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    I haven't started making skimpy armors for SE yet. I'm open to ideas. These are some armors I picked off nexus/ported from vindictus, they're not inherently designed with male sexualization in mind so they're pretty full coverage. In other words, they don't show a lot of skin. It's just some fun and (hopefully) cool armors for SE users to mess around with. 1 Storm lord armor with SAM support Stormlord Armor.rar 2 Geralt Ursine Armor with SAM support Light Heavy Grandmaster Ursine Armour - Special Edition v1.0.0.rar 3 Guardian of the witchwood armor (SAM) You can get it in the forum's download section, or head on over to nexus and download it there.
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    New Year, fresh ENB and new Body
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    You should always load XPMSSE skeleton at last to make sure it can overwrite any other skeleton.
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    View File Noah Submitter DBrody76 Submitted 01/21/2019 Category The Sims 4  
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    View File Lucien Fully Voiced Follower Replacer This is replacer for this follower ( Credit to ) : https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/95029?tab=description That follower very good but i need more cute face because his voice so twinky. According to author, his age around 21 years old. So yeah...young face and cute certainly good. Download original mod and overwrite with my mod including Esp. This is for Skyrim LE only. I don't play SE so i don't have tools to make it for SE. I have the game but not install it. For now this still using SAM original skin. I will make another one for bro kouleifoh skin but need time. Because different tone color, i must make face patch. But for SAM Full Version user can use this file no problem. Don't upload this anywhere. Just for this website. Submitter Don Submitted 01/19/2019 Category The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim  
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    Hi guys Recently I found standalone follower "Edan" https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/87051/ He's very cute but he has custom race and body. I want change his custom body to SAM body. but I can't do that please help me... (I'm not well speaking English)
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    Hi all. I am happy to announce that I was able to completely solve my issues with SAM. My crashes were caused by the SKSE plugin 'Crash fixes'. It appears that I needed to change the following line 'AlignHeapAllocate=0' to 'AlignHeapAllocate=1' in the CrashFixPlugin.ini file. I didn't notice this when I was using MO since I had Crash fixes already installed there. Thanks everyone for their patience. Maybe this could be added to the Installation guide?
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    Thanks Jorrob, that's really helpful information, but if you could, I would definitely appreciate seeing some pictures. I'm trying to refit Immersive Armors to SAM and it's not going so well.
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    Version 1.0.0


    A refit for RefurbMadness's Simple Outfits for Men. To install you need to download, and then install the original file from the nexus. Then, install my files over it. The vertex count for the meshes is rather high, so the refits aren't quite perfect. There may be some clipping during some animations, particularly on the chest for the midnight assassin outfit. I will look into fixing this at a later date. Credits RefurbMadness for the original mod, and all of its related credits VectorPlexus for SAM.


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