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Hold Your Horses

Hold Your Horses
Men and Muscles
Album created by
Men and Muscles
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After inheriting his fathers farm, Leif has been saddled with a huge amount of responsibilities. While his sardonic friend Jack is of little help farming-wise, he is there to lend a sarcastic voice and prod Leif's every bad decision.

Leif saw how much land there was to till, produce there was to carry to market and distance to be travelled, so he decided he needed to purchase himself a mighty draft horse. But when he saw the outlandish price tags on these horses, he thought to put his trust in some more dubious people.

Darkthorn Farms, a nefarious company trading in the underground black markets, sold Leif a sturdy work horse. Although never having actually seen the horse he bought, he was assured it would be a fine stallion and for a fraction of the price. So, on the day of delivery, Leif invited Jack over for the unveiling of he new thoroughbred beast.

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