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    Version 1.00


    Robert is a man-loving man that has a few extra pounds, fair smooth skin and a young-ish fuzzy face. I made him more as an average chubby guy, with a look a friend of mine wanted to have as a follower. He is also very exposed and has automatic penis flexibility to go with it. Since he happens to look a lot like one of my first crushes from back in the day he is named after him.Robert can be found at the Riften Inn and if you are male he will get aroused the first time you speak to him While he is following, you can press page up or page down to flex his manhood, and you can talk to him while crouching to turn this feature on or off. The optional file gives him long hair that animates a little bit when he moves his head. Just overwrite 00000800.nif I had fun making this one and thought others may enjoy trying him out. I am using approaches with Robert that I use with my own men as well as trialing a few others. He and others I am working on are a work in progress so dont be surprised if you run into speedbumps. If you see him phase out when you meet him the HDT Invisibility patch does cure that. That said I am not a fan of this annoyance so intend to look at that in the near future if it comes up much. I am pretty much only doing male content now so let me know if you have ideas Requires SKSE since this includes penis control Additional Credits Everyone here that contributes to make our men better. Makes all the difference and I wanted to sincerely thank you SAM OFC and its an understatement to say Vector/B3lisario did something amazing making SoS flexibilty a thing Nifskope. Basically where 80+% of this is done Tera Weapons for the shock sword Apachii Hair Community Overlays Revealing Tsun Armor For Sundracon Male
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    The original sos from loverslab of course.
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    im sure a lot of people would appreciate this mod
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    Version 1.0.0


    Alyosha is a young bartender in Windpeark Inn, Dawnstar. Apparently, he has a Slavic and boyish look. Presented to those who find it hot, with honor! Special Thanks: Alyosha uses SAM Light and its texture add-on ver1.1 both created by KouLeifoh. Great thanks @KouLeifoh , those are amazing jobs you've done there. And Vector for SAM, of course! Attention: 1/ You can still have Alyosha even if you don't have SAM Light. But take care, as some SAM revealing armors don't support SAM Light, your game might crash when you give one of those armors to him. 2/ I used to design Alyosha as a mercenary who joins you at the price of 500 septims, but then I realized I couldn't make it work well with multi-follower system. So now he follows free again. Treat him well! Follower Info: Name: Alyosha race: Nord class: spellsword marriageable: yes ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Requires: Skyrim.esm Update.esm ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Credits: RaceMenu KS Hairdos - Renewal Brows
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    Version 1.0.1


    30/01/19 - UPDATED ↓ DESCRIPTION This file replaces: Almost all in-game clothes: Archmage robe Barkeeper clothes (both variants) Chef clothes (both variants +cook clothes ) Dark brotherhood robe Emperor outfit (+several Yarl's outfit with the same model) Executioner outfit All kinds of Casual wear (4 types of different colors) All kinds of Fine clothes (2 types of different colors) Greybeard robe Jester outfit Merchant clothes (2 types + Wench outfit) Miner outfits (both types) Mythic Dawn robe Psijic robe Redguard outfit Sheogorath outfit Thalmor robe All types of Yarl clothes (including Ulfric's robe) Compatible to any clothes retexture. Any textures that might look strange on screens will look OK in your game. Some of sets are revealing and compatible to HDT Nothing unusual. All changes can be seen on screens. Screens were done with Samson 80. I haven't modified robes and apprentice outfits because there are already a refit made by air. IMPORTANT - gloves and boots weren't changed If you notice any clippings or something just write here or in personal messages. INSTALLATION Drop files to Skyrim folder UNINSTALLATION As usual delete files added by archive.
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    This will be Available for SAM Light someday ???
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    I like this skin face style. But i hope someday can have cleaner version as SAM skin cleaner than vanilla skin. This face textures quite unique and suitable for young male too.
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    In the main SAM file download page theres the "Optional Skimpy Legacy Armor" and the other "DLC" refits, they have the revealing stuff