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Livetempleton's Kaidan -Fully Voiced Follower- 1.0.0

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About This File

~Hi people~

     I'm sure you've all heard of Skyrim's Romance mod which may or may not have that exact name "Skyrim Romance" ...whatever... Bishop is an ass, I ended up wanting to romance every other NPC from that mod but there was no way to but anyway to make a long story short I hated it and found this when looking a replacement.

I really don't know how this mod has gone under the radar and seems short on endorsements compared to the number of downloads it has .. maybe because the Nexus is dickphobic....
I guess ...

So the reason why I'm uploading this mod here:
I gave Kaidan (who was very handsome to began with) a face lift, a hair cut, brow trim, less sharper features, softer eyes and a mouth that better accents Daniel's voice. Overall I tried to bring to life my idea of how someone with Daniel's voice would look in Skyrim (3rd screen shot).

What does he add:
He responds with his own unique custom 100% original dialogue as you make your way through the story  quest line
He also has an in game story of your own
Seriously try it he's awesome

 Where is he:
You can meet him in the Abandoned Prison
(Type in console: coc abandonedprison01 to get there faster)

Must haves:
Fus-Ro-Doh (Nexus)
XPMSE (Nexus)
If you've got all the basics for Sexlab you should have no problem

My Changes are on the 3rd Screen Shot
What I used:
Ks Hairdos (on nexus)
----Below Maybe Not included but is on actor-----
Pretty Face Don's edit (Here)
SAM (obviously)
Bouncy SAM (here)
Floppy (SOS)


What you need to do for his voice 
Download Liv's follower and then replace it with mine ... I forgot the voice files :C

Permission Notes:
While I take credit for my esthetic edits the fantastic work of art that this  mod is was not made by me it was brought to life by Liv and whomever else she had assist her. There is nothing that directly forbids people from changing it or re-uplaoding else where. If requested by Liv, her team, Daniel or Moderators I'll remove the mod!


Livetempleton worked with an amazing actor Daniel to bring this character to life:

Daniel's Twitter


Original Mod Pages where you can download the original if you want



-Sorry for the large file size: it's the .esp .bsa and  loose files-
I'll take some screen shots soon it's 12am so I'm off to bed for now! Let me know if there's any issues

This has the hearthfire horse-riding and adoption patch integrated. Check the links for more info!


What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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      2/ I used to design Alyosha as a mercenary who joins you at the price of 500 septims, but then I realized I couldn't make it work well with multi-follower system. So now he follows free again. Treat him well!
      Follower Info:
      Name: Alyosha
      race:    Nord
      class: spellsword
      marriageable: yes
      KS Hairdos - Renewal
      Submitter viwi Submitted 05/27/2019 Category The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim