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  3. What is that armor mod? It does not look like the old one released years ago. Looking really good!
  4. First off, an obligatory recommendation for Mod Organizer 2. Once you've used it for a bit, it's a very useful mod manager program. I only mention this cause I know little of what Vortex can do in this situation. When you uninstalled SOS, did you uninstall via its MCM menu (There may be an uninstall button, not entirely sure as I strictly use SAM/SAM Light)? If not, try enabling it in Vortex and uninstall that way and follow the uninstall instructions. If you did, did you create a 'clean save' (Save after uninstalling, exit game and manually remove SOS, go back to your save and create a new save)? Have you tried using a save cleaner, if all else failed?
  5. Yesterday
  6. hi ! why i always get underwear texture when i install this mod,i already make sure everything is in order *incl the load order, maybe someone can help?
    love these refits you're doing, keep up the good work!
  7. Welp, the sliders got taken down from the Nexus because of permission issues. I contacted the author and asked them to kindly send me the mod, and they did. Thats how I got those ECEE sliders for Racemenu SE, lol. I don't know why Ran is so against people using those sliders in Racemenu. Especially since they haven't even ported them to ECE SE. So it doesn't look like they still support their own mod. So why not let us have them for Racemenu? Don't get it. Anyway. Would it help if I just send you the mod via PM? It's probably too much to ask, but I'd really love to have them work with your HP head. If it's too much work to make it for one person only, then I totally understand of course.
    awesome work, thank you! finally I was able to get the right look for my character
  8. thanks for responding to my issue, the core of the problem is that the vampire head is changing back to vanilla meshes and when i try to convert it back to the high poly mesh the head mesh entirely disappears in racemenu sculpt. does that sound more in line with the issue you mentioned on your mod page or is this something on me? also i was able to duplicate this on a friends save game with completely different load order and mods.
  9. title. i followed the in game instruction,and instructions from other forums. but no matter what i do it stays, and causes issues with running sam light. i just want to get rid of it so i can upgrade to sam light, but it REFUSES to uninstall. UPDATE: I tried uninstalling it manuall, but and it went away for a while but my SAM LIGHT wouldn't load. so i restarted and out of nowhere my game says "error! sos schlongs of skyrim not installed properly!" so i check my MCM menu and it shows up, fully functional, despite having it removed it manually, and even uninstalling ALL of my mods, and reinstalling vortex and SKSE. I'm being pagued by an inferior schlong mod and i need help.
  10. It's Leon's hair from RE2R that I ported for personal use. I have a few other hair meshes that are in the same boat. After taking a break from Skyrim to play other games, I nearly forgot about what I was working on. Don has been waiting for the update since before the pandemic. 😄
  11. EFM replaces the vanilla morphs. So, it's not really possible to tell by just looking at the preset in a text editor. Vortex might be looking for a specific mod structure in the .zip file. I don't personally use a mod manager, but I do test all of my mods in MO2 for any installation issues. Try changing weight/equipment to force a refresh. I don't have that issue with using the high poly head mod with HDT-SMP. The vampire fix just removes the vampire "overlay" to the head mesh on vanilla races to prevent the high poly head from changing back to the vanilla head mesh. Only vanilla races are supported by RaceMenu out of the box. If you're using a custom race, it needs some changes to make any of the extra sliders in RaceMenu to work. Only RaceMenu is supported since it allows the head mesh to be changed in-game.
  12. It's just the default SAM underwear that I retextured.
  13. The SAM Light Texture Add-on is meant for SAM Light, not the original SAM. The original SAM uses a script to auto swap textures whenever you change player weight, equipment, morphs, etc.
  14. LOL Thanks! But I can't take much of the credit, most of that has to go to the mod authors and Darnexx generously donating his time to work on these! I am just a vocal favor beggar. lol
  15. @BrianShinn Use the included high poly vanilla hair meshes. That will fix the clipping issues on the high poly head mesh. @bimbobuddhist If you select Expressive Facegen Morphs in the installer, then you also need the original mod since it includes morphs for the eyes. Also, if you're using eye mods that include their own meshes/morphs, they may not be compatible with Expressive Facegen Morphs. @Oozaru85 Adding internal support for the ECE sliders won't be difficult, but the slider data for them need to exist for RaceMenu without permission issues.
  16. Last week
  17. Awesome. 😄 Thanks! That worked just fine.
  18. Maybe try joining it directly. https://discord.gg/G5r9bY3v
  19. A bit late to the party, but I was wondering what underwear you're using in the last 3 screenshots?
  20. Ah! I don't know how I missed that. 😵I've been going crazy. Thanks! I'll give that a try instead. Edit: Yay! It works! Now I can move on to working on character design and figuring what other mods I want to play with. Thank you! 😄
  21. I feel bad that all my posts are "I can't figure this out" posts but... yeah. I saw there was a chat box for a Discord server and thought I'd check it out, but every time I try to log into it, it times out after I hit the "authorize" button. Am I doing something wrong? Is the Discord server even active (and, therefore, should I even bother)?
    Excellent, thank you for this. I was previously having issues with non-existent collisions with the 3BA body but with the new patch it seems to be working quite nicely.
  22. You might want to try the update version in the download section. It should be way easier to install and all up to date with High Poly and physics.
  23. I would like a body for SAM where the chest grows more uniform, I don't like that it usually grows only from the bottom I will have to do it . . . I hope
  24. The problem is... I do NOT know which one! Like I said I am totally confused with all the CBP... stuff. ATM my install order is: [other mods] Bodyslide and Outfit Studio AAF EVB (Male Nude Cut) (installed but NOT activated) CBP Physics (main2 file) OCBPC Physics (main2 file) OCBPC (main2 file) ZeX (no plugin and .esp files) ZCBPC OCBP Configs MTM (optional1 file followed by: BT3 (installed but NOT activated) VictorialLine, NPC MaleBodies, Ulf's SkinOverlay AtomicMuscle [other mods] [AAF Themes (from LL site)] (without creature/mutant/animal/ghoul supports) [AAF animation mods] (no creature/mutant/animal/ghoul mods) [other mods] UAP (without creature/mutant/animal/ghoul support) ...
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