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    Lusty fox demon with 4k detailed retextured Inari tails and ears. Hdt smp.
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    @MaleLover uploaded the wrong file sorry lmao. Now fixed! I did a batch update for all outfits so let me know if i did wrong with any other outfit aswell.
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    So a wish is about to be very immersively granted on a magical HDT imbued bed. That much we know.... And apparently so magical your legs can phase through your arms. blah dammit But one could wonder... who made the wish? Could it be... the chubby Fel Orc dude that everyone in Azeroth, and I think safe to say everyone not just in Azeroth hates? lol Could it be... a certain famous Blue Kat... and that stare man IDK... pretty guilty looking there. But OTOH that could have been part of the wish Or could it be a third possibility? Genie-Zeem himself... Engaging in some deeply forbidden self-gratification Questions questions
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