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[SAM] UPD 13/08/18 All Heavy Armors Replacer 1.1.2

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About This File

13/08 - Variations of Dwarven armor were made. All screenshots of changes are in archive.

10/08 Daedric, Dwarven. Ebony Mail, Falmer, General Tulius, Imperial, Orcish, Wolf armor were added

All in-game heavy armors were refittedP.S. Don't pay attention to grey Imperial armor, it would look normal in your game.  

If you have the previous file called "Armor Refits.7z" you can download only "UPD Heavy Armor Refits.7z" and "Dwarven Armor refits". 


This file replaces:

Blades armor

Dragonbone armor

Dragonscale armor

Draugr armor

Ebony armor

Iron Light/Heavy armor

Glass armor

Nordplate armor

Nothing unusual. All changes can be seen on screens. Sorry but only screens with Samson 100. It works with any characteristic.

IMPORTANT - gloves and boots weren't changed  

If you notice any clippings or something just write here or in personal messages.


Drop files to Skyrim folder


As usual delete files added by archive (I'll all the information later)


What's New in Version 1.1.2   See changelog


Variations of Dwarven armor were made. All screenshots of changes are in archive

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Not everything suits my taste(Your Mod,your Taste :D), but all in one a pretty nice work, thanks for that. :)

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