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SAM - Revealing Tsun No Loincloth (+HDT Version) 1.0.0

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About This File

[Disclaimer: I did not make this armor, Just Editted it]

Do you hate how the loincloth would get in the way and how the bulge would clip through on the Tsun armor?
Or Rather, Do you not have this armor and really wanna see your peeps in it? Than man do I have the mod for you!

This mod will not only add this lovely armor to your game but also remove that pesky bit of fabric in the
way of the amazing view! 

Installing the mod is as simple as can be!

If you use Nexus Mod manager than just add the mod Via the handy dandy "+" on the upper lefthand bar,

Let it install, Activate it and your ready to be as skimpy as can be!

(For specifics on "How" to get the armor once you install it, I'd suggest using

the AddMenu )


To Install this manually,

Just download the file and extract in your Skyrim 'Data" folder!


If you want to use the HDT Version (Things get bouncy!)

First, you must make sure,  You have this: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/53996/

Then just install as you would for the other version!

"If you use Nexus Mod manager than just the add mod Via the handy dandy "+" on the upper lefthand bar,

Let it install, Activate it and your ready to be as skimpy as can be!

(For specifics on "How" to get the armor once you install it, I'd suggest using

thee AddMenu )"

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One of my favorite armors!



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    • By horokadim
      this is my second time try refit armors.
      body morph is working goodly as i expect.
      but texture gone wrong.
      what did i do wrong ?
      (sorry for my poor English)
    • By karunavai
      Please explain... *looks curiously around*
      as the title says..."why did noone make a proper refit of the amazing bikini armor mod for sam till now?" females always have the good stuff -.-"
      the mod itself is gorgeous. super modular and customizable. works with every vanilla retexture aswell (amidianborn for example)
      as some of you might know i'm the Mane guy  i would love to put my Mane into some detailed revealing Dragonbone refit.
      it would suit him well.
      if i missed it i'm very sorry. no search brought up proper results.
      if it isnt done yet i woukld love to make a request for all the amazing refitters here.
      please help a fellow sam user out. ❤️

      (sorry for the female example images)

      link (original mod):
      Amazing bikini armors LE
      Amazing Bikini armors SE (UNP based because nobody needs CBBE)

    • By bdumbly1
      Hello everyone,
      I was wondering if someone could assist with me getting SAM and Fluff's Hybris Khajiits for SSE to work together? I see that the mod authour has a patch for other body mods such as SOS but nothing for SAM unfortunately. I tried to mess around with it a bit myself and didn't get far. Any assistance is appreciated!
    • By DovahKya
      Hi, It's the first time that I post something here.
      I love trying to make things but I still have a lot to learn. A month ago I watched the anime "Dororo" and I felt in love with the character Hyakkimaru, so I decided that I want him as a follower ^^''.
      I've created the follower using the SAM body, I've also made custom textures for body and eyes (nothing special but, well, It's just for me and as I said I'm still learning), The follower it works perfectly, I just miss an armor for him.
      I've found this:  http://skyrimmodshighlights.blogspot.com/2019/04/ros-dororo.html
      I've tried to convert it by myself following the guide found here on the forum, but when on nifscope, I try to paste branches between SAM body and the new outfit Nifscope says:"failed to map parent link BSFadeNode|SAM", so I'm stuck here.
      I've initially thought the problem was becouse I've cut arm parts to make them better fit with the blades (it's a part of the armor mod), then I used the normal body withouth making changes, I've tried with the normal body and also with the high poly one, but same result, CTD.
      Now I wonder if someone have time to refit this outfit for me or if you can tell me what I'm doing wrong, because it's like 4 days that I'm stuck at this point. Hope that you can help me.
    • By MobaLegends
      I've had this bug for a while, and so far I haven't figured out which mod is giving this error. 

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