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    Version 1.0.0


    Just re-upload, Voice Pack was entirely developed by @lxlhunter, credits for that go to him
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    After spending so much time trying to get the right settings for collisions to work on HDT-PE, I used your xml's as a guide and managed to get them to work on my HDT BBB mod. It was a matter of setting the right collision groups and primitive shapes. I've really only tested the scrotum and it doesn't clip through the penis anymore. I've attached the xml for the "global" version of my mod based on the default bounce settings for you guys to test the collisions for the butt, belly, and breasts (I avoided calling them pecs in my HDT-BBB acronym due to the confusion with the other acronyms TBBP and BBP 😅). If they're good, I'll make some minor weight adjustments and include them in the next update. HDTPE-test1.zip
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    It's really simple. Just follow the image below. Make sure the source and destination have the same number in Num Vertices. Open both the modified mesh and original mesh in 2 different instances of Nifskope. With Vertices selected in the bottom circle (modified mesh), press ctrl + c to copy the entire array of vertices. Do the same on the original mesh, but press ctrl + p this time to paste the entire array. If done correctly, the 3D model window should now show the modified mesh. If this is a refit for SAM, make sure to also copy the NiStringExtraData node for the morph file location. This only applies to Oldrim. SE has a completely different format.
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    So I struggled more to see if I can make a video that shows the collision... And the issues I'm having that I hope Mr.K-Lou can assist me with ❤️ (well let me be honest fix please) I turned off my ENB but kept SKGE lol I tried to make the video look pretty. As you can see the collision works but I don't know how to stop the bum from going crazy or to get the XML files associated with the object to match to the SAM body exactly. The other problem is that the collisions are barely noticeable other than on the bum. I'm not really sure why this is... I don't know if it's the friction value or if it's the childshape referenced in the hdt havok modifier program.... Then I'm also wondering if there is a way to make this just apart of the body and remove the HDT-physics equipment stuff I wonder if I can do that with outfit studio? Bouncy SAM + Collision.mp4
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    The HDT-SMP is quite awesome, body giggles are much more realistic, but I have yet to get the collision to work on the body, in testing I gave them both the physics object, and they had them worn, but everything seemed to be the same, and the schlong doesn't seem to be colliding with anything, not the balls either which fly through it lol. @KouLeifoh did you get it working in SSE or Oldrim? Did you have to add anything to the schlong nifs? Was I supposed to rename your xml above and put in hdtSkinnedMeshConfigs folder? I assumed it went in the directory structure you had in your download above, so its one level above in Plugins, is that correct? I searched through the xml's and couldn't find anything relating to specific schlong slot, so im unsure if the slot difference may be the issue? SAM in SOS uses slot 52 for schlong. Guess I need to test some other collision hdt-smp armors or something, to see if collision is just broken on my load order by something else. So close! Directory structure below for the SAM hdt-bbb
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    Well, ive not merged it yet, but when testing I didnt notice any difference, perhaps because im using CBP Physics and not HDT Physics, or HDT-SMP ? I guess I need to bite the bullet and finally install HDT-SMP, just havnt wanted to create an account on that site, since they said they would do an official release.
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    Thanks for your kind reply :) I suppose you can merge it the files I compiled together came from mods from some time ago maybe it was before merge plugins was really starting to get the stability it has now but you can try it. The .esp and .esm are both needed as far as I can tell the .esm alone doesn't seem to distribute the files or include the changes I made. :/
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    [email protected] IT 😧 I didn't include all the .esp files when I uploaded the file I'm so sorry I didn't place the .esp file I modified So what should be in the downloaded folder but was missing was breast physics .esp I only had the .esm So now you should be able to find the bottom physics file I am so sorry you all!!!!! And thank you Mr.Leifoh hopefully this new correct upload doesn't substantially change anything in the work you've done so far. SAM HDT Collision 2.0.7z
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    I've been a member of the Nexus since 2007, and over the years, I've seen a lot of male mods face hostility and hatred from insecure dudes who want to preach their religion when it's convenient (they have no issues with two hot girls going at it). Somehow they have the idea that their local free speech laws supersede the Nexus' own TOS. Whenever I try to bring up this issue of inequality among male vs female mods, the strawman argument gets thrown my way by people pointing to prominent male mods such as SoS or SAM while conveniently leaving out thousands of female mods. While this behavior isn't exclusive to the Nexus, I just find it discouraging with this double standard. There's been this weird shift in the past decade or so on female representation in games. They've been more or less treated as eye candy almost exclusively. I was surprised when I played Soul Calibur for the first time and saw Taki's thighs jiggle whenever she moved. If we tried to do the same thing to male characters, people would throw a fit. One can argue that we need more people to make and vocally support these rare male mods (which I understand is what you're trying to do), but for people with my mindset, the minor negatives tend to overshadow the overwhelming positives. tldr; Until people can learn to be respectful individuals, I refuse to upload my mods to the Nexus. The monetization system they added recently is another issue altogether.


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