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  2. Oh that sounds interesting, ive not seen that, is it for Skyrim proper or Oldrim? Edit: Nevermind I found it, its from old skyrim, and not been updated for a few years, it does read nicely though.
  3. A quick glimpse at what I'm working on currently It's like 80% done but there's some body mesh bugs I need to figure out like one minute the penis mesh is fine and the next it becomes a mess. Also I'm looking for a way to make the wings HDT, so they're more lifelike. But I feel like I did a pretty good job Original: Converted for men:
  4. What a heart melting storyline
  5. Today
  6. Huh, so they need to be tweaked in armor as well, that's why Thanks, I learned a lot from that
  7. ReginaHands needs to use slot 33 (not 34) in Armor, slot 34 needs to be removed in Armor Addon ReginaUpper needs to use both slots 32 and 52 in Armor and Armor Addon
  8. Vincenthius

    Download — Leo the Ice Mage

    the CUTEST model in game I've ever seen. hope Don brings it back.
  9. FollowerLivePackage is better than EFF IMO. No wheel I guess, if you even care about that, but they can be customized much further. Can also set it to where they auto-strip when sleeping or entering water
  10. Yesterday
  11. Thank you so much, I was hoping somone would find it in their heart to refit at least some of these!
  12. Holy shit these are so quality I'm shook and quaking rn 😩
  13. I was wondering if someone could fix these boots, since the Textures start to look fucked up, and the Mooder is dead I guess.. The under part of them start to look broke https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/55611
  14. Now that was a close one! Guess he's a Knight now, good job!
  15. @Kirax you have some pretty cool Armor there.
  16. Thought I'd finish this. The New Landowners:
  17. Heres Robbie And his boyfriend Shia Young (18+ lmao) love is the best No matter what others think!
  18. This is why modding is so fun to me.
  19. I get what you say, but I did not understand it completely. So in TES5Edit/ArmorAddon/Biped Bodytemplate, I have a situation like this Also the file is here if you don't mind taking a look at it Heroes_Regina.rar
  20. Yeah you just need to select Forearm and Calves part in armor addon. It will close the gap.
  21. There are a couple of issues, but they're both pretty common. The first has to do with skin partitions. The body mesh is partitioned into 3 parts: main body (slot 32), forearms (slot 34), and calves (slot 38). In game, it only occupies the main slot (32), but when gloves or boots cover the forearms and calves, they will request slots 34 and 38 to be hidden to prevent clipping. This is assigned in the .esp (skin partition itself is in the .nif). To fix this, you have to remove slots 34 and 38 from the armor addons for those gloves and boots in the .esp since they no longer cover the forearms and calves. The 2nd issue is the genitals using the skin shader and the same slot as the body. By default, Skyrim has a texture swap set for the bare body, hands, and feet slots to handle different races sharing the same meshes. If you try to assign a mesh to one of these slots and use the skin shader, its textures will get swapped too. SAM gets around this by setting the genital mesh to use slot 52 and adding it to the .esp. Since you're gonna edit the .esp for slots 32 and 34, you might as well add in slot 52. For comparison, my SAM Light mod adds the genital texture to the body texture and adjusts the UV of the genital mesh accordingly to allow both to use slot 32 without issue.
  22. Very goood UPD: which retexture you use? Looks pretty good.
  23. So this has been a problem for a very long time. Every time I do refits that shows skins they end up looking like this They looked fine in the outfit studio, no gaps anywhere (This is armor and hand slot together) But it doesnt happen when I stuck everything in one .nif This is a piece of armor that has hand, feet and body mesh in one .nif. Without anything in the hand or feet slot. Any ideas on how to get rid of these gaps?
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