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Gannicus Modular Armour - Full Morphing Refit for SAM 1.2

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About This File

I've always been a fan of Hoamaii's Gannicus set, and have been using Kyoshii's Samson refit for ages, but I don't really play at Samson 100, so... I tweaked it, now that I sort of know how.

All of the following pieces have been refitted in Bodyslide and Outfit Studio, most for HDT enabled bodies:

- Subligaria (underwear - 2 versions) - slot 32 (body)
- Pauldrons, right shoulder alone or both shoulders - slot 58.
- Arena Belt - slot 52
- Leggings: right, left or both legs - slot 53
- Boots: suede boots or Caligae (Roman boots enclosed in sandals) - slot 37 (feet)
- Greaves (protecting lower leg) - slot 48
- Plate Gauntlets - slot 33 (hands)
- Leather Bracelets and Mixed Gauntlets (plate on right hand, leather on left) - slot 59
- Cod Piece - slot 49

You'll need the original file as these are mesh replacements only. Install that first and install this over the top.

There is also an issue where the right legging cannot be improved at a workbench. This is an issue with the original file and Hoamaii does have plans to fix that eventually. 

If you want your leather armguards and mixed gauntlets to show up in first person mode, you'll need this mod (seriously, how have I not known about it forever. It answered so many questions). The first person items fix works with LE and USLEEP. First person still suffers from the wrist gap issue, but I've minimised it as best I could.

With thanks to Hoamaii for the original mod and for the permission to refit, and to Kyoshii for the original refit (also, if you only play at Samson 100, his does look better).

Again, screenshots are not my thing. If you get better ones, please send them to me so I can upload them :D

What's New in Version 1.2   See changelog


  • Removed distortion on the codpiece as it's meant to be metal - It's now smaller (as per the original design) and does not deform with your character's body movements. Not making a patch for this one - just download the new file and overwrite.



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