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    Just found out that i wont last in skyrim lmao 🤣. So im preparing a big surprise for Fallout 4, stay tuned 👀
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    Version 1.0.0


    Credit to Ava Follower from Hangakin : https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/59053/? I send pm couple times and he never reply. Since this file already old and not available for SE, i guess some of our members love this follower too. Well this is Ava for SAM and i already patch everything including face and skin. Ava will use default body but the skin custom ( patched ) from me. Of course he nude now just like sam. You can find him in bannered mare. Incase someday Hangakin reply and ask me to remove this file, i will remove it. But for now you can enjoy this rare follower for SAM. Of course since i use bro Kouleifoh skin, credit to him for the skin too.
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    Version 1.0.0


    First, thank you so much and credit to Letho0036 for Official permission to use Dizona face textures for this mod. Original mod from Nexus here : https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/97077?tab=description You need SAM Light Texture Add-on 1.1 ( bro Kouleifoh mod ). Now....this face mod not just ordinary face mod. I utilized full face mod from dizona optional face. Short word, Different race will have different Face diffuse, Normal map, Specular, and different Vampire face. You will not have same face anymore. Breton will have different face, Imperial use different face too. And for Vampire face, each race use different vampire's face too. For bonus, i made Elder race use this dizona face too including Elder Vampire. I include Skysight elder body from bro Y_Sengaku ( Credit to him ) and combined it with my customized stuff for elder. The elder use HD skysight face too. So you have total HD Elder now for SAM Light. The Esp flagged as Esl so this considered free slot. You can cuztomize the textures in folder or replace it to suit your taste. Say you want use original SAM Light nord face, just replace it in folder. Explore the folder to understand this. Face and specular in 2k compressed, normal map in 2k Uncompressed to get full quality. Enjoy then.
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    View File SV Beards for KouLeifoh's High Poly Head SV Beards for KouLeifoh's High Poly Head This is a conversion of shadowtigers's mod, SV Beards for compatibility with KouLeifoh's High Poly Head SV Beards adds over 100 facial hairs, created by combining multiple vanilla facial hairs together. There are no new meshes and they will use whatever textures you have installed for vanilla facial hair. This mod adds the exact same facial hairs which SV Beards does, but these are suitable for use with KouLeifoh's High Poly Head. There are versions for both LE and SE. Requirements: None, but if you don't have KouLeifoh's High Poly Head installed, then this mod is pointless and the facial hairs will be invisible. The original SV Beards is not required, but you can have both installed at the same time if you want. Credits: shadowtiger - SVBeards KouLeifoh - High Poly Head Submitter air Submitted 12/29/2019 Category The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition compatible Yes  
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    Yes, the equippable schlong mod page has a file named "Schlong Controller" which is a ring you can equip to gain that functionality. It works with SAM. You don't need the equippable schlong itself or any other files from the page.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Pure Visual - VFX-Based Slot-Free Genitals This was made originally for Vectors male Atronach/Spriggan since I wanted them to be fully male, so explored ways to do it without needing human bones. This was the solution, a VFX approach to have manhood that does not use Slot 52 or any slot for that matter. This one is tailored for human use and can be adapted as a flaccid addition to custom gear or other purposes. Tweaking beforehand is suggested as VFX behave differently such as textures dont swap, etc, so best to treat this as a resource first and playable-as-is second This gets auto granted and adorned EZ no hassle. While worn press up or down to bend The Juggernaut has been put on backburner since I dont usually release betas and was reminded why :-P so reusing this page for any smaller resource type mods I put up
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    I was planning to make a guide for my character's look once the newest BT Version drops also it was request by @asuma55555. Also i want to take the opportunity to invite you to share your own setup for fallout 4! For bodytalk or not, if you think ppl would like just do it! I think we can make a nice library of hot men with this. Link now in nexusmods to make it easier for me to update when needed https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/40415
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    Love this Top a lot....thanks Ulberth My Companion Jarvis
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