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  2. TheDarkPhoenix

    SAM High Poly Conversion

    Hi I think this was asked before but I don't see the answer. How do you add the 3D pubic hair to the mesh? Is it a simple copy & paste branch to the HighPoly?
  3. I love the idea and a good part of these are nice looking and hot! However, I would love to see a FOMOD installer with images that lets us pick and choose which ones we want in our game. I also am curious if this is optimized for Special Edition High Poly.
  4. Pretty sure I've got it converted to work with LE but need testers and modders permission
  5. Oh an Update, cool! Thank you on both Mods.
  6. neutraldude

    Asian Face

    Anyone ever notice Asian males in Skyrim just arent a thing. Theres some screens of a few so it appears to be very possible, just not something thats rly been done Long shot but if anyone knows how one would go about pulling off a face like this I'd def appreciate it
  7. Updated to v1.1. Added missing variants for overcoat. See pics for reference
  8. Yesterday
  9. Anubis moon

    can any 1 help me

    Ok i solve the problem Plz close the topic
  10. WolfKent

    Aradia Leather Outfit SAM Refit LE

    without the underwear there gap, no schlong and i dont know how fix this
  11. glittergroin

    Aradia Leather Outfit SAM Refit LE

    Looks amazing! Is there a version without the underwear?
  12. glittergroin

    Enderal Armor Replacer

    love the idea. wish Enderal would stop corrupting my saves so i could actually play it tho ;-;
  13. Last week
  14. hi every 1 i have request i download this mod yesterday and work prefect but have 1 issue can't make the mod work with All-in-One UUNP HDT AP 4.0 https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2476-all-in-one-hdt-animated-pussy/ if any one how i can make it work i will be very grateful and thank you for you time to read my request.
  15. Ulfberth

    BDO Bolyn Cloak

    Awesome! I love this cloak
  16. ranamesoup

    Hard Bodies for SAM (And much more)

    is it possible to make this texture only for orc pc and npc?
  17. ranamesoup

    [SAM] 3MW Texture Pack

    i cant download it for some reason
  18. Draha


    What is that body mod name? looks amazing!
  19. ammm is that compatible with hdt vigina cuz i can't make it work with any hdt vigina
  20. TheDarkPhoenix

    BDO Bolyn Cloak

    YESSSS!! This has always been one of my favorites! I had intended on converting myself one day but so glad someone else did !
  21. That solved the issue! Went and did everything you said, tested it all and eveything seems to be in line! thankyou very much for the help! I also apologize for the late response once again. I've been busy with my summer job and starting college tomorrow so I had to deal with that! Thanks a lot!
  22. Aquilles69

    Darksouls Armor Pack

    I'm only using the minor parts, main part disables HDT kirax, the mod worked 100% and the body hair bug didn't even bother me, I love your work.
  23. Normandy2033

    [SAM] 3MW Texture Pack

    This texture pack is AMAZING! It's my go to for a khajiit playthrough.
  24. Aquilles69

    Darksouls Armor Pack

    great mod i will use in my adventure has the famous bug hair, but if you quickly retrofit in less than 1 sec the bug does not occur
  25. Darnexx

    Darksouls Armor Pack

    I wish the Armors would be without HDT, so I could port them to SE Sadly that's not working well with HDT on them. Still great work, we need more SAM Armors.
  26. View File BDO Bolyn Cloak The glorious fur mantle befit of a real man. Submitter Kirax Submitted 08/19/2019 Category The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim  
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