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  3. so Ulfberth did a mod for skyrim? that would be great. how the installation requirements?
  4. HarryDoppler

    With Babe

    Its Wet Function Redux SE + The Male Textures, you can find them at loverslab, just follow the instructions and activate it in the MCM. Happy Modding!!
  5. ReinSey

    My guys

    Gorgeous guys!😚 Where to get the same piercing, please tell me! πŸ₯°
  6. ArmiosBell

    With Babe

    Hello : 3 What is that mod for wet body ?
  7. Sexy suit. Skimpy big bulge available too.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Deleting the vertices of the body mesh that are not visible when wearing the armor is the simplest and most effective solution. For that armor this means removing almost everything except the collarbone, forearms and calves, if and only if the gloves and boots are separate pieces and the head would otherwise appear floating. This could also work as a solution for the person you quoted, but without pictures of their armor I cannot say for sure.
  10. I made it for LE as per tags. I do not have SE and currently have no plans to buy it. I'm sure it's convertable by someone who isn't me.
  11. Two possibilities - you may need to use a HDT body and use the step that allows for movement - copying bone weights. Alternatively, just make the pants bigger if the above doesn't help or if you've already done it. *** Separate Issue: Does anyone have tips for scaling full body armour? I've made it mostly work when characters are standing, but I'm getting clipping issues with movement - usually around the armholes where SAM runs into issues with the chest area and upper arm areas crossing over where they wouldn't on the default model. Typically I've been pulling the arm section into the inside of the body and the torso section into the arm as trying to actually lower the armpit hasn't been very successful...
  12. I found a very good looking schlong screeenshot from a Korean website. It seems to be from SOS futanari CBBE addon...
  13. Ulfberth Skin Overlays for Male Bodies View File Ulfberth Skin Overlays for Male Bodies Submitter Saparelli Submitted 02/25/2021 Category The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition compatible No Created by  
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Ulfberth Skin Overlays for Male Bodies
  15. Last week
  16. No problem man. You dont need to install Staged Leito Plus if you dont want FF animations. UAP already comes with built in support for Leito anims
  17. i don't have a name for him yet, but here's a bunch of shots of my hunky orc character~ i apologize if this is too many images, if i need to split them up, please let me know
  18. CotR is a head replacer for CaCs It gives higher poly heads for each human (man/mer) race, both male and female. It also has smother face textures so the PC doesn't look so grizzled, but still allows them to look masculine rather than being geared toward only making twinks and femboys though it can be used for that too. But it was not made with SAM in mind so without adjustments there will be a hole in the pelvis rather than the genitals. I can't say if it conflicts with the SAM high poly face/body because I've never gotten them to work since my laptop barely qualifies as a "Gaming PC" although it was marketed as one, but I would assume so because they both affect the same areas. So, basically if you want your character to look youthful, handsome and masculine, CoTR is a good option. But I'm not an expert on it so take this all with a grain of salt. That only contains texture files for the head, it doesn't sole the missing genitals problem.
  19. So what does COTR actually do in addition to adding morphs? There are so many versions to download so I am a little confused. Does it conflict with SAM morph racemenu or high poly head/body? I'm SE player.
  20. OH MY GOD. Why didn't I think of that. Worked like a charm! I'm sorry for being a complete dumbass and wasting your time. Thank you so much for the help! I was the one who posted on Loverslab too, but the erection problem was due to the body issue I was having. Embarrassing πŸ™ƒ One more question, this is the last one I swear. But do I need to install the staged leito erection plus with this body?
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