attention to the syntax or your preset wont load ingame When you first open your preset, itll most likely look like this: So after pasting the code it must look something like this Once you are done, you can the file by exiting (notepad++ will ask if you want to save the changes) then you just have too load your preset in your character or in a npcs using looksmenu ^^
  10. @here Updated to 2.0! See changelog. Since new pieces have been added, if you are using the Ultimate Bodytalk Slider Group its important to redownload it, because i just added the new pieces to it.
  11. NeutronSphere

    flaccid genital mesh for SAM?

    Upd one in NSFW a bit ago dont know if you saw it. Tweaking some stuff I noticed and will be re-upping as a resource mod. Just another option. VFX-based no slot 52 or any slot
  12. MaleLover

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    ^ Everything you touch turns to gold!
  13. KouLeifoh

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    After countless attempts, I finally made a fully functional high poly male head mesh based on the vanilla mesh. It looks a bit similar to Erik's head mesh, but there are subtle differences and mine has a slightly higher poly count. I made it partially to see if I can actually do it and to avoid the permission issues of using someone else's head mesh in my own mods. A couple of comparison shots between vanilla and my high poly head mesh. I want to convert the vanilla brows/beards/scars for the head mesh first before making it public.
  14. Last week
  15. CuteSenpaii

    SAM Morphs for RaceMenu

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Now I can edit my male character how I want him to be. I actually like small dinks and finally, I can give him one. :>)
  16. The title speaks for itself.. im looking for more armors and hairs for the boys, preferably SMP, I believe ive exhausted HDT options, atleast as far as armor is concerned, now im looking to run both HDT-PE and SMP together, which is apparently possible. Please if you know of any secret treasure trove for these things, point me in the right direction lol.
  17. smidgen

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    Lucius, my first Redguard I actually want to share images of
  18. Thanks, KouLeifoh Your flaccid genitals are nice!
  19. Ulfberth

    CROSS Chosen of Atom : BodyTalk V2 Refit

    Updated to 2.0! See changelog. Since new pieces have been added, if you are using the Ultimate Bodytalk Slider Group its important to redownload it, because i just added the new pieces to it.
  20. chromsome

    Brann Follower

    SE ver would be great T_T
  21. Ajablexipi

    SAM SE - Vanilla Armor Refit

    Yes, same with hide and studded; thighs clipping through the armors, even while simply standing. Thanks for the mod though.
  22. arglik

    Brann Follower

    Such a beautiful guy! Could you please make a SE version?
  23. Takuyawest

    Brann Follower

    The body color is normal, but his head is very dark. Is that normal?
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