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    Version 1.4


    This is a repost of my Kyron armor mod for SAM with some bug fixes. Credit goes to MoogleOutFitters for the original port. Armor parts: It can be crafted under the Ebony section. Requirements: Male skeleton from SAM or XPMSE (classic, SE)
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    Version 1.2


    This is Geralt's Wolf armor that I ported from Witcher 3 for SAM. It has support for Samson/Samuel morphs. Armor and Weapon parts: It can be crafted under the Elven section. The stats are the same as dragonscale armor and intended for endgame. The belt is tagged as a helmet to take advantage of perks with set bonuses. Requirements: Male skeleton from SAM or XPMSE (classic, SE) Known Issues: Texture in jacket armpit areas Shoulder belt along collar while crouching This mod is exclusive to www.vectorplexus.com and must not be uploaded anywhere else.
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    Version 1.4


    This is a repost of my Daren armor mod for SAM with some bug fixes. Credit goes to SumireHaikuXNA for the original port. Armor and Weapon parts: It can be crafted under the Elven section. The chest armor is tagged as a helmet to take advantage of perks with set bonuses. Requirements: Male skeleton from SAM or XPMSE (classic, SE)
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    Version 0.1


    Finally ! Behold ! New, good textures for your cats. Include There are no seams at the neck! There is no difference in the brightness of the body and head! There is no bad quality of textures! And Original here: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/70481/? Still not finished yet. On the feet may be seams or gaps in the textures (I'm working on a fix, any help is useful to me) So far, the leopard and mountain cat textures are combined in one pack. But in the next (or not) updates I'll fix it all. installation: put the data folder in the game folder.
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    Yes, you'll need to export them again. I'll add that in since it's not clear. By this step the body should be unset as the reference, so there should be no reference shape and you can export without reference.
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    Alright... the new BT's update just dropped and there's now a reworked slider and modified reference body with new texture space for the anus. Those are the main issues we as taylor have to worry about in order to update our conversions, so i gonna teach you how to update your project with the every new bodytalk version it may come out. As it has been said, there are new features for the newest BT. So i'll make 2 separated methods to update them: I. The first one will be for non Skimpy Outfits (Used NeverNude body as reference)//// and ///(NSFW PICS)II. for the Skimpy Outfits(Used the Nude body as reference; has penis and the anus showing) it also works for non skimpy and should be used instead of I. if the update brought brand new sliders instead of just reworked existing ones. I.So starting with the NeverNude (Non Skimpy) Projects... For the nevernude projects you just need to import the newest slider data to your project. The newest slider data comes from "StomachFat" slider: since it just a modified data for an already existing slider you can directly import from one to another, but if it was a brand new slider so this method wouldn't work well, because you'd need to create a new slider, then import the slider data. That's not a problem really, but ppl with their presets wouldn't detect the new slider you've created cus, you'd need to set it up to have the same slider group as the official one in order to make it detectable by the presets. Anyway lets get back to the tutorial First thing first you need to have the newest StomachFat slider data in hands so you can import them to your projects so follow my lead: 1.Track the bodytalk nevernude project in your bodyslide down, in this case, TBOS-Bodytalk-NeverNudeV2 and open it in outfit studio. Once opened, track the "BTStomachFat" Slider down and enter the edit mode for it (Press the pencil so the slider goes purple) 2.Then, in your upper panel go to Slider>Export Slider Data>Export OBJ... or Export BSD... your choice A window will show up asking you where to save the slider data, type in a name you can remember of, in my case, "BTStomachFatNN". Keep in mind this sliderdata is exclusively for the NeverNude projects, if you import it into a Skimpy project the body is gonna go nuts because nevernude sliders data don't have data for the penis and anus, so it has less affected vertices and are incompatible with the nude body. If you are too lazy to export the slider data yourself you can download them in the attachments Now, make your way to the NeverNude project you want to update in BS and open it in OutfitStudio in my case (BT)Improved Harness With the project opened in OutfitStudio first lets turn the full precision off as it has been said by TBOS its unnecessary and cause some issues. 1.With the project you wish to update opened in OS>Right Click on the BodyReference of your project (Mesh with green name- in this case "BaseMaleBody") Then go to Properties.. 1.This will show up 2.Go to Geometry tab 1.Turn Full Precision off 2.Hit Ok Now importing the new sliderdata... 1.(IMPORTANT!!!)With the reference body selected (the mesh with green name) in my case, BaseMaleBody, "Its important to have the reference body selected because you need to import the slider data for the reference body only, if you import it for any other mesh, your project may have some of the meshes broken" track the BTStomachFat slider down again and enter the edit mode for it by pressing the pencil (So the slider goes purple) 2.In the upper panel go to Slider>Import Slider Data>Import BSD... or Import OBJ... A new window will show up asking you where to import the slider from. Ofc you want to import the slider we exported earlier, so i'm just gonna import BTStomachFatNN.BSD from my HD myself. As you may noticed... with the newest slider data imported your outfit clips with it. That's because its a very reworked slider when compared to the older BTStomachFat; it has bigger belly, it affects a bit of the arms, chest, butt and legs. So Ulf... does it mean we have to reconform things? Exactly! but you dont need to reconform as a whole since we just imported a single new slider data. If you test the other sliders, there are untouched, so we can just reconform for that specific slider, in this case "BTStomachFat". But Ulf... how i conform for a single slider so the other's don't get affected? Follow my lead! 1.Deselect all sliders at once so we can work just with the ones we want to: uncheck the "De-/Select Sliders" box 2.Select the slider we want to reconform, in this case, BTStomachFat (leave the box checked) 3.Make sure to have all non Reference Meshes selected... we want to have reconform the slider for them so its important to have them selected 4.Go to Slider>Conform Selected Now you can notice the clipping is pretty much gone after reconforming and the other sliders are untouched... in my case ofc... Some projects even after reconforming you need to make use of the brush tools again to cover the clips for the new slider data, just like we did in the main tutorial of this thread. For the nevernude projects, That's it! You can now just save your project and in bodyslide you can see your outfit updated.For the skimpy project we can't just import the new sliderdata because TBOS have touched the nude reference body mesh... It has now a standalone texture space for the anus and other things, so the method for the following one is a bit different. I advise you using this method for non skimpy projects too (Reference body as nevernude) if the update brought new sliders instead of reworked sliders like BTStomachFat. But TBOS have touched the Nude body reference and not and NeverNude mesh, doing so this method for non skimpy project is not needed. II. Now for skimpy projects... (or non skimpy projects if the update brought new sliders - "both fit here") Open the main bodytalk body in OutfitStudio... yeah, the naked body, not your skimpy project, in this case TBOS-Bodytalk-V2 1.With the naked body opened now time to import your project to it, to do so go to File>Add Project... 1.A window will show up asking you to select the project you want to add 2.Select your skimpy project you want to update, in my case (BT)Prostitute Outfit Male Open Chaps Revealing Standalone.osp. If you forgot already, project files are mainly stored in Data/Tools/BodySlide/SliderSets in your HD. For MO users... ModOrganizerFolderHere/Mods/TheMODYouHaveStoredYourProjectFileHere/Tools/Bodyslide/SliderSets. They come in .osp format (Slider Set) 3.Hit ok after selecting the project you want to update 1.When you added the project to the naked body, the reference body it had came together so just delete it since its not necessary anymore (we just want the new body reference): Right click on the older body, in my case BaseMBody_outfit (it was originally named as BaseMBody, but when you added the project, OS renamed to that so it wouldn't overwrite the new body) and press delete, or just left click on it and press del on your keyboard. Well now you just got to repeat the "reconform process" we did in I. except we don't need to import any slider data cus the newest slider data is already here (BTStomachFat "remember we opened the updated naked body directly). You can even go to BTStomachFat, enter edit mode for it and you'll notice the body already has the new slider data, but you'll also notice the outfit clips with it because it as different slider data when compared to the older one. Since i'm feeling generous i'll repeat the process of reconform just for recap... 1. leave selected all non reference meshes since they don't have the new slider data 2.DeSelect all sliders at once so we can work just with the sliders we want to reconform. Leave De-/Select Sliders box unchecked 3. Leave BTStomachFat selected since its the only reworked slider we need to bother with but remember, if there were reworked/new sliders/ we would need to select them too 4.In your upper panel, go to Slider>Conform Selected There you go!! in my case, after reconforming i didn't have to bother with clippings at all, but if its your case so get your hands on the brush tools and cover the clips! Its pretty much done now, you can even notice the zap slider is working regardless for the new body! if its not, then you have to remake your zap sliders (Dont forget to check if your zap sliders are working before saving). Speaking of which we can now save our updated project, except we need to save as... instead of just save because remember, we opened the bodytalk nude project, so it don't has the right path for your outfit. 1.After you're done tweaking things go to File>Save Project As... As you may notice, the directories don't match our outdated outfit so you need to rename everything just like if you were doing your refit from scratch. Tip: While this window is on you can open your outdated project in a second window just to copy and paste everything needed for your outfit regarding directories, naming and stuff. Now everything is right, i used the above tip myself to make it easier to set up the directories... Now for Recap *If the reference body was left untouched by the update and there are no brand new sliders (just existing sliders updated) -(OPTIONAL)You can use the method showed in I. but also the one in II. *If the reference body was touched by the update and there are brand new sliders or if there's a lot of reworked sliders (to save time from importing one slider data by one) -You must use the method in II. And that's it... lemme know if you have any questions BTStomachFatNN.bsd BTStomachFatNN.obj
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    so the FreeFlyCam Mod requires F4SE, which I assume you have installed. But it'll only work when you activate TFC in the console (The ~ Key) TFC will unstick the camera and let you fly around. If in 3rd person view, you'll be able to see and capture pics of your character Console Command TM will just hide the UI so you can get nice pics. I used TFC to let the camera move freely, then TM to hide the UI. The angles and closeups are achieved with Freeflycam . I can't give you exacts on how to use it, since I use a controller, so... you'll have to play with the keys to control the camera if you are not using a controller.
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    Nice shots @iamnotvirgin... You should make use of the TFC (freeCam - unlocks the camera so you can move around freely) /TM (Hides your UI for full screens) keys for your screenshots, Also FreeFlyCam for a better flycam experience pole position with Overboss Ri Music inspiration: X X X X
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    Thank you Ulfberth, I love the work that you do for BTv2, can't wait for your next project. (PART 2)
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    Thank you Ulfberth, I love the work that you do for BTv2, can't wait for your next project. (PART 1)