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    Version 2.0.1


    Shrouded Armor for SAM This is a refit of RefurbMadness's Dark Brotherhood armor. No, you do not need the original to use this. No, this does not cover all of the armors in Refurb's set, only the Shrouded Armor. This is a replacer for "Shrouded Armor." It is not exactly the same as the Refurb's; I did not keep the harness and I chose not to use their boots. So make sure you have some other refit for shrouded boots. (If you have SAM, you probably already do) They are using the high poly, hdt body. If you don't have that and its requirements installed then I don't know what will happen. They will use whatever textures you're using. First two screenshots are shown with a retexture (dark brotherhood HD retexture), last is vanilla texture. Two Versions: V1 has shorts, V2 has underwear, that's it. There are versions for both LE and SE. I tested all versions for a short while, but let me know if there are any major issues. Expect some imperfections though. Credits: RefurbMadness for their lovely work on the meshes. KouLeifoh for High Poly and HDT/SMP assets VectorPlexus & etc for SAM
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    Version 3.0.0


    BadDog's Skimpy Monk Robes converted for SAM This is a skimpy replacer for the game's monk robes. It also replaces the other robes that have the same mesh: Blue and Black mage robes, Necromancer Robes, Warlock Robes, and Vaermina Robes. There have been a few skimpified versions of these over the years, but my all time favorite are these ones, made by BadDog over on LoversLab. All I've done is convert them to SAM. You do not require the original file to use these. Details There are two versions, one is exposed and the other has underwear Both versions available for LE or SE. The LE version is available for both SAM Full and SAM Light The SE version is available for SAM Light It uses KouLeifoh's high poly HDT/SMP meshes. I don't know what's going to happen if you don't have HDT or SMP installed, but feel free to find out This is suitable for all weights, but at higher combined values of Samson/Samuel, you will begin to notice some clipping on the chest during crouching or extreme animations/poses. I cannot do much about this, because vanilla meshes are very low poly. They will use whatever texture you have installed. Screenshots were taken using Noble Skyrim textures. About CUT and UNCUT versions: There are two different revealing versions for SAM Light: Cut and Uncut Know that if you install cut version, you can't add foreskin at all, even in racemenu. If you install uncut version, you can toggle foreskin on and off in racemenu. Because of this I would pretty much recommend uncut version to anyone over the cut version since it allows you options. Blah Blah Blah: I tested everything for a little while, but it's hard to fully test so many versions. If you run into a major problem then let me know. Credits BadDog for the original meshes KouLeifoh - HDT/High Poly assets VectorpLexus & etc. - SAM
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    Fur test. The normal maps I created turned out better than I had expected.
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    Version 1.0.1


    This is my second Schlong of Skyrim patched for SAM Light. I already delete the old one because this one much better and almost perfect. Thank you so much for bro Vector and bro Kouleifoh for their efforts made our skyrim males world so exciting. This mod made based on latest bro Kouleifoh High Poly. Including High Poly genitals for our beloved SAM. I already tried this mod almost for every scenes, npc, and some extreme morph. What you need to know, this SOS sytem mostly fine for player and follower that using vanilla system. Some mod such males of skyrim or other follower need adjustment. But it's not my burden to patch every mod out there. I only make sure our character and npc from Skyrim working well. Sexlab working very well as you can see in my Incubus screenshoots. This SOS mod genitals will use our males body textures just like SAM Light. Khajit, argonian all adjusted. Now, if you use SAM Morph from Racemenu ( self or target ), you can use samson, samuel and ect. But sometimes you need to switch Enable Scaling on and off to make sure everything ok. You only need to do that IF....you use morph on NPC. If you just play normal without change every npc out there with custom moprh, then you can ignore this. LOAD ORDER : - SAM Light - SAM High Poly Conversion ( nude or underwear not matter because you only need hand, feet and the rest.) - Schlong of SAM Light ( This mod ) - SAM Light Skin add on ( If you use this ) - XPMSE Skeleton ( Never ever overwrite this skeleton. Only one mod can overwrite this mod. More Nasty Critters. If you use that mod..put that after this skeleton or you will experience CTD ). For genitals, SOS Regular means Uncut. SOS Muscular means Cut version. Underwear automatically use SAM underwear with enhanced textures from me. I remaster the textures to 2k and sharper. If i see error in my game i will update this mod automatically. Don't report problem because conflict with other mod or something. Like i said before, other mod not my concern. I only make sure our character and all NPC from default game working well including common mod such Sexlab, and armor. Custom follower that use custom body and skin not my problem. Besides word problem kind common in skyrim. So if you use specific custom mod for your own game and conflict, you must solve it yourself. I only fix problem that happen in my game. I always select my mod carefully especially scripted one. I don't want ruin my game. This sos mod adjusted like default sos. Any mod compatible with SOS will work well. Enjoy then. HDT PATCH LOAD ORDER : - SAM Light - SAM High Poly Conversion ( nude or underwear not matter because you only need hand, feet and the rest.) - SAM HDT ( Pick whatever body and choose your bounce ) - Schlong of SAM Light ( REPLACE MALEBODY and TRI files with HDT PATCH MANUALLY ) - SAM Light Skin add on ( If you use this ) - XPMSE Skeleton ( Never ever overwrite this skeleton. Only one mod can overwrite this mod. More Nasty Critters. If you use that mod..put that after this skeleton or you will experience CTD ). Do Not Reupload this mod on any website. This mod only for Vectorplexus website.
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    I am not using realistic force because of conflicts that cause CTD
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    SAM core - SAM Racemenu Sliders - XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended
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    You'll have to modify the toenail mesh itself for something like that since it's not flat.
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    Eventually. Textures can be modified to make the transition seamless, but without weight slider support, it'll only look good for one weight.
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    Thanks for your uploading textures? My lovely follower Odr can get nice pubes.
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    Sure do. All credit goes to @Hymnaru for creating the textures I simply edited them. MaleBody_1.dds malegenitals_1.dds malehands_1.dds
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    Eventually. I've been experimenting with trying to smooth the weights for the bounce, but the results weren't that great. I did manage to add thigh jiggles though (SMP only).
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    Thank you so much for updating the underwear version for high poly SE. Love it!
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    Are you using the blacksmith's apron, or similar clothing? If so, this should help:
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