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Patch of Refitting Furb's Armors for SAM 1.0.0

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About This File

This is a patch of refitting Furb's armors for SAM. Following armors are supported by the patch.

Light Daedric Bikini
Light Daedric Boots
Light Daedric Cuisse L
Light Daedric Cuisse R
Light Daedric Gauntlets
Light Daedric Pauldron LR
Light Glass Belt
Light Glass Boots
Light Glass Boots (Cuisse)
Light Glass Gauntlets
Light Glass Gorgets (Paunldrons)
Light Glass String Bikini
RM Elven Belt
RM Elven Belt and Cuisse
RM Elven Bikini
RM Elven Boots (Socks)
RM Elven Gorget
RM Elven Gorget (Pauldrons LR)
RM Elven String Bikini
RM Elven Trunks
RM Elven Pauldron RL and Thalmor Cape


1. Furb's SoS Armors All-in-One v.1.1 (Old Version, Not the latest) and its requirements


2. SOS


Original Furb's SoS Armors All-in-One requires Schlongs of Skyrim - Core.esm as a parent mod. I recommend to install only this esm as a dummy if you don't want to install SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim fully.

3. HDT BBB Bounce for SAM


Bikinis and trunks have compatible with HDT BBB Bounce for SAM.


I have adjusted these armors for Samson100% then in case of others of Samson or Samuel some clippings or gaps may be caused between body and armors. And about bulges of bikinis and trunks I make these slightly larger than original mod just for my personal taste.


RefurbMadness Furb's - One-Stop SoS Armor Shop

Thanks for your kind supports!



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You can remove the dependency to the sos esm with tes5edit, just remember to remove any sos-related keyword entries that the armors might have (they really shouldn't be needed anymore)

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So just to confirm only SOS Light is needed or do you just drag the esm file?

Edited by Tavman4

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