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    Version 1.6


    Add HDT butt, breast, and belly bounce physics to SAM's body mesh with this mod. Features supports HDT Physics Extensions (PE) for LE and Skinned Mesh Physics (SMP) for SE butt, breast, belly bounce scrotum bounce (optional for PE) thigh jiggles full body collisions (not extensively tested) Requirements SAM or SAM Light HDT-PE (LE only) or HDT-SMP (SE only) XPMSE (LE, SE) or my modified SAM skeleton *game will crash if an unsupported or vanilla skeleton is used Installation If using a mod manager, just follow the installer. Manual Installation _LE (PE) or _SE (SMP) - base SAM body 01 - PE or SMP config 02 - modified SAM skeleton (optional) My modified SAM skeleton includes the butt, breasts, belly, and front/rear thigh nodes as well as the changes from Realistic Ragdolls and Force. Credits HydrogensaysHDT for PE/SMP Vector for the creation of Shape Atlas for Men
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    I loved this refit very much, I would be very happy with a LE version
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    I will release some muscle map but only for sam light. Because i can't make patch for old sam version. Too much normal map.
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    Sigh. I'm not part of any elite group nor am I in contact with one. The kids these days love drama, but this false accusation needs to stop. I have a graduate degree in programming and a long history with hacking dating back to the game boy days. I left the "scene" after my assembly hacks for ps3 games were stolen and then sold as part of a cheat device. This will be my last response to such nonsense. It was easier when I was a nobody lurking the old Hall of Torque forums and doing some odd requests to make a few people happy.
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    View File Wasteland Dairy - Atomic Muscle Patch opparco for the Oppai Milk Pasties models and textures Invictusblade for the original Wasteland Dairy mod =========================================================================================================================== =========================================================================================================================== =========================================================================================================================== Wasteland Dairy is a mod that lets you turn your settlement into a farm, so you can have your human settlers to produce milk and semen that can be used for other products. =========================================================================================================================== =========================================================================================================================== =========================================================================================================================== 🌑 All the devices are craftable in a special workbench called Wasteland Dairy. You can find it under the Crafting category of your settlement Worshop. 🌑 Each device will produce something, like semen or milk (called breast milk). You can use them as ingestible to restore health or to feed yourself if you are playing on Survival mode. It can also be used as ingredient for other products like infused breast milk with buffout. 🌑 Each device is modifiable in Armor Workbench, so you can have different devices from the Cum Machine and Milk Machine, such as Milk Pasties, Cum Needles, Milk Needles, Milk Bottles, Cum Beaker, Cum Test Tube, Cum Condoms and etc. 🌑 The Milk Machine and its modification will use the Torso slot as the Cum Machine will use the Ring slot 🌑 Comes with prebuilt meshes with 0 sliders (NO NEED TO BUILD IN BODYSLIDE, JUST CUSTOMIZE IN LOOKSMENU) refer to the original mod page for more information about the mod and its features. =========================================================================================================================== =========================================================================================================================== =========================================================================================================================== 🌑 Atomic Muscle and Its Requirements : 🌑 original Oppai Milk Pasties mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/40562 🌑 original Wasteland Dairy mod: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/11631-wasteland-dairy/ =========================================================================================================================== =========================================================================================================================== =========================================================================================================================== Just install with your mod manager like any other regular mod. You want to make this file load after both Oppai Milk Pasties and Wasteland Dairy mods, because it needs to overwrite the models and plugins. So you'd load like this: =========================================================================================================================== =========================================================================================================================== =========================================================================================================================== During FOMOD installation you'll be given an option to install the bodyslide files. Those are meant for modders only to be used on any projects they may have, as i believe regular users shouldnt have to go through bodyslide just to have an outfit functioning. 🌑 The bodyslide projects will be named as the following in your Body/Outfit dropdown menu: ANOTHER VERY IMPORTANT THING: All the bodyslide projects, were added to a slider group, its called Atomic Muscle in bodyslide. You can directly DOWNLOAD HERE: https://github.com/ulfbearth/Atomic-Muscle-Slider-Group/archive/master.zip If you want to add your outfits to the sliderGroup yourself, you can create a pull request here: https://github.com/ulfbearth/Atomic-Muscle-Slider-Group/tree/dev/Tools/BodySlide/SliderGroups Or, if you dont know how to use Github, just send the XML to me and i'll upload it with the changes. =========================================================================================================================== Follow me in the | Twitter | if you want to get notified in real time when i publish new refits for Fallout 4 Join me in my | Private Club | for non public releases Join us in the Bearhood of Steel | Discord | NSFW Gay oriented server. Get in to be update with my stuff and to share yours too. A place for men who enjoy men. Follow this | File | if you want to be aware of new updates! Let me know if you have any questions, feedback, requests or suggestions. Submitter Ulfberth Submitted 02/16/2020 Category Fallout 4  
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    Succubus patch WIP : starting to look hotter than I hoped
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    I think the transformation is totally possible. What I need the most is : time. And it's soon valentine's weekend so I'll be a bit..... Busy. Hands full. I'll try to arrange something and you'll just have to replace the meshes and textures with the ones you wish. Just don't know when I'll be done. I don't think they hate men, they just don't care. And don' t want to look gay. It's their greatest fear...
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    Version 1.5


    This is a high poly conversion of SAM meshes. The resulting meshes are smooth and contain around 4x the amount of vertices while still being usable for general gameplay. It started out as something for my own personal use, but I decided to share it with everyone. Compatible with SAM and SAM Light for both LE and SE. High Poly Body Mesh high poly body for both SAM and SAM Light variants underwear was given high poly treatment there are some minor sharp edges on certain poses due to weights if you're on a low end system and worried about performance, stick with the default body mesh High Poly Genital Mesh new high poly genitals for both SAM and SAM Light smoother edges are noticeable when zoomed in High Poly Hand Mesh high poly hands for playable human and beast races new mesh is based on the vanilla HandMaleBig mesh optional fingernail mesh to enhance details hand mesh v2 requires manual texture editing for fingernail textures High Poly Feet Mesh symmetrical feet meshes (original mesh had a smaller right foot) optional toenail mesh to enhance details even further feet mesh v2 requires manual texture editing for toenail textures High Poly Tail Mesh new high poly tail meshes for Argonian and Khajiit races vertex weights smoothed to look less blocky during movement Refits full vanilla refits made specifically for high poly SAM minor clipping may occur during movement currently does not include: briarheart body mesh or USLEEP/USSEP changes Fingernail/Toenail Mesh Texture v1 mesh uses a separate texture for the fingernails/toenails. Color won't change, but certain skin tones might make the nails look out of place. v2 mesh requires the fingernail/toenail textures to be on the same texture as the hand/body. This allows the use of the skin shader to change the color of the nails to match skin tone. Use the provided texture resources to copy and paste the fingernails into the hand textures and the toenails into the body textures. Installation If using a mod manager, just follow the installer. Manual Installation 00 and 01 - high poly body + genital meshes, select between SAM or SAM Light (cut or uncut) 02 - hand mesh, select between high poly hand with or without fingernail meshes 03 - feet mesh, select between high poly feet with or without toenail meshes 04 - high poly tail meshes for Argonian and Khajiit 05 - refits, each subfolder covers a specific armor part (body, hand, feet), base folder covers all armor that does not include skin Credit goes to Vector for the creation of Shape Atlas for Men.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This file converts the armor/body used by the briarhearts to a SAM based body/armor. Hopefully this makes the briarhearts less unpleasant to look at. Do whatever you like with this. Modify it to your heart's content. Give it to whomever you please. If you think you can do any of it better than I did, please do.
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    It's a compatibility issue with [BSReadWriteLock] if you have it enabled. What I suggest to do is use the original settings for Engine Fixes and see if it RaceMenu still locks up.
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