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    @sh1ny Right now, I'm making a picture guide for the forum with basic instructions on what the menus do etc. Afterwards, I can also write an introduction for the Readme and a plain text version of basic instructions (MCM menu, console commands, poses). For completion, it would be nice to also have a permissions and a credits section, but I'm not qualified to make those.
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    @azriel2012 You're absolutely right. There's no Readme document accompanying SAM right now and I'm sorry for that. I agree that installation guides are by no means a substitute for a conventional Readme. @Dredd I'll be very grateful for that. Should you decide to do such a compilation, I'll promptly make a Readme.txt file out of that and include it in the SAM Core archive.
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    This mod is the sole reason I started playing XCOM, the only improvement I can think of is soldiers having bigger bulges. Especially in starting armor where the bulge is practically non-existent.