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    Version 1.1.1


    Original description by @Melesse, who compiled this into a single handy FOMOD installer: This is an upload of @Hymnaru's 3MW Texture Pack, compiled into a FOMOD. All credit goes to him for creating it, and to @good0593 for reuploading the files here. All I did was compile the various options into a FOMOD installer, which can be used by your mod manager of choice to customize the installation according to your desire. Because the file size was huge, it has been split into 4 parts - you will need to download all 4 parts, and then you should be able to use the .001 file like you would a normal archive. MO has been tested to be able to read the .001 file, the same should presumably be true for NMM and Vortex. Moderator note: The archive has been slimmed down to a ~500Mb file. The multi-part download no longer required. Since some people have issues downloading large files using CMS-generated links, here's a direct one: Download
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    So I found out the trick to this is to add the HDT Default Body BBP or whatever it's called and the HDT Vagina but I mean it can be renamed..... e_e ..... directly to the body through nifscope... It's the same for armor... after I added the HDT Vagina to the mesh and edited the weighting properly in OutfitStudo belly distortions were enabled. I also added HDTM to the penis meshes for SAM in the main character assets folder as well as in the SOS folder. However the values for the SAM body have to be high enough to cause an effect I have to put it at least to moderately high weighting in order to see the effect I'm not really sure why this is. But I did figure it out : The issue was actually setting the collision to be possible through a separate HDT Physics XML rather than through body weighting alone Once again how I did this for those of you like TLDNR (too long did not read): 1. get nifscope ---> 2. Open Nif 3. Expand NiNode 0 3a. Click under that in the list that you've expanded 4. Click Block ---> Insert ---> Click Nis ---> click NiStringsExtraData 4a. Type in the number of XMLS you want to attach to the object. 5.Under the second window (bottom left) name it HDT Havok Path 6. Under String Data Type in the full address to the HDT XML you want to use (see attached Screen Shot) (e.g.: Data\SKSE\Plugins\hdtm.xml) 7. Press CTRL over the new thing you've created and move it up with the arrow keys until it's #1 under the expanded NiNode0 branch I found out that you can have a whole set of physics specifically tailored to the male body and an entirely different set effecting everything else so it's possible to enable distortions on the male body but not the female body, it's possible to set the penis mesh as a collision object which is awesome and it would make scenes with said collision object with a particular mod work properly the reason why is because the hdtm xml sets the penis mesh to collide with whatever has the appropriate collision box unchecked in the hdtHavokModifier program! Literally this turns the body into HDT-PE ... It has not broken any of my HDT Male armors. So yes this does the exact belly distortion crap that happens to females and makes the collisions for the bum and pecs very noticeable.. It's super jiggly but I like it that way because it's kind of funny seeing my follower's ass bounce around while he's trying to fight. SAM Belly Distortion.7z
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    Just a brief intro about the site and me, for those who don't know me or my work. I've been modding games for years, specifically because I could never quite find mods that would cater to my specific... tastes. It all began about when Sims 1 was released, and basically I wanted to have bigger and beefier men in my games... Sims 2, Oblivion and finally Sims 3. I never published anything back then because, I prefer to keep a low profile, and I'm always a bit to shy when showing what I do to others. When I was modding Sims 3, I got really fed up with it though. Sims iterations seem to cripple more and more the way I wanted to mod my men, not to mention that I would literally spend hours just launching up the game/neighbourhood, just to look at how something would look like in game, just to see that my guys would start suffering from Parkinson, just because I wanted them to have bigger arms/hands. I remember once, I think I waited 30 fucking long minutes, and that was the last straw... I shelved Sims and I'm done with it... Thats when I started to look for another game to play/mod, and discovered Skyrim. And I know that this will shock many ppl but... I hated Oblivion! So naturally Skyrim, was a nice surprise. And I decided for the first time to go out of my confort zone (I have severe social anxiety and I don't feel confortable around strangers or crowds), and actually release mods for it. First one it was of course, the (in)famous SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim, which got a whole lot more attention than what I expected or was prepared to. Later on I ended up abandoning it, due to several reasons, and I later developed SAM - Shape Atlas for Men, which was a more refined SOS version, with more features, and also more male centered. Not because I'm against boobs or vaginas, but because there are already so many people developing mods for that, I wanted to create something that would mostly cater to gay men and straight women alike. Up until about 1-2 years ago I made Hall of Torque my "home", but some very unfortunate sequence of events left me to abandon that community, and so now, here I am, with my own website (which was only possible due to support from my Patrons), and ready to start releasing again my very unique work, and to build a community around it, where people can feel welcome without having to go through the harassment of using other mainstream sites. Not that the administration of those sites are promoting in anyway an homophobic agenda, but there is little they can do against a rather loud and angry mob of homophobes that exists in their community. This last period I was gone, I kept on modding, its something I really enjoy, it distracts me from... bad ideas. The only reason why I wasn't publishing/releasing was because I was unconfortable to do so again. So, while I'm very happy and thrilled to have my own website, where I will be able to share my work again, in essence, this is for you guys. For all of you that enjoy my work, to give you a space free of harassment and judgement from others. I hope you guys enjoy your stay! Vector