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    There are a few on HoT/LadyM's forum, some not in the downloads section. Just your luck I made a mod list with links for my mate just yesterday. SAFS 0 6 - Skimpy Armor for SAM - More Vanilla skimpy armor. SAM-Ashara Prince of the Woods Refit - Classic Ranger styled armor. (The set I currently use for my Shadowscale character) SAM-Prometheus's Conan Hyborian Age SAM-Forsworn Loincloth Refit SAM-Forsworn Armor Refit SAM-Revealing Tsun Armor SAM AdultAccessoriesForMen - Piercings with HDT physics SAM Aokis Revealing Projects - Vanilla vampire armor modular version. SAM Dungeon Guards Inspired Armor SAM KL - Bless Online - Daren (I just posted the fix method for this one on the comments of the mod) SAM KL- Kyron - Tera Castanic Heavy Armor SAM MH Revealing Tera Armor SAM Revealing Lich King Armor Those are all the armors made/converted/refitted for SAM. Any other armor, would be using a body that does not conform with Samsom/Samuel values and cause hands/feet/head to look weird, so I'd recommend to avoid them. Unless you have a thing for weirded-out textures and floating/disconnected heads/hands/feet like cartoonish creatures, such as Rayman. No judgements. OBS: The Legacy Skimpy mod turns a lot of vanilla armors into underwear. So all guards, most mages and some heavy armors will be just an appropriately textured underwear.
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