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    Version 1.0.0


    Dizona primal always my favorite mod since LE. At that time, hdt smp still something rare for community. Our friend here, LILYRIM willingly to upgrade this Dizona Primal with HDT SMP + Genital Collision so SAM community can enjoy the best from this Dizona Primal. Lilyrim also fix some stuff from my mod to make it more compatible with HDT SMP too. Credit to Lilyrim for this update hdt + genital collision. I tested it and it's outstanding. Please enjoy this new Dizona Primal and for whatever reason I will let old dizona primal there because maybe LE users need it ( conversion stuff ). It's not possible convert this version to LE without crazy efforts.
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    My big, bronze, beefcake; Obright.
  4. 17 points

    Version 1.0.0


    Hello everyone, this time I bring a vampire style costume from: http://undersunandsky.blogspot.com/2017/08/summon-vampire-marek.html This outfit is really sexy, so I'm going to do it myself Prerequisites for this mods: SAM light Schlongs CBPC Physics SSE 5/13 Updated the display problem of top You need to download the file again and update
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    Version 1.0.0


    Hello everyone, I saw this costume on nexus, but it has been deleted now, I don't know why, but the male costume in it is very sexy, so I changed the style of the skirt slightly,And reworked the physics on the skirt to collide with the penis, very cool! Then I only made the male version of this mods and deleted the female version, so you can enjoy,🥵 The outfit comes with HDT-SMP support for the loin-cloth and hairs. The armour pieces can be crafted at any forge. If you are the author of this dress and you don't want to make this mods public, please let me know, I will delete it as soon as possible😥
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    Version 1.4


    High poly heads for all playable vanilla races based on the vanilla head meshes (male and female). A simple name for a not-so-simple mod. Available for both LE and SE. Features smooth high poly male and female heads complementary high poly brows, beards, scars, and hair to fit new head shape includes morphs for RaceMenu's extended sliders compatible with vanilla-based head textures compatible with existing presets for the vanilla male/female head meshes (excluding sculpt data) Requirements RaceMenu (LE, SE) Expressive Facegen Morphs (LE, SE) [optional] Expressive Facial Animation Male Edition (LE, SE) [optional] Expressive Facial Animation Female Edition (LE, SE) [optional] Installation Use a mod manager to install the original .zip file and follow the install script for easy installation. Do not manually extract anything. Manual Installation 00 - Base mod (required) 01 - Loose files needed for FaceGen creation in the Creation Kit (optional) 02 - no Dawnguard DLC (optional) 03 - vampire head fix (optional) 04 - remove sunken vampire face morphs (optional) 05 - symmetrical eye sockets (female) (optional) 06 - adds Aesthetic Elves (optional) 07 - adds Expressive Facegen Morphs (optional) 08 - adds Expressive Facial Animation Male edition (optional) 09 - adds Expressive Facial Animation Female edition (optional) 10 - adds high poly vanilla hair as optional replacers (optional) Usage For the player character Use the Face Part slider in RaceMenu to switch to the high poly head. If the head turns dark, change the player weight to force the skin shader to update. Don't forget to also change the vanilla brows/beard/scars to the included high poly versions. For NPC/follower mods Add this mod as a master and then swap the vanilla head parts with the high poly version Generate new FaceGen data (Ctrl + F4) in the Creation Kit. This method does not work for sculpted head meshes. Known Issues minor clipping with certain vanilla hair meshes eyes/scars appear darker than vanilla in SE. can be fixed by changing player weight. changing to vampire race will reset the high poly head back to vanilla eye mesh may have flickering/rendering issue after switching to high poly head. can be fixed by closing RaceMenu and opening it again. Modder Resource (xEdit Scripts) Skyrim - KL Filter Race.pas Filters NPC records based on races supported. Skyrim - KL Swap Headparts.pas Swaps vanilla head part records for their high poly versions. Custom head parts are not supported. Requires High Poly Head.esm to be loaded into xEdit. Skyrim - KL Copy NPC Protected Status.pas Copies NPC Protected status found on all plugins currently loaded (eg. NPCs Protected Redux.esp) Tools Used 3DS Max Nifskope Animation Tools N2 Permissions You may use this mod for your NPC/follower mods that will be shared with others. For clarification, these NPC/follower mods may be uploaded to other sites. You may add extra RaceMenu morphs. You are not allowed to modify (in part or in whole) and claim it in its entirety as your own. You are not allowed to reupload this mod to other sites. For other usage not mentioned, please ask me first. Credits Niroku for Expressive Facegen Morphs and Expressive Facial Animation tktk1 for Enhanced Character Edit head mesh reference ruddy88 for Aesthetic Elves
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is a simplified version of Jojo's Bizarre outfit posted by Lilyrim with HDT SMP. I took off my boots, bracelet and hair. You will get a new White Top and Semi-Transparent Loincloth ( gauntlet, boot, etc on my pictures not included ). More natural gold metal for the waist. The goal is to make this outfit more universal as a basic sexy outfit for a photo shoot and you can pair it with any gauntlet or boots as it's a neutral white (like my example image). First credit and download mod from lilyrim here : After that, overwrite with my files. Simple and done. YOU NEED SOS PATCH because this new patch made for sos patch. Within SOS MCM Menu, Tag cuirass as Revealing ( Mandatory ). Enjoy then.
  9. 10 points
    Hoamaii Revenge Mashup High poly leather string and reshaped. I think more sexy with this shape. Tribal ManKini XD Jojo's Bizarre Adventure White gold and Semi transparent.
  10. 9 points
    Yummy Rensa full remastered quality. Leather like true leather not flat anymore. Metal pores visible and shiny. Of course...SEXY.
  11. 9 points
    BUBBLE BUTT ART Men are handsome and sexy not because of the armor, but the man himself....
  12. 8 points
    SAM Coco Venus coming soon for Vectorplexus. Genital HDT SMP from Lilyrim. I must make it into modular first before release it ( separated shoulder part ) and make some extra transparent loincloth.
  13. 8 points

    Version 1.0.0


    Download original file here : Summon Vampire Marek for SE 1.0.0 Overwrite it with my File. This will overwrite the skirt meshes and textures so you can get transparent version. Simple patch but sexy.
  14. 8 points

    Version 1.1.0


    Description This mod is refitted and remash-up from Wasteland Girl Armor by cloud911 from Nexus, as well as additional textures by Jaymonoxide and SkyCrap. I made this for atomic muscle, so I renamed it to "Wasteland Muscle Armor", and I added new INNR and object modification as well. Thanks for their excellenet works and their generous open permission. Don't forget to give them kudos on Nexus, also endorsements to their mods if possible. Requirements Atomic Muscle by Ulfberto: Link Installation Just download this mod and install it directly using your mod manager. What's inside Five outfits, 6 color swaps available. One pair of gloves, 6 color swaps available. One jacket, 6 color swaps available. Where to craft Chemlab under "(Atomic Muscle) Wasteland Muscle Armor" Mods used in screenshots Unique Maccready Companion by DaveBoss1: Link Preston Garvey Synthetic Facelift by iSirAlex: Link Deep Spiritual Eyes by Xazomn: Link Classic Holstered Weapons by shavkacagarikia: Link M-Skin for EVB by l550050: Link Eye Shade by nakrulz: Link Head Band by calyps: Link Notes These refits are converted from CBBE body. The jacket might have clippings with other underarmors, and it is impossible to fix it. I suggest that only wear jacket with pants or bikini, or other clothings with upper body naked. BodySlide files are uploaded in a seperate file. Not necessary if you don't need it.
  15. 8 points
    Turgan, my big mean beefy loan shark. 🦈Hope you like 'em chunky and round! An offer you can't refuse... his big fat cock! 🍆
  16. 8 points
    Love when my two followers take me from behind
  17. 7 points

    Version 1.0.0


    Please download only one file and follow the installation instructions. Requirements Atomic Muscle by Ulfberto. This mod is based on Atomic Muscle and its requirements (Looksmenu and NPCMaleBody). M-Skin by l550050: Link This requires manual installation. Follow installation instructions below. Lite version or full version Currently only Lite Version is available. In Lite Version, I only did oil and sweat effect for Fatman Skin Overlay Series, and personally I think it is sufficient with skin options. Full Version is still working in progress (will publish in some days). But it will make the overlay list inside looksmenu bloated. Lite Version is highly recommended. Installation If you download "Oil Skin Overlays for Atomic Muscle" If you download "Sweat Skin Overlays for Atomic Muscle" If you download "Oil and Sweat Skin Overlays for Atomic Muscle" Just follow both of the above installation instructions. Remember when you unzip the two files downloaded from M-Skin mod page, unzip them to different folders to prevent files replacing. How to use skin overlays in game If you are playing a new game, simply go to "Body -> Overlays -> Add" inside looksmenu when creating a new character. If you want to make it works for your current save, open console and type "slm 14". After looksmenu popup, go to "Body -> Overlays -> Add" or "Body -> Overlays -> Edit". Then you will see a list of available overlays, choose the one ending with "Sweat" or "Oil" to see the effect. To apply this for your followers, open console, left click your companion and his FormID will show up in the center of the screen, for example 0010446f. Then type "slm 0010446f". Then do the same as above to see the effect. Notes In some kind of environments, the body and face gap might be noticable. I can't do much about that. But most cases this gap can be ignored. The glossiness of oil effect might be a bit too much or a bit weird. This depends on personal taste though. If I get respond from original author, maybe I could make this file standalone without necessity to do manual installation. Now we are required to manually install it. Credits l550050 for M-Skin good0593 for NPC Male Bodies @Ulfberto for Atomic Muscle @LuxuriaCrystal for testing and working with me
  18. 7 points

    Version 1.1.0


    Requirements Original Mod by 7StarC (Either .esl or .esp version): Link Atomic Muscle by Ulfberto: Link Far Habour DLC Installation Download original mod, then install this mod. This mod has a seperate esl flagged .esp file, and it only uses textures and materials from original mods. If you only want to use male version of these outfits, you need to unpack the .ba2 files from original mod, and put materials, textures and meshes folders alongside my mod files. What's inside Six different variants of Children of Atom outfit, 4 different color swaps. One body decal Two hoods Three pairs of boots, 4 different color swaps. Two sets of armors One sexy fishnet outfit. Where to craft Chemlab under "(Atomic Muscle) CoA - Fanatics Outfits" Mods used in screenshots Deacon Makeover by wolfgrimdark: Link M-Skin for EVB by l550050: Link Notes These refits are converted from CBBE body. The outfits are all with penis exposed. These refits don't have any additional effects from original mod, neither does crafting require newly-added component from original mod. It is just a purely cosmetic mod. I feel overwhelmed to add them, while you can add those stuff yourself in FO4Edit. BodySlide files are added as a seperate file. Not mandatory.
  19. 7 points
    New slide body for Lean bottom. I fixing the main problem for sam since beginning ( At least for me ). GAP Between leg left and right. SAM leg too big and almost no gap each other. With better gap, we can make Proper bulge and not always like fat leg. Anatomy very important to make proper character. Inspired by TITAN'S BRIDE Manga.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Flawn's Vanilla Argonians Redux - Soft & Supple Addon for SAM What is “FVAR - Soft & Supple Addon”? “FVAR – Soft & Supple Addon” makes edits to the SAM patch of the texture replacer “Flawn’s Vanilla Argonians Redux”. “Soft & Supple” (“S&S”) removes the vanilla green tint from the original “FVAR - SAM” diffuse maps and adds a pink hue to the nipples, butthole and schlong. Flawn’s original specular maps have been blended with the “Nuru Daily specular maps” by SavrenX for a shiny, always-wet look. Compatibility “S&S” only edits the SAM patch of "FVAR". As such, only male Argonian textures for use with SAM are included. If you also use the full version of “FVAR”, female textures remain untouched. “Schlongs of Skyrim” and the clawed feet options are not supported. “S&S” is available as: 4k Uncompressed for both “SAM Full” on LE and “SAM Light” on SE/AE 4k Compressed for “SAM Full” on LE 4k Compressed for “SAM Light” on SE/AE Requirements “SAM Full” for LE users “SAM Light” for SE/AE users “FVAR - SAM" Patch “S&S” only contains the edited diffuse and specular maps. You still need the original “FVAR - SAM" patch for all normal maps. The full version of “Flawn’s Vanilla Argonians Redux”, also called “FVAR - Main”, is supported but not a hard requirement. INSTALLATION METHOD 1: “FVAR - SAM Patch” + “Soft & Supple” (male texture replacer only, best compatibility) Download and install “FVAR - SAM" from Googledrive (uncompressed or compressed versions available) (LE users only) Disable or delete the plugin “FVAR_SAMFULL.esp” Download and install “Soft & Supple” Let “S&S” overwrite “FVAR - SAM” Optional: Find and delete “argoniantail.dds” and “argoniantail_s.dds” in “Soft & Supple” as they have no function in this setup METHOD 2: “FVAR - Main” + “FVAR - SAM Patch” + “Soft & Supple” (also contains female textures and mesh replacers, possible compatibility issues) Download and install “FVAR - Main” from Nexus (LE/SE) (uncompressed versions also available on Googledrive via "files" tab) Download and install “FVAR - SAM” from Googledrive (uncompressed or compressed versions available) Download and install “Soft & Supple” Let “S&S” overwrite both “FVAR - Main” and “FVAR - SAM” Don’t forget to endorse the original mod by Flawn on Nexus. The “FVAR – SAM” patch is currently not available for download on Nexus directly. Use the “uncompressed textures” link on the "FVAR" Nexus page (under the “files” tab) or follow the "Googledrive" links on this page. Recommended mods BAM – Brutish Argonian Male (LE only) (needs to overwrite FVAR full version if used together) Credits Posted with direct or general permission from the original mod authors. “FVAR” and “FVAR - SAM” by Flawn “Nuru Daily specular maps” by @SavrenX Nipple and butthole assets from “Svein’s skin” (SAM version) by Vobla Screenshots were made with the uncompressed textures in LE. ENB preset is Kwanon ENB.
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    Holt & Russell. Then I got bored of screenshot taking 🙃
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    Version 1.0.0


    Requirements Original Mod by ToneTigre: Link Atomic Muscle by Ulfberto: Link Installation Download and install original mod (ignore its requirements) (4k version recommended), and then install this mod. If you only want to use male version of this armor, just don't put the esp of original mod into your load order. My mod has a seperate esl flagged esp file. What's inside Two outfits (supporting genital morph), one collar and one helmet. Where to craft Chemlab under "(Atomic Muscle) Tone OverBoss" Mods used in screenshots Grungy Gage by mystolle: Link Deep Spiritual Eyes by Xazomn: Link Classic Holstered Weapons by shavkacagarikia: Link M-Skin for EVB by l550050: Link Notes This refit is converted from TWB body, and the underwear has been tweaked for genital. Bodyslide files are uploaded as a seperate file. Not necessary if you don't need it. I renamed the armor to "Tone OverBoss", while its original name is "Tone OverQueen". I also seperated the collar from the outfit and made a new version without underwear. I don't have permission from original author yet (inactive since Oct 2021). Hope this is fine
  25. 5 points
    Those big balls. Just wanna open up the zip, take them out from the bottom of the zip, touch, rub, polish, slap, squeeze, smell, lick and suck, in the meanwhile with another hand slipping into the suit, worshiping the pec. Overboss of Nuka World's exclusive outfit ↓
  26. 5 points
    Pubic hair maybe just thin sexy like my dragonborn. I'm not fan of super bushy pubic hair. Hahaha. ERIK THE SLAYER coming soon with custom face. Twink and still Green.... Make sure keep that YGNord mod on because Erik using YGNord.
  27. 5 points
    Yes. Our community need it. 3 slides. Warrior, Twink and Femboy. Make muscular bottom not hard at all for me but in porn video i always see smooth twink there. Where is our smooth twink for immersion ? Hahaha. We need this to make sam become true immersion and get new fresh air. Female world body so much variant and we need that kind of variants. I love sam mod so much. Someday we can say " Want make Barbarian, Twink, and femboy with one male body mod ? Bring it on !!! " The thing is...ridiculous to pair cute face with muscular body like bricklayer. Say anime cute male yaoi ( like ECE shape face ) with sam big body. But I understand that factor from modding side and literally we have no proper shape for younger and slender male. For fat bodies you can use mod from our friend here. I see his fat body shape very good and no need more perfection. We will complete sam step by step and combine power from every modders here.
  28. 5 points
    BOCHU UPDATE This month Bochu will get big update. Skin, Independent body folder ( preparation for new femboy bodyslide ), New skin adjustment, new Custom Face, Normal map, etc. Working on it since months ago. In this picture I'm using femboy slider for trial screenshoots. Smaller chest part, smaller arms, Bubble butt, sexy belly, etc. Face and sexy lips of course included. Bochu need update this big because the new slide later will include femboy shape for bochu.
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  30. 5 points
    Figured I would post here about my work for a male conversion for Devious Devices mod, will be for both BT3 and AM. Using this as a way to jumpstart my modding memory lol.
  31. 5 points

    Version 1.1.0


    Requirements Original mod by OniNigma (Either 2k or 4k + any install version; ignore its requirements): Link Atomic Muscle by Ulfberto: Link Installation Download original mod then use this mod to overwrite it. What's inside Four outfits (one fullbody, one semi-skimpy and two skimpy), two underwears (one with top part and one without), two eye covers, one "skimpy coat", one torso armor part. Only available for male. Where to craft Chemlab "(Atomic Muscle) GITS" Note This refit is converted from CBBE body. I also made some edits to the mesh to suffice for atomic muscle. The dress and open-chest coat from original mod can't be refitted to atomic muscle, so I just remove them. (I have BS files though if you still want them). Added object construction recipe into chemlab with very basic resource components. The torso armor uses only torso slot, so if you use it together with other armor parts (arms or legs), there will be clippings of course. In my end, I made torso armor to use all the five armor parts slots to avoid possible clippings. Mods used in screenshots Face preset by grod4L: Link Deep spiritual eyes by Xazomn: Link Classic Holstered Weapons by shavkacagarikia: Link M-skin for EVB by l550050: Link
  32. 5 points

    Version 1.11


    This is a collection of textures and normal maps from Sam Light Add-on It's a collection of shared files, their own textures, and normal maps. REQUIREMENTS: - SAM Light - SAM Light Texture Add-on - SAM Morphs for RaceMenu Texture 0 - Default / 1 - Default Brown sos / 2 - Smooth / 3 - Light / 4 - Medium / 5 - Heavy / 6 - Furball [Sam Light Add-on] / 7 - Tempered Skins Clean Bear Light / 8 - Tempered Skins Clean Bear [+ slot 8 Hand] / 9 - Tempered Skins Clean Bear Light (Dark SOS) [+ slot 9 Hand] / 10 - Chubby hairy Body [+ slot 10 Hand] Nomal Map 1 Skysight skin [+ slot 1 Hand] 2 Vitruvia [+ slot 1 Hand] 3 Skysight skin Oldman [+ slot 1 Hand] 4 SavrenX Boyish Body 5 Masculine men SAM 6 SavrenX Muscular 7 SAM Mustle 8 tul chan Mustler 9 Daddy Chubby 10 Chubby Body I can't speak english very well. This article uses a translator This is a combination of textures and normal maps for Sam light add-on Based on the add-on head , neck and hands are aligned ** use SAM Morphs (Self) and SAM Morphs (Target) Please use it well
  33. 5 points
    Just wanted to add a quick update, I did make a ton of progress on adding the anus setup into the mesh as well as collision xml's but its not yet complete or really functional up to part with what it should be, after some more rounds it will be ready to share, but I have been thrown for a loop around here with life stuff so ive been away and super busy, I do fully intend to complete it though & share it here since it would be a waste to not. I also installed fallout 4 recently to potentially do some modding over that side, and tested atomic male from here, which itself has working anus, though a bit different since they do not yet have the amazing Bullet Physics SMP for fallout, (there is a repository started for it but something with the skinning is so drastically different it was abandonded last I checked). Anyhow, I didnt want to leave things hanging here it was bothering me so I will come back and post when I have a beta to share for testing, also I started a new schlong with morphs to get all the styles from one master schlong lol. Ok, ill stop rambling, I hope you all are safe and well and having fun modding! Oh I almost forgot to mention there are new functions and an addon for HDT SMP which resolves the oddities with penis collisions and makes more features possible too, thru runtime functions added to swap XML configs on the fly based on various conditions, its brilliant! I do intend to work that into the new design as an optional for sure.
  34. 4 points
    I'm glad you like him He may not be conventionally attractive but he's a big beefy charmer
  35. 4 points
  36. 4 points
    Ha ha ha. I was browsing through old folder data while drinking coffee and I came across my first "Leon Style" character. My coffee almost gushed out of my mouth. I compare how much improvement my previous and current works are. First Leon style 2017 Leon style 2021 Never give up on your modding dreams and don't give up. Without realizing it, you will go very far than before. The key is to enjoy the process, don't just want to get there quickly. I'm pretty sure if I make a new leon now, I can make one better than 2021. The key is to keep going and don't give up.
  37. 4 points

    Version 2.2


    New version added a new color, and fixed game crash bug of original mod. Please follow the installation instruction. Requirements Original mod by MyCart (NO AWKCR version): Link Retexture by 310N: Link Atomic Muscle by Ulfberto: Link Installation Install original mod (No AWKCR version); 4K texture is optional, but if you download 4K texture, install directly after the original mod. Install the retexture mod, and overwrite anything if asked. Install my mod, and overwrite anything if asked. What's inside One fulloutfit, one gasmask, one pair of gloves and one helmet. Each has two color variants. Where to craft Chemlab under "(Atomic Muscle) Special Operations Officer" Note Original mod has a bug that can cause crash of game. I have fixed it in my mod. I have added the retexture by 310N from Nexus into a color variant. So you can have two different colors to use in game instead of only one option. If you use Mod Organizer 2, you should put these three mods on the left panel in this order: Original mod -> Retexture mod -> My mod.
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  39. 4 points

    Version 1.3


    This is a modified version of SAM that removes dependencies on scripts and .esp to allow the genitals to show when fully nude by resizing and placing the genital texture on the body texture layout. As a result, body morphs are not supported. It's a basic body replacer along the same lines as Better Males and SOS Light. Compatible with classic Skyrim and Special Edition. This mod is not an official release of SAM. Therefore, if you encounter any issues with it, please do not contact Vector about them. Difference between full SAM Lightweight due to no scripts or .esp used No body morphs* No dynamic body type and genital adjustments No dynamic body texture options Revealing armor with "SAMRevealing" node not supported Werewolf and Vampire Lord not supported *morph functionality can be added with SAM Morphs for RaceMenu Installation If using a mod manager, just follow the installer. Manual installation 00 and 01 are required for core functionality. 02 Genital Option - Select between Cut, Uncut, or Underwear (non-nude) version 03 Human Body Texture - Select one body texture for human races 04 Khajiit Body Texture - Select one body texture for Khajiit race Custom Textures If you'd like to use your own body textures, use the layout template to resize and align the genital correctly. Base texture 2k, resize genital texture to 256x256 Base texture 4k, resize genital texture to 512x512 Align genital texture in the green box, create selection mask with the green color, and delete the selection. Due to genital texture resizing, minor texture seams may be visible. Regarding Refits Armor refits are not required for basic functionality. They're only needed if you use SAM Morphs for RaceMenu and want the morph features. Credit goes to Vector for the creation of Shape Atlas for Men.
  40. 4 points
    WIP refits 😄 I will upload them here soon after some minor fixes.
  41. 4 points
    A few random shots of Zalthu, a new Orc character of mine, not quite final yet. Once again been fiddling with my load order and adjusting ini/enb settings my framerate doesn't approve off, still need to fix a few kinks between the character mods I have installed. Better ones of him will come soon.
  42. 3 points
    That a stimpack in your pants or are you just happy to see me?
  43. 3 points

    Version 3.0


    Please download the new version. Gloves clipping fixed, new INNR added, three new textures, newly weight painted, armor mesh refined (check changelogs). Requirements Original Mod by newermind43: Link Atomic Muscle by Ulfberto: Link Installation Download original mod then use this mod to overwrite it. What's inside One outfit (using Body[33] and Torso[41] slot), and one pair of gloves. There are five now eight color swaps for outfit. Where to craft Chemlab under "(Atomic Muscle) Reverse Combat Armor" Mods used in screenshots Aydaptic's Attractive Male Sole Survivor by Aydaptic: Link Preston Garvey Synthetic Facelift by iSirAlex: Link Deep Spiritual Eyes by Xazomn: Link Classic Holstered Weapons by shavkacagarikia: Link M-Skin for EVB by l550050: Link Notes This refit is converted from CBBE body, so it is not perfect especially the bulge part, bad low-poly mesh improved. Bodyslide files are uploaded as a seperate file. Not necessary if you don't need it.
  44. 3 points
    Excellent mod with sensual and smooth hdt smp! It's like art and science together. Thanks SavrenX and Lilyrim.
  45. 3 points
  46. 3 points
  47. 3 points
  48. 3 points

    Version 1.0.0


    Requirements Original mod by darkman32197 (Either 2k or 4k + Update File): Link Atomic Muscle by Ulfberto: Link Installation Download original mod then use this mod to overwrite it. What's inside One fulloutfit, with 6 variants and 11 color patterns. This outfit uses slots of both underarmor and body armors, so you can't wear other armor parts above it (This can be changed inside xEdit). Where to craft Chemlab "(Atomic Muscle) Stealth Suit" Mods used in screenshots Face preset by grod4L: Link Deep spiritual eyes by Xazomn: Link Classic Holstered Weapons by shavkacagarikia: Link
  49. 3 points

    Version 1.0.0


    Requirements Original mod by Aldebaran90 (Main File + Update File): Link Atomic Muscle by Ulfberto: Link [Optional] Wearable backpacks and pouches - HD textures patch by Oaristys: Link Installation Download original mod then use this mod to overwrite it. What's inside Three backpacks, two pouches and one bandolier. Where to craft New workbench "Backpack workbench"
  50. 3 points
    I've finally gotten Proteus and now I've given Captain Aldis a makeover and forced him to follow me on some naked adventures
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