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    Version 3.0


    "Super-duper" update. -Clearer texture. -A better body relief. -Nipples :D. -Almost overhaul. -Now there is support for chameleon textures !!! (RaptorFS not included) Notice! (This revised version of the mod that was posted here. http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/76427/? . I asked permission of the person who made these textures for Sam. But when I finished and put them into his Message. He just disappeared (on the nexus mod has not been updated). So I decided to post it here.) Special thanks to the Fiszi . For the first adaptation of the original textures under the mod SAM. And Kraan for nipple textures.
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    I would be very happy about that named Video. I'm better with Videos than so much Text to read
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    Cool Tutorial I have 2 things you could do that would save you time and really make it easier to do multiple outfits in one sitting. If you're lazy like me, You'd probably want to Set up a Bodyslide reference for SAM so that you can load it in from OS without having to do all the work of importing the TRI file. You could also Save the project as a bodyslide file and batch build in Bodyslide with Morphs Ticked for it (Now Tested and working!). It gives you the same result, but shaves the time doing the Tri work and doing the _0 mesh, as Bodyslide does it for you. For anyone looking for a Bodyslide Reference for loading in - I made one for SAM Light ( SE - High Poly & Cut) With References Replaced and set up to have SAM show up as the first reference to load in for a file. The RefTemplates is specifically set up for CBBE SE and SAM Light SE, You'll need to edit it if you're using UUNP/Touched by Dibella for your females or to add in your specific SAM version. The References !! The process to Creating a Bodyslide reference file for other SAM versions is pretty simple: New Project Select Clear Reference Hit Next and Select the MaleBody_1 in Actors/Character/Character Assets You can import the .Tri File for the Version of SAM you need... @air has them above for you to use. Then Save As... Keep all the options the same. Rinse and Repeat for each SAM part (Genitals incuded) In Bodyslide you can add them to the SAM group I created, which should let them use the SAM Base Preset I made, which is set up to give you the generated _0 and _1 weight nifs respectively To Utilize it to refit Armors New Poject Use the SAM reference or Navigate to the OSP file for your SAM Reference in CalienteTools\BodySlide\SliderSets, Make sure the SAMBODY/SAMHANDS/SAMFEET are the ones chosen as references. Hit Next, Navigate to your Armor's folder and select the _1 versions Note: if importing References, you will lose all but the body/Hands/Feet Reference (so... Genitals/Claws/Nails/Etc.) If you need the Fingernails or Penis, you will need to import those in and Reload the .Tri file for all parts, but this method is still more efficient and easier to use as you are only doing this once for your outfits. You can continue refitting The armor to SAM as normal. Some Quick Tips. One method I use to cull away the body in Fallout 4 is the ZAP slider, This slider gives me the ability to cull away the body without actually culling away the body, which can allow you to save time if you make a mistake. If there's a request, I can possibly stream or make a video on ZAP sliders for those interested. Before you do anything, You'll need to double click the SAMBody/Feet/Hand and make sure you delete the NIStringExtraData that points to the Tri file. You do not need to do anything else or add anything, as Bodyslide will add the Tri file and link the NiStringExtraData to your meshes when it builds your project, provided you follow the steps. Instead of Exporting the TRI out and that long ass process, Hit Save As.. If you need the Body in the Armor - Just Save it down after naming the project If you don't need the body, you can untick the "Copy Reference Shape into Output" Box If you followed step 3 correctly the output folder should point to the armor's original location and have the armor's original name. IF you didn't follow Step 3, you will need to put the Name of the armor's mesh (Truncate the _0/1) and the location of the mesh, following the Template OS shows Rinse and Repeat Open up Bodyslide Navigate to your SAM project, You can add them to the SAM Base Group which will let you use the SAM Base Preset From there you Can Tick "Build Morphs" and batch build your SAM armor refits or Build them without much work. It should build your armor and give you the Same .Tri File you need for SAM's Morphing abilities as well as shave time off repeating everything for the _0 weights. You can even Make Multiple items, Assign them to the SAM Group and Batch Build multiple armors for SAM compatibility. I'll probably put together a video for those who need one.. cause it's long winded.
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    Make it bro. Cut it. lol. I did it too. Even with resplendent armor and keep the HDT smp enabled. As for Bloodborne i mostly cut their trousers because my style really skimpy. That's why i'm not release it because many of them still love trousers.
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    Thanks bro!! I was searching for it have a long time. Thanks a lot.
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    Vanilla argonianStandart modChameleon modRaptor Mod All of these pics were taken at 60 Samson 40 Samuel
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