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  3. elizabethelaine

    A little follower help

    trying to use make a follower kit in the creation kit to make a follower however I am having the issue with the face not showing up it saying something to the effect of "can't find (and apply) facegen data to character... maleheadimf geometry and some other stuff the male body is tagged female not sure why and will not render as either male or female any suggestions to fix these errors would be greatly appreciated all tutorials I have found are to create female followers eww
  4. Yesterday
  5. ReftqertG44587

    SAM — Shape Atlas for Men

    Hi! The command doesn't work for me! Why? Please reply
  6. mojito817

    Download — SAM Morphs for RaceMenu

    Nice job for the textures ! So you finally opted for node overrides with event listeners...I guess the skin override was too buggy. The only thing missed now is texture randomisation among NPC's, that's why I'll keep using my own version but still, thank you for keeping this mod alive !
  7. Aztec2012

    SAM Morphs for RaceMenu

    SAM Body not appear in the RaceMenu. What wrong?
  8. Bit ticklish are we
  9. Hi. I love the textures. :3 I'm not sure if you're still working on any mods, but... I was wondering if there's a chance these textures could be edited to have more noticable claws on the toes like that Khajiit retexture, please? It kind of looks like there are none there. It... sadly breaks my immersion a bit, and I... well... rather like feet. ;w; ❤️
  10. Darnexx

    SAM Light

    Works well in Enderal, looking good with your SAM Light Texture Add-on. 10/10
  11. Last week
  12. please do, preferable with the nifskope version that i need i was using 1.1.3 of NifSkope.
  13. I can't do it for you because I don't have permission to distribute the author's files. It's not anything difficult, basically just copying and pasting. I wrote another user a short guide on how to do it themselves. If you want I can just send you the same guide in a PM.
  14. i usually dont know these things, i tried todo what the tutorial told me, im usualy just a "user" and not a modder so i have barely any knowledge apart from loadorder. If that is so easy would you take my humble request to do it quickly for me? Basicly its just the dragonscale version without the underwear. thank you still for the replies!
  15. That's not a lot of information for me to go off of, what kind of errors? If I had to guess it's either because you're using an older version of nifskope where the top nodes had to have the same name in order to copy and paste branches between them, or perhaps because the target mesh is missing nodes
  16. ryrytiedye

    SAM Morphs for RaceMenu

    Wonderful! Thank you so much!
  17. i tried, didnt work, gave me 3 errors.
  18. sogewls

    How To Replace Custom Body With SAM

    it didn't quite work how i thought it would but it still looked great at the end thanks alot for your help you really saved me the hassle
  19. You can just copy and paste a SAMRevealing in from any other revealing armor. Make sure to change the alpha from 0 to 1 in the properties of that branch. Do it for both 0 and 1.
  20. Is there any way to remove the underwear to make it revealing? i tried using the Nifskope method but theres no Samrevealing thing so im sitting here all sad :C
  21. y_sengaku

    SAM Morphs for RaceMenu

    This previous comment of mine maybe convenient to you.
  22. Starting to learn how to make a good body proportions with the slider. My followers have gone through a heavy diet and they are looks so much better now.
  23. ryrytiedye

    SAM Morphs for RaceMenu

    How do I access the body hair overlays in the RaceMenu?
  24. Not sure why this happened. Ninjaborn
  25. Ulfberth

    sam mods

    In addition to that you want to install SAM Morphs for Racemenu, so you can get working for SE :morphs, texture selection and bodygen which were features included for SAM LE only until then.
  26. air

    sam mods

    SAM does not work with SE. It's a good idea not to make assumptions like that; if it doesn't say it will work in SE on the description then don't think that it will. If you want to use SAM, you must use LE. If you want to use SAM Light, you can use SE or LE. The installation guide for regular SAM is here For SAM Light, you just follow the installer. Good luck!
    I need someone to guide me through the process of getting these mods to work as ve installed them through nexus mod manager and do these mods work with skyrim special edition or oldrim skyrim ?
  27. jezi619

    sam mods

    ok so im trying to use these sam mods and im wondering do these work for skyrim se? or just oldrim cause ive noticed ive got sam core textures hdt physics etc already installed but for some reason my skyrim game isn't booting up after I hit fnis and skse loader and when I hit fnis to do and update check on animations etc it says sam poses are not compatible with skyrim se so what am I doing wrong? how do I fix this issue and is there anyone that can help guide me through the set up process cause im new to using these kind of mods
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