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SAM Light Texture Add-on 1.1

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About This File

Custom skin textures I created for SAM Light for personal use.  It's reached a point where I feel it's ready for everyone else to use.  These textures are for human races only.

Each texture set is custom made and meant to be used together.

Hand and feet textures include fingernails/toenails and are meant to be used with hand/feet meshes from SAM High Poly Conversion.

Face textures include high quality ears and no problematic seams commonly found in the back of the head.


Diffuse Maps

  • created from various photo references
  • slightly saturated and mainly tailored for Nords
  • skin tone might be off for non-Nord races
  • includes body hair options
  • optional tanline body
  • available in 2k (uncompressed)

Normal Maps (_msn)

  • baked from high poly models and blended with skin pores for extra details
  • face maps use vanilla maps as base and blended to remove neck seams
  • available in 4k and 2k (uncompressed)

Specular Maps (_s)

  • designed specifically to highlight fine skin pores while not being overly glossy
  • available in 4k and 2k (compresed and uncompressed variants)

Subsurface Maps (_sk)

  • effect is subtle in Oldrim but much more noticeable in SE
  • created from diffuse maps
  • available in 1k (compressed and uncompressed variants)

Face Complexion Maps

  • custom-made complexion maps
  • rough maps are freckles and age maps are sharper and appear younger than vanilla
  • certain NPC's may look different due to age complexion
  • available in 1k uncompressed (RGB 64:64:64)

If using a mod manager, just follow the installer.  The quality 4k options are meant for screenarchery, but they're usable for general gameplay if you have a capable system.

Manual Installation

  • 00 Diffuse
    • textures in _bodyBase, _hands, _head folders are required
    • choose one body texture from _bodyDefault (normal body) or _bodyTan (tanline body) folders
  • 01 Normal
    • textures in _hands and _head folders are required.
    • choose between 2k body (_body2k) or 4k body (_body4k)
    • optionally install texture in _headCustom folder for custom head texture
  • 02 Specular
    • Quality: pick one body texture from _body2k or _body4k folder, then install all textures in _quality2k folder
    • Performance: install all textures in the _performance2k folder
  • 03 Subsurface
    • Quality: install all textures in the _quality1k folder
    • Performance: install all textures in the _performance1k folder
  • 04 Face Detail
    • optional for custom face complexion maps

What about SAM (full)?
Due to the vast amount of normal maps used, I decided to only support SAM Light since it uses only one set of normal maps.  The other maps can be used for SAM, but some editing is needed if you want the genital textures.

Please do not modify and share without my permission.

Credit goes to Vector for the creation of Shape Atlas for Men.

What's New in Version 1.1   See changelog


  • fixed malehands_1_sk.dds being named incorrectly
  • adjusted color of diffuse maps to be closer to SAM's textures
  • adjusted some blemishes on the body diffuse map
  • adjusted hands normal map
  • reduced redness of nipples and penis tip
  • reworked face textures
  • reworked skin pores on all normal/specular maps
  • added textures for Afflicted and Vampire races
  • added custom face complexion maps
  • added tanline body diffuse maps
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  • Hyper! 3
  • Thanks! 8
  • Green Love 1
  • Thumbs up 3

User Feedback

Recommended Comments

@HeartAttackMan  It's fine as long as it's only uploaded to this site.  SAM has its own EULA, and I don't want people to confuse my permission for this mod to extend to SAM itself.

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@ KouLeifoh Thank you! I've figured away around the seams that doesn't involve these texures, so I'll be uploading the non-SAM versions that won't use these textures to the Nexus and the SAM version here, the latter using elements of these textures.

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First of all, I've got to say that these by far are the best textures that I've seen for males. I truly appreciate your work. I have this small issue, it is kinda nitpicky, under certain light conditions there are some seams around the neckline as you can properly see in the image below. Is this a normal thing or did I mess with my installation? The seam only appears under specific angles and it's not too intrusive in any way.




Edited by Strahlimeier

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If you're using ENB, sometimes the Detailed Shadows and AO features will draw shadows only on the body (not head) and vice versa.  There's really nothing I can do about that.

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That's unfortunately due to a low resolution of the genital textures.  The original genital hair textures were 1k and got resized down to 256x256 to fit SAM Light's UV mapping.  A compromise would be to use a 4k base body texture which essentially bumps the genital texture to 512x512, but this greatly increases vram usage without texture compression.  I'll figure something out while working on the next update.

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This is the best body texture around. It's so perfecttttt. Thank you so much. Waiting for your update :D

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i got problem after i installed the light texture add on there's seam on the neck and the body texture is still using the previous one. but when i open racemenu it change to the light texture as shown in the picture but the seam move to the area around genital. could it be the installation order problem? i put my textures list i used in my game in case someone know the mod that might be the problem. thank you in advance


Screenshot (102).png

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The SAM Light Texture Add-on is meant for SAM Light, not the original SAM.  The original SAM uses a script to auto swap textures whenever you change player weight, equipment, morphs, etc.

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when i installed this with SAM light in Vortex, it says conflicting and when i launch the game the texture not working, sorry for my bad english

Skyrim Special Edition 05_17_21 09_24_34 AM.png

what is the right settings for this?

Vortex 05_17_21 09_36_07 AM.png

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Of course, this will overwrite the textures included with SAM Light.  Don't use the SAM Texture tab in RaceMenu unless you install your own textures.  None are included in my SAM Morphs for RaceMenu mod.

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