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  4. If I gave an armor to a custom follower i made and reloaded my game after quitting then his body would be rest to 0 even though I maxed out his SAM values, i'd only be able to temporarily fix it by going into the MCM and changing the values individually, sometimes reloading through a door would fix this issue or taking off the slot 32 armor. BUT I did find that the follower mod Inigo wouldn't reset if I reloaded him. If i set him to 100 samuel, even with armor on, he'd still keep that shape. What magical secrets does the loveable rogue hold?! And i tried something risky and I changed his race to an argonian and he still functions (although theres a weird glitch with skyrim creation kit where editted argonians have grey heads no matter what, so I had to make his skin match). I managed to change his weight ratio using in-game console commands (doing through creation kit won't work) from 50 to 100 by using SETNPCWEIGHT 100 (if you have a mouse wheel hover your mouse over him and scroll till you see his name whilst in the console command screen), however when i did his face turned complely white (pretty much the creation kit glitch again) even when i went through a door but don't be alarmed; if you save, quit from skyrim and reload the save his face will be back to normal blue IF you haven't editted his face or race. I have no idea if this works for other modded followers or vanilla followers all I know is that I made a basic follower who kept resetting his appearance after i quit skyrim if he wore anything in slot 32. I would've recommended familiar faces but that shit is a buggy mess and doesn't properly support SAM in my experience as my playercharacter-follower would be an abomination unless i used the most basic values in Racemenu and his abs never showed unless... You guessed it, changed his individual values in the MCM menu. Most of us surely have buff followers and there surely HAS to be an easier solution than frankensteining poor Inigo!
  5. Yep, kinda annyoing. I often have to resize the dick.
  6. Did you ever find a solution? This is an extremely irritating issue for me because my follower's SAM values won't reset unless the change their armor slot or if I manually change the value.
  7. Last week
  8. Don't you mess up the house.
  9. cortisol

    Skimpy Imperials

    If so Now if someone could make this modular with separated belts..
  10. LiterallyFRIST

    [NSFW] Screenshot Showoff Thread

    I wanted to start a new playthrough as a mage, but then I figured (for lore and immersion's sake) that I couldn't make him a beefy burly bara like my previous characters! So I went ahead and made Zhask, the new exchange student from the Summerset Isles! I see elves don't pop up in this thread very often, so I figured Zhask might make for a nice little palate cleanser! Sure, he might be a little slimmer than the other guys, but he's got a *magic* dong!
  11. How did you get the Khajit's face so thin and panther-like? Because I've been looking for a mod that does that.
  12. myrrhmyrrh

    for pregancy mod

    Does anyone have any clue how to get Estrus Chaurus to work for males? I have SAM and inflation framework and it seems to me that changing the boolean in the script would be good enough, but that didn't work. Should I add an OR statement to the script? Any ideas?
  13. Cyrus

    SAM - Revealing Tsun Armor

    oh, i'm sorry. I was too used to thinking of nifskope modularity rather than in-game modularity 😅
  14. cortisol

    Armors and Clothing

    Patiently waiting for your awesome work. Quick suggestion, please make all of 'em modular. Guess some warriors and mages prefer their ultimate weapons unbridled. Grazie
  15. cortisol

    SAM - Revealing Tsun Armor

    i found this is the only package available. is there some sort of configuration?
  16. AConfusedKnight

    Skimpy Dragonplate and Dragon Scale

    Is there a way or atleast can i request a version where only the pants/thong are removed? You see, I have no taste and I like it when my character has it all hang out except a tiny layer of thin tissue called Barbaric Male Loincloth but all this Nifskope stuff confuses me greatly.
  17. Cyrus

    SAM - Revealing Tsun Armor

    It already pretty much is, isn't it?
  18. cortisol

    SAM - Revealing Tsun Armor

    Any chance to make this modular?
  19. If my understanding is correct, there are custom skins for Lykaios coming with this mod, and you have to replace the khajiit smooth textures, not the striped textures, with them. Go to your Skyrim/Data/textures/Actors/character/Khajiitmale directory, back up your folder just in case and move the Lykaios textures inside it, allowing the overwrite when asked to. Also do know the textures aren't perfectly adapted for SAM, and there are very visible seams.
  20. Love the mod and thank you for your work. How do you change his texture to the Lykaios version? I'm not sure if it's my inexperience with modding or the wording of your instructions, but I'm confused on how to replace the khajit textures with the Lykaios ones. Could you please elaborate? Thank you!
  21. It depends on how you're trying to apply the physics. If you're just trying to get parts to bounce along with the body, (armor on the ass to shake when you walk or whatever) I can give a basic tutorial. Open the armor in Outfit Studio (with HDT SAMBody) and set it as reference. Select all the armor pieces and copy bone weights at the default settings, then file > export > to nif with reference. Do this for both the _0 and _1 and that will give you a very basic HDT armor. The results however will heavily depend on how many vertices/polygons the armor has, whether there's any hanging cloth like the above, how close the armor/clothing is to the body, and if the mesh was weighted to the proper bones. A low poly mesh (like most vanilla clothing and some vanilla armor) will be very jarring and spiky with HDT physics applied (which I learned the hard way). With hanging cloth, you'll have to mess with skirt bones and that's another can of worms entirely. It's a much longer process from what I've gathered, and I've never found a comprehensive tutorial. It's why there's only a handful of HDT cloth mods out there and most armor mods with flowing cloth get permission to include the HDT cloth in theirs. So usually for armors with a skirt I either use the mask tool on it to leave the skirt bones alone and just deal with the stiffness, or just weight them to the thigh/legs and deal with any awkward movements. The last two factors are connected. If a piece of armor is too far away from the body you can either manually weight it to a bone (which gets better results but takes more experience to do properly), or you can just increase the search radius (which is the faster/simpler way but with more possibility for error). You can end up with armor on the thigh being weighted to your forearm bone and weird things like that.
  22. High Mage Aztec

    Xsoldier Weight Slider not working

    Nevermind I found the solution here I showed of searched the forum before posting
  23. The SAM settings only get applied when an NPC is first loaded into your game. So a simple solution would be to either use Alternate Start to start in a cell with no NPCs and change the settings there before leaving the cell; or, if you're installing SAM into an existing game, to install it when you're alone in an interior cell and change the settings before meeting anyone.
  24. KouLeifoh

    SAM HDT Collision

    That xml is just my own personal preference. The values used for the female body are more dramatic and work better for a body type like Samuel. You can try changing the linear Z limits and dampening values in the constraints for the belly to make the bounce more noticeable.
  25. It's been awhile since I looked at it, but you can change the initial values in the .esp. Just use xEdit and follow the screenshot below to find the exact location. Change the Bool value from True to False.
  26. Hey guys! I love to use SAM body since I started Skyrim. Unfortunately, So many of mod clothes is not compatible with SAM's Samuel and Samson option. When I start SAM, it automatically set slight values of Samson and Samuel to all NPCs in Skyrim so that it brings hands seams and foot seam who are wearing clothes not compatible with SAM body. So I figured out that it is from 'enabled class morph offsets' 'variation range' as default. Does anyone know how to disable those when I start Skyrim? Or I have to set 0s to each NPC that is really annoying. I think I have to fix script file, but I have no idea what values I have to change.
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  28. Since we're doing dick shots: Off duty: Stand to attention: A new challenger
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