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    Version 2.0.0


    BadDog's Skimpy Monk Robes converted for SAM This is a skimpy replacer for the game's monk robes. It also replaces the other robes that have the same mesh: Blue and Black mage robes, Necromancer Robes, Warlock Robes, and Vaermina Robes. There have been a few skimpified versions of these over the years, but my all time favorite are these ones, made by BadDog over on LoversLab. All I've done is convert them to SAM. You do not require the original file to use these. Details There are two versions; one which is revealing and one which is not. Both versions available for LE or SE. It uses KouLeifoh's high poly body mesh They will move along with the body if you have HDT/SMP installed. (But make sure you have a proper skeleton installed regardless) This is suitable for all weights, but at higher combined values of Samson/Samuel, you will begin to notice some clipping on the chest during crouching or extreme animations/poses. I cannot do much about this, because vanilla meshes are very low poly. They are compatible with retextures, and I highly recommend using one. Extra Details (FOR [SE] Revealing Version Only!) There are two different revealing versions for SE, CUT and UNCUT. Please choose the version that corresponds to your SAM Light/HDT/SMP/High Poly Installations. If you choose the cut version, everyone who equips the robe will not have foreskin and you will not be able to change that. If you choose the uncut version, everyone who equips the robe will have foreskin by default, but if you have SAM Morphs for RaceMenu you can use the "Foreskin Hide" slider to show either cut or uncut penis. Credits BadDog for the original meshes KouLeifoh - HDT/High Poly assets VectorpLexus & etc. - SAM
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    Version 1.0.0


    Shrouded Armor for SAM This is a refit of RefurbMadness's Dark Brotherhood armor. No, you do not need the original to use this. No, this does not cover all of the armors in Refurb's set, only the Shrouded Armor. This is a replacer for "Shrouded Armor." It is not exactly the same as the Refurb's; I did not keep the harness and I did not do the boots. So make sure you have some other refit for shrouded boots. (If you have SAM, you probably already do) As with most things in life, expect imperfections. But if there are major issues please let me know. Credits: RefurbMadness for their lovely work on the meshes. KouLeifoh for High Poly and HDT/SMP assets VectorPlexus & etc for SAM
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    I try made malebody_1_msn.dds by Skysight skin muscles for SAM. To SAM Light. FavoredSoul more abs Ixum Normal MAP S25 - SAM Light.7z FavoredSoul more abs Ixum Normal MAP S50 - SAM Light.7z FavoredSoul more abs Ixum Normal MAP S75 - SAM Light.7z FavoredSoul Normal MAP S50 - SAM Light.7z FavoredSoul Normal MAP S75 - SAM Light.7z Require SAM Light Unfortunately, only one can be chosen. SAM Light muscle is rare. Relative to LE SAM. Hope SAM Light SAM Morphs for RaceMenu can choose more muscles. EX: I hope can choose malebody_1_msn.dds malebody_2_msn.dds malebody_3_msn.dds malebody_4_msn.dds malebody_5_msn.dds malebody_6_msn.dds malebody_7_msn.dds malebody_8_msn.dds malebody_9_msn.dds malebody_10_msn.dds malebody_11_msn.dds malebody_12_msn.dds to malebody_XX_msn.dds
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    Oh, thank you very much! It seems that re-installing XPMSSE and then loading it after the SAM esp resolved the issue. Thank you; I appreciate the help!
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    You should always load XPMSSE skeleton at last to make sure it can overwrite any other skeleton.
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    But you need change his face textures or you will get neckseam.
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    Not so simply, Sam esp should be esmified and added in the follower's esp masters...
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    Yep. Just make sure Victoriam Line is loaded after (below) BodyTalk in your mod list.
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    The NPC is using a custom WNAM record for the naked body just to have a custom texture swap. The quickest solution is to remove the WNAM record circled below in xEdit to force it to use the default one that's already modified by SAM to include the genitals. There will be a texture mismatch with the head. So you'll have to copy SAM head textures to the data\textures\actors\character\sirus folder.
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    Wow this looks so good! Thank you so much for refitting more skimpy armor and clothes for SAM High Poly SE. I really appreciate it. I hope you will continue to do more armor and clothes refit for SE in the future. Keep up the good work!