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  3. I am having trouble with the finger nail and toe nail textures for version two of the high poly mesh. I copied and pasted the textures provided in the resources to their respective hand/body textures using Photoshop. However, in game, the skin is blue and the nails do not show on the hand or body. Any help would be appreciated!
  4. SAM Light can be use in OldRim, just click Classic Skyrim when you're installing it.
  5. He is cute now,I can finally play with him Just converted esp to esl,seems no problem I can share it if you like
  6. Thanks Aquilles. I jacked him up with the xp32 additional sliders for Racemenu, so I could give him longer and thicker legs and a bigger butt.
  7. these are the types of photos that make me want to use the morph again, but now I am using BDO armor packages for SAM 🀭
  8. Thanks works great now. If only I could find some underwear to combine this with... Can't find any for SAM SE πŸ˜•
  9. They are called Disciples Wrapped Left Arm (baseID xx026bb4) and Disciples Wrapped Right Arm (baseID xx026bb2). I believe the meshes are these: DLC04\Armor\Disciples\DLC04_Armor_Disciples_Lite01_ArmRight_M.nif DLC04\Armor\Disciples\DLC04_Armor_Disciples_Lite01_ArmLeft_M.nif
  10. In ESO, we have Pet sorc with Twilight Matriarch. For SAM, sure i need Twink Matriarch for my Pimp Sorc XD XD. I can share this when finished. Still need fix some seam, make custom horn, custom wings...ect.
  11. I wouldn't mind sharing him, if he eats that much. XD
  12. I will like to know this as well. (so i can do all kinds of things, ALL KINDS 😈)
  13. They'll probably give him to you for free because he costs so much to feed.
  14. I have the OldRim version ❀️ Now Lucien is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot! I wish there is a SamLight version for OldRim!
  15. Ok, now I can't load the save in that settlement, but I did get a screenshot of the issue. Its like the mesh is flinging itself off my arms and streaking away at light speed. This picture but times twenty in a settlement and its like a disco party. I'm using SS Conquerors and the Reavers faction, though I think its a mesh issue not a SS one? The Reavers just use the Disciples gear.
  16. My bad I expected a instant downloading and Nexus did put into game butt a few hours later...strange. I disabled as the High Poly head mod causes to many game crashes for me. And when I added a second mod that needed HPH to work it started causes more crashes. Also disabled the mods needing HPH.
  17. It seems Hunter was on someone's ransom list, now he's been marked with a mysterious symbol and is being taken to a temple in shackles. I assume it's a temple that worships big fat asses. πŸ™
    work fine! so strange but interesting maybe i need to try some pregnant stuff
  18. I uploaded LE version. I don't play LE anymore, so please let me know if there are any bugs.
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