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    This is just a re-upload of my refit of Ashara's Princes of the Woods found here: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/18008/?. I think that speaks for itself without the need of a fancy banner and so on. You must have SydneyB's original mod installed first, and then install my files over the top of them. For MO just make sure my files load after. Credits go to SydneyB for the original mod, and Vector for SAM. I simply did the refit, nothing fancy. SAM - Ashara Prince of the Woods Optionals.7z SAM - Ashara Prince of the Woods.7z
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    I'm not sure if this will work with the highly talented KouLeifoh's High Poly Conversion. I gathered these files from various sources LL and nexus but I edited them a bit using the Havok modifier that comes as a separate download for HDT physics. What the attached file contains: XML files + Changed Meshes --> These aren't really needed to work but they are supposedly better attached to the XML files.... (so feel free to overwrite these with SAM BBB and XPMSE) So to make these files work you'll need: SKSE SAM SAM HDT BBB XPMSE Use add item menu to add to your inventory or the chosen bottom's inventory the "HDT bottom or Havok bottom" item. These Havok objects take up slot 48 but it can be changed and the effects will still run What I'm hoping is that Mr.KLeifoh and others would take this over and see if they can modify the XML files to bet better compatible and achieve the belly node distension that is present for females. So how does this do what it does: Well it makes the collision appear by changing he havok XML that acts on the body in this case it's the male body using the physics made for females. It is a very sensitive setting! SAM HDT Collision.7z
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    I altered my Character's leg proportions (Pevis or Thigh sliders), My character's Z axis got too low. how to fix it?
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    Version 2.2


    Release Note for v 2.1a+ : Now this package does no longer requires the default vanilla Skyrim refit (in SAM's Download file section) for some torso refits. Together with rhavik's SAM - Vanilla Armor Refit (LE/ SE), my three refit packages (with the optional Briarheart conversion) should now cover the entire vanilla armor/ clothes refit, and should be compatible also with the latest Racemenu SE as well as SKSE64 without any manual conversion. [Note for v 2.1a's optional package]: Thanks for the bug report from @Alarik, i've learned that the talented Briarheart SAM conversion by @Jamesalexian unfortunately works only with USLEEP that fundamentally alters the handling of the Briarheart naked skin, only in Skyrim LE as well. He also helped me with the repeated experiments of the tweaked meshes especially in Skyrim SE. What I did to the original conversion is only three minor tweaks: cleans the additinal extra skeleton nodes up, making the meshes compatible with SAM default skeleton as well. builds the briarheart meshes for non-USLEEP (USSEP) users converts LE meshes to SE (and arranged directory structure in accordance with USSEP). So, please choose the correct one for your Skyrim (LE/ SE, with USLEEP (USSEP) or without USLEEP (USSEP)) among four download options, and if you like it, please take a visit at @Jamesalexian's original download page and endorse it! +++ Some clippings in the backside especially while crouching, but No neck seam anymore. The hugh drawbacks of SAM for mine has been the lack of the full compatible vanilla CLOTHES (not armors) for long, even with the default vanilla outfit refits in SAM's download section. Once we go into the settlement and talk with some (male) vendors, we cannot but notice the neck seam of the blacksmith as well as magically slim cloth hiding the pot belly of the middle age trader soon. College professors (at least in my poor laptop) tend to accompany some floating bodies with their robes. I cannot put up with them anymore. This package is meant as a temporal hotfix for this matter until anyone more skillful will work with this problem: I cannot claim the quality of the meshes even as mediocore (just a quick and dirty conforming work by Outfitstudio), but at least they are compatible with SAM's Samson and Samson sliders (from ca. -20 to +80) and no noticeable visual glitch like the neck seam, I hope. Although I only play Skyrim in LE, I also prepared the SE package by SSE NIF optimizer (not tested in the game by myself). If you find any problem for this package, please also notice to me. How to use: Overwrite the default vanilla outfits with the meshes from this package. v 1.1.0+: Updated as well as the earlier meshes are all included in the latest package. Overwrite the default mesh with them, too. (You don't have to download all the versions I've uploaded. Only the latest one will suffice). What is currently NOT covered (v 2.2): Sheogorath (not obtainable in the vanilla game) Nocturnal; Psijic (not obtainable in the vanilla game/ boots is not weight slider-supported, if I remember correctly) Except for these few exceptions, now all the vanilla [Clothing] equipments can be compatible with SAM (complements each other with rhavik's Vanilla Armors). To be Done: To deal with the imminent bugs (and bad clipping) within this package. To restore InvMarker in the worked meshes, though I don't know their significance for the mesh (only something with inventory model)/ Credits (in addition to Vector and Bethesda): USLEEP team: for updated meshes for some clothes like Magejourneyman and Barkeepers jorrob96 for his tutorial for refitting: Forum on the importance of set 'CT_Mutable' flag: /u/Hump_my_face at /r/skyrimmods/: for checking and fixing the problematic wristguard mesh to be handled with OS. @Jamesalexian for the original SAM converted mesh of Briarheart naked skin. @Alarik for the bug reports of the Briarheart skin as well as tester of updated Briarheart skin both in LE and in SE. Permissions: Do what do you would like to (preferably with credit).
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    Because I messed up the file name. This new one should not have that issue. SAM - Armor.7z