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    Version 1.0.0


    This file actually belong to bro kouleifoh. I download this longggggg time ago in forum. I already forgot where. The goal is to use chris redfield in gameplay. But since bro kouleifoh already fix the head mesh so i take another step to make Neck Patch including made him as Farkas. So we can take that hottie wolf everywhere as follower and involved quest too. Listen...this is important. When you meet him in game, open console command and type this : Set Npcweight 100 Disable Enable Because i forgot set weight so he got neck gap. With that console, everything solved perfectly. I'm sure you understand that console command. If you don't please don't ask me because this is Old game. Read google. Enjoy. Credit to Chris redfield converter to skyrim and bro koulefoh for fixed his head. This is for SKYRIM LE.
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    A Lydia replacer would be a very nice alternative for those of us who already have Farkas replacers we really like... just a thought 😉
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    Oh wow, this is awesome! Thanks a ton
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    Hey, thank you very much for this upload and SE conversion. He is working/looking well in my game so far, was able to recruit him as a follower, etc.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Just a quick conversion for Special Edition with Render permission granted ofc. It's not perfect, i'm not any photoshop expert, but since there's not a conversion for SE i feel like doing myself. Also feel free to make your own tweaks and upload them if you want to. Source for Oldrim: Credits goes to Render for making it SAM Compatible to Kraan for nipple textures to Fizsi for the first adaptation and to Monsterraider for the original textures. Edit: Uploaded Camaleon version, choose only one between them... Masculine Argonian Camaleon.rar
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    Version 1.0.0


    BodySlide Slider Sets for SAM Refitting This download contains tools you can use to help you create refits for SAM. Instructions: - Download BodySlide and Outfit Studio ( version 4.8.0 is the version I used to write the tutorial) - Download Caliente Tools Legendary or Caliente Tools Special depending on which version of skyrim you are making refits for - Drag the tools to your BodySlide install folder. The goal was to even further simplify the refit process so that anyone can do it easily. I have included sets for both the high poly body and the low poly body, and each has hdt and non-hdt options too. I was recommended to post this as a download so that people can see it easier, so that's why I'm doing it. I made a guide on how to use these to do your refits. You can find it here: Credits: VectorPlexus & others for SAM KouLeifoh for SAM Light and HDT BBB for SAM Caliente for BS/OS
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    Version 1.0.0


    The very bottom of the bear pelt is messy but nothing that should be noticeable in most pictures. Will try to fix it later at some point.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This patch is a SAM patch for the new armor compilation mod, Ulag's Legacy (Skyrim LE / Skyrim SE), with GuitunScarfin, the original author's generous permission. The original mod is a compilation of revised versions of his two previous mods (Apotheus Armor (light) and Blooded Heavy Armor (heavy) ), and further, two color variants of his new light armor, Duskward Armor, inspired by the armor in high medieval (post-Viking Age) Scandinavian countries. As for more details of the armors, please visit his original mod page(s) on Nexus and his description (There are some conditions to create the armors that have both enchanted as well as non-enchanted variants). This is not a stand-alone package (only including tweaked male mesh files), so you'll need the original package on Nexus either for Skyrim LE or SE versions. Sample SSs were taken with heavily compressed textures, so they can't do justice to the finess of original textures (2K/ 4K). Checked Samson/ Samuel morph sliders from -20~+80, though the scarf of Apotheus Armor probably has a clipping problem with Samuel/ Samson 40+ or other SAM compatible armors. I also upload a SE version, dealt with SSE NIF Optimizer, but I myself do not install Skyrim SE right now (so not tested by myself). If you find any problem especially with SE version patch, please make a notice to me. [Add]: [Feb. 13, 2019]: Meshes of this package don't include exposed skin parts, so does not need to update in accordance with the latest SAM Morphs for Racemenu v 1.0.4+ How to Install: Install the original package either for Skyrim LE or Skyrim SE. Both non-IA version and lA versions' .esp will be compatible with this package. Overwrite male armor meshes in the original with SAM morphs compatible ones from this package. Permissions: While I'm fine with what you want with the refit package itself (preferably with credit), please contact with the original author (GuitunScarfin,) for further inquiries. Credits: GuitunScarfin : for creating the original mod and granting his generous permission to me for publishing this package. If you like his armors, please visit again the original mod page(s) on Nexus and endorse them. What I did is just to refit the meshes. Vector: for SAM
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    [email protected] IT ? I didn't include all the .esp files when I uploaded the file I'm so sorry I didn't place the .esp file I modified So what should be in the downloaded folder but was missing was breast physics .esp I only had the .esm So now you should be able to find the bottom physics file I am so sorry you all!!!!! And thank you Mr.Leifoh hopefully this new correct upload doesn't substantially change anything in the work you've done so far. SAM HDT Collision 2.0.7z
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    After spending so much time trying to get the right settings for collisions to work on HDT-PE, I used your xml's as a guide and managed to get them to work on my HDT BBB mod. It was a matter of setting the right collision groups and primitive shapes. I've really only tested the scrotum and it doesn't clip through the penis anymore. I've attached the xml for the "global" version of my mod based on the default bounce settings for you guys to test the collisions for the butt, belly, and breasts (I avoided calling them pecs in my HDT-BBB acronym due to the confusion with the other acronyms TBBP and BBP ?). If they're good, I'll make some minor weight adjustments and include them in the next update. HDTPE-test1.zip