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  2. The texture is not compatible with SAM light. Maybe you have some other mod overwriting the textures from this mod or didn't install them at all
  3. I just got this mod and I'm really excited to play with it! I previously used Schlongs of Skyrim, but this has many more costumization options, so that's why I switched. I am encountering one problem, though; there seems to be a sort of underwear ''overlay'' in the pelvis area on my character. I installed the nude version of S.A.M. Anyone know how I could get rid of this or what might be causing it?
  4. Today
  5. I would like to thank (again) for the COR - SAM Lite Patch. Thank you very much ! I finally have beautiful boys.
  6. just run the meshes through nif optimizer. it should be fine
  7. Love these! I play on Legendary Edition, though, so I can't use them. Hope somebody converts them for that, too!
  8. First youll need nifskope. if you notice the skeleton edit i made, youll see there are some created parent ninodes for some body parts and i created one for penis, so you just have to change the scale value or offset using one of the axis to make it look longer.
  9. How would one do that, exactly? Being new to transforms and all.
  10. these are part of the "legacy skimpy armor" in main SAM download. it's mostly just replacing the main armors with retextured underwears. the first is thalmor robe and the second is dragonplate armor
  11. HDT makes followers disappear, I chose to use the natural disappearing npcs does not cause bugs but bothers
  12. Hi guys I saw this video on YouTube I want to know this underwear armor. it seems like guard's armor, but it's different a little bit. Does Anyone know this armor?
  13. ArkBeast

    XSoldier for WotC

    I've been having the same problem ever since I downloaded the mod. The base game version works just fine, but whatever I do, the WotC one never seems to work. I asked around and someone tried to help a few times, we got it to show on the mod list and be enabled, but it is still not showing/working inside the game itself.
  14. I wish TVs would stay on when you walk away from them
  15. Yesterday
  16. Thank you for the reply, do you know what path the co-saves are located at? Never mind, I found them. I see the .skse file along with my save. So basically just to make sure I have it right, first disable bodygen and morphs in the skee.ini file, reload the save, check morphs are removed using the target spell, save again (?), then alter the template/morph ini, then reload the save?
  17. Your work is amazing. Appreciate the work you have put in to making our playthroughs of Skyrim more enjoyable.
  18. Been a long time since I made a SAM outfit Feel like I'm enjoying skyrim again here are some shots I liked 😋
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