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[SE] SAM - DH Hussar Armor Conversion 2.2.0

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About This File

Original description by iBushWookie on Nexus:

Deaths Head Hussar Armour
Ever wanted to know what it would feel like to be empress of Skyrim?
Then you'll love this mod!
Subjugate the realm as the Kaiserin herself..... And look damn fine whilst doing it!


BE SURE TO DELETE ANY LOOSE FILE BEFORE UPDATING. The .esp has been rewritten and converted to ESP-FE, so you'll probably loose the items from your inventory either way. Installing the update on a clean save will help prevent loose files from overwriting the updated ones present in the .bsa archives.

https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/45395 Original file. the .esp is the same as the one that comes from here, so only the textures .bsa is needed.
Any mod that provides a working cloak.xml file to enable physics on the cloak.

A few points worth noticing, in no particular order:

  • The armor is not placed anywhere in the world. To obtain it, you can use the AddItemMenu mod.
  • The hats are marked as circlets, so you will keep your hair while wearing them.
  • A few items have a messed up world object (no physics, not interactable even though the console, hangs in mid-air). I'm still learning how to fix that.
  • To conclude, I thought it'd be quite funny to give the pants a slight bulge that grew with the SAM penis and scrotum size sliders, so I did. I included the BodySlide files in case anyone wants to get rid of, enhance, or otherwise customize any aspect of the set. If you don't need them and find them just cluttering your bodyslide dropdown, you can of course remove them.
  • IMPORTANT: There is an issue on my end that I haven't been able to fix nor find what's causing it. That is, when in first person, the male gauntlets appear extremely distorted. It might just be a conflict of some sort on my end since nobody has complained yet on the Nexus version (which is adapted to the Vanilla male body), but I don't know for sure. Should the problem exist on your versions as well, let me know if you have any idea how to fix it, and I'll try to do my best.    

This conversion is mainly a "proof of concept" if the term applies: basically I had just noticed @shadowinged's Femboy preset and I wanted to test if that shape could make it easier to port female armors to the male body since I had previously tried to convert some clothes simply by using the inflate/deflate functions of Outfit Studio and that's been a nightmare of malformations. I converted the armor to their preset, and then imported the high weight version of the converted armor on the low weight male body, which made the refit way easier. No particular reason in choosing this armor to try this technique other than the fact that it was published at a similar time so it was the quickest I could grab, plus I wanted the furry hats.

I tested the armor a bit in game, the three sliders (weight, samson, samuel) all work and there should be next to no clipping, but my testing was mostly stationary. If there are some issues during some animations let me know and I'll see what I can do to fix them.

Thanks to:

  • iBushWookie on Nexus, for making the original armor and permissions to post this refit;
  • Shadowinged/Khazhak for their CBBE preset, without which this wouldn't have been possible;
  • The resources here at VectorPlexus and the amazing people who made them.
  • User th1098 from the Fallout 4 modding community for the new Sabre model, which can be found free to download here


What's New in Version 2.2.0   See changelog


Version 2.2 (same as the Nexus version)
Rewritten most entries in the .esp.
Male and female versions of the armor merged in a single .esp.
Flagged as esl so it doesn't take a mod slot.
The Black Crown doesn't modify the Aetherial Crown from the Dawnguard DLC anymore, while keeping the enchantment.
Beast race compatibility added for all headwear.
A new shape of headwear previously unused, the "Low Busby", is now available.
Several items are available with variants, like the tunic, the hat and the sword.
The sword isn't quite finished yet, so there'll be an update soon.
Assets have been packed into .bsa.
The male cloak is now HDT enabled if you have the related .xml file.
The new saber has new textures (actually a 2.1 development), thanks to iBushWookie
The new saber now has a scabbard and fully functional blood FX

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