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Masculine Argonian texture for SAM "half overhaul" 3.0

   (5 reviews)

13 Screenshots

About This File

"Super-duper" update.
 -Clearer texture.
 -A better body relief.
 -Nipples :D.
 -Almost overhaul.
 -Now there is support for chameleon textures !!! (RaptorFS not included)



(This revised version of the mod that was posted here.  http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/76427/? . I asked permission of the person who made these textures for Sam. But when I finished and put them into his Message. He just disappeared (on the nexus mod has not been updated). So I decided to post it here.)



Special thanks to the FisziFor the first adaptation of the original textures under the mod SAM.
And Kraan for nipple textures.

What's New in Version 3.0   See changelog


-Now the color of the neck and body are the same.
-The places where textures are connected are less visible.
-New nipples (By Kraan, a big thanks to him).
-Minor corrections.
-Improved view from the S textures.
-Raptors feets also received fixes
-Removed extra view. I will return it after a little remodel it
-Now there is support for chameleon textures !!!
(Fixed folder path. Prior to that, the Argonians textures led to the textures folder of human races.)

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· Edited by PapaBear

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5ac5756e4c3d3_defaulttexture.thumb.jpg.d627a53c89d2e85dab5a30e7c5bafeb7.jpgVanilla argonianstandat.thumb.jpg.1da3d532f703a6dd233dd959b6c45f4a.jpgStandart mod5ac575ada3652_chameleonskin.thumb.jpg.ce72adbc48e43bd254f0613d518ba75f.jpgChameleon modraptor.thumb.jpg.d54543976de49f322756cf09b877a572.jpgRaptor Mod

All of these pics were taken at 60 Samson 40 Samuel

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Could you add support for Grimoas Plantigrade Feet For Beast Races? It gives argonian a reptile feet.

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I had no way to verify if it works correctly mod. If someone has the opportunity to screen. That I'll be glad to put them as a demonstration of mod.

And I did a great job ^_^

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Well, I just tested the mod and both of them showing a bug that the character gets invisible after the sexual act. The textures of the body are not replaced after the act and to correct this it is necessary to return a save game back.
Ps. This was not happening in the old versions.

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Perfect solution to neck smoothness


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