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  1. 3 points
    Along the same spirit, I tweaked my Leon preset for EFM along with a custom ear morph. He ended up looking a bit younger due to jaw shape.
  2. 2 points
    I've been trying to refit some amazing bikini armors. Now I have to choose between HDT or Non-HDT
  3. 1 point

    Version 3.0.0


    More nimble and athletic than the sorcerer, and better suited for spell-casting than the knight, their attacks are unpredictable. Spellswords are spellcasting specialists trained to support Imperial troops in skirmish and in battle. Veteran spellswords are prized as mercenaries, and well-suited for careers as adventurers and soldiers-of-fortune. If you don't read description below, I will not answer your question. Description : A set of craft-able modular armor pieces, tailored to Men and Mer of Tamriel who pursues the study of both sword and magic. Comprised of layered leather plates and scholarly capelet and half-sleeves, the armor was designed to represent both the melee and magic side of a spellsword. Enchanted swords are almost always part of a spellsword's arsenal, the garb also equipped with spare soulgems for quick magical replenishment on their weapons. The armor consists of : Capelet [Slot 56] A pair of cuisses [Slot 53] Right-hand Pauldron [Slot 57] Left-hand Sleeve [Slot 34 & 58] Gloves [Slot 33, Hands/Gloves] Tassets [Slot 49] Shorts or thong, take your pick. [Slot 32 Body Armor] Shoes [Slot 37, Feet/Shoes] Hairpin [Slot 42 Circlet] Might clip with hairstyles with thicker volumes, but eh, all hairpin does. You need to have Glass-related Smithing perks to be able to craft them. Wearing the full set should give you an armor rating comparable to a full set of Glass Armor. Weapons in the screenshots are from Immersive Weapons by hothtrooper44 on Nexus Mods. Requirements : HDT BBB Bounce by KouLeiFoh. This armor has HDT applied. No support will be given to users who install this armor without HDT BBB Bounce. Schlong of SAM Light by SavrenX. No support will be given to users with no SOS patch. I can't guarantee the armor will successfully hide the penis without it. Installation : Install normally with your preferred mod manager. I personally use MO2. Permission : If anyone wanted to convert, derive, modify; all I ask is that you share it with other people here also for everyone's benefit 😃 Conversion to LE : Don't know. Sorry. Provided by @ljtysunsky ! Thank you Known Issues : My ENB is ultra bright, so the textures might look a tad bit darker without any ENB. The soulgems are squeezed when you crouch and sorta bounce coz of HDT. Don't know any other way around that. Slide to my DMs if you have any ideas how to. Major props to @AOF for fixing the jiggling Soulgems. Thank you so much! Gloves somewhat clip. Curse them finger bones! However, they shouldn't be too noticeable. Clipping is expected at this point due to how Skyrim skeleton works. Do tell me if something bug your nerves out and I juuust might be able to smoothen it up. If you found any errors, glitches, and/or clipping issues, please notify me and I'll fix them. Credits : Props to SavrenX for teaching me how to make ground meshes. Kudos to InoOnew88 for assisting me throughout the design process. Footnotes : Buy me a coffee, if you feeling generous. ko-fi.com/kreiste or paypal.me/ChristopherKho My creations will always remain free and would never be locked behind paywall.
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    Version 1.0.1


    I made some adjustments to the Render textures for SAM Light. Requirements: SAM Light 1.3 Body Hair Full Bear Credits: @ Render @ Don @ Vector
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    Version 1.0.5


    This is a RaceMenu plugin that adds SAM morphs without using any of SAM's scripts. It's mainly intended to add SAM morphing features to SE, but a version for Oldrim is also provided. Using armor refits for SAM is highly recommended. For SE users, the refits must be converted to SE format using NIF Optimizer. RaceMenu SE 0.2.4+ requires .tri morphs to be using the newer format exported by Outfit Studio. Main Features Body Morphs for different body types Texture selection for custom textures Body hair overlays for extra body hair control BodyGen Morphs for diverse body types on all male NPC's based on class (optional) Body Morphs Samson/Samuel morphs with a toggle for skeleton scaling Genital morphs based on SAM genital bones scaling formula Foreskin morph to toggle foreskin Individual bone scaling used in Samson/Samuel morphs for finer tuning Genital skeleton scaling for compatiblity with genital accessories Texture Selection (SAM Light only, textures not included) Swap to different diffuse, normal, and specular maps for the body, hands, and feet* Requires refits with body parts correctly named for SAM (SAMBody, SAMHands, SAMFeet, SAMGenitals, SAMForeskin) Textures follow the naming convention BaseName_xx.dds (diffuse), BaseName_xx_msn.dds (normal), BaseName_xx_s.dds (specular) where xx ranges from 01 to 10 For example, base texture malebody_1.dds would be named malebody_01.dds, malebody_02.dds, malebody_03.dds, etc. Feet textures have the BaseName of MaleFeet (default races), ArgonianMaleFeet (Argonian), and FeetMale (Khajiit) *feet uses body texture by default Usage Three custom spells are automatically added under Powers. SAM Morphs (Self)* Opens a minimal version of RaceMenu on the player character SAM Morphs (Target)* Opens a minimal version of RaceMenu on the target character SAM Textures Config Configures setting for feet texture mode and resets texture overrides *requires UIExtensions Requirements SKSE / SKSE64 RaceMenu (Oldrim, SE) SAM Light* UIExtensions** (Oldrim, SE) *not required, but SAM assets are required in some type of setup (like SOS). SAM scripts/.esp/.dll are not used. **only required for editing morphs on NPC's Manual Installation 00 Textures for overlays 01 Base mod for either Oldrim or SE 02 BodyGen morphs (1 for basic setup, 2 for overrides from other mods) (optional) 03 Genital Morphs if not using SAM Light (optional) Notes Foreskin morph requires SAM Light "un-cut" option during installation. BodyGen for RaceMenu SE can make the game unstable based on individual setups. BodyGen morphs are saved in the SKSE co-save alongside the game save. NetImmerse Override Cleaner can be used to remove the morph data in Oldrim saves. I'm not aware of any equivalent tool for SE. Body hair overlay only applies to the main body mesh, not the genitals. This is due to how the overlay system was designed. RaceMenu for NPC's will show them in a T-pose during slider changes. This is intentional and required when updating skeleton scaling since the game is paused. NPC will resume animations once the menu is closed. Genital morphs don't use genital skeleton scaling and are intended for BodyGen randomization. If used alongside the full SAM, the morphs and scaling are not synchronized and will add on top of each other. Credits expired6978 for RaceMenu and UIExtensions Vector for the creation of Shape Atlas for Men
  6. 1 point
    As you know, I've been adjusting the skin textures for over a year now. During that time, I redid the normal maps and inverted the skin spores to make them look less like goosebumps. The specular maps still need a bit of work done.
  7. 1 point
    Preset template like what ? like this ? Bochu mostly bit femboy. Bochu means Girlish. For Cute and handsome type males but still manly, you will go with YGNord from ece not bochu. Ygnord mostly like this one :
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  9. 1 point
  10. 1 point
    Let me help with your Post problem...
  11. 1 point
    Excelent ! Thank you @ Don ! My Bochu Rhyan
  12. 1 point
  13. 1 point
    FINALLY the coveted 1.3 update with Vampire Lord fix. I've been waiting on this for months. Thank you for keeping this mod updated, I very appreciate it. Now my vampire has a high poly head to match with her high poly body.
  14. 1 point
  15. 1 point
    @iLike3utt$its a fo76 conversion. You can get in my private club:
  16. 1 point
    You need to copy nistringextradata from an original armor and paste to your refit nif file in the ShapeData folder.
  17. 1 point
    I've been wanting to attempt to recreate my character on a game called phantasy star online 2 but in skyrim, and this mod made it heck of a lot easier to make it closer to the character on it. I still need to work on it but at least I get to make twink kinda boys on it. I have so much to learn about character making.. I'm still pretty nooby at this game but maybe I'll get better eventually. Thank you so much Don for the Bochu race patch it's really nice
  18. 1 point
    This took forever, but I finally finished altering the textures for the Lykaios race to make it have a fox coat pattern (the head mesh is a preset created by xSkulleh) and made a new character: Valen Todd. He's a petty thief turned tomb raider/mercenary. And some nudes below...
  19. 1 point
    This mod is just an absolute blessing. Impressive total piece of fine art! The last version (v1.3 on 07/30/20) allows even compatibility to Expressive Facegen Morphs... it's just crazy good. Coupled with SAM/3BA, good skins, and so on... it's incedible. Your work deserves to be EVEN more known. For every people involved in this, KouLeiFoh, Niroku, and every others that I'm not aware of : Kisses! Many mannnnnyyy kisses!
  20. 1 point

    Version 1.3


    This is a modified version of SAM that removes dependencies on scripts and .esp to allow the genitals to show when fully nude by resizing and placing the genital texture on the body texture layout. As a result, body morphs are not supported. It's a basic body replacer along the same lines as Better Males and SOS Light. Compatible with classic Skyrim and Special Edition. This mod is not an official release of SAM. Therefore, if you encounter any issues with it, please do not contact Vector about them. Difference between full SAM Lightweight due to no scripts or .esp used No body morphs* No dynamic body type and genital adjustments No dynamic body texture options Revealing armor with "SAMRevealing" node not supported Werewolf and Vampire Lord not supported *morph functionality can be added with SAM Morphs for RaceMenu Installation If using a mod manager, just follow the installer. Manual installation 00 and 01 are required for core functionality. 02 Genital Option - Select between Cut, Uncut, or Underwear (non-nude) version 03 Human Body Texture - Select one body texture for human races 04 Khajiit Body Texture - Select one body texture for Khajiit race Custom Textures If you'd like to use your own body textures, use the layout template to resize and align the genital correctly. Base texture 2k, resize genital texture to 256x256 Base texture 4k, resize genital texture to 512x512 Align genital texture in the green box, create selection mask with the green color, and delete the selection. Due to genital texture resizing, minor texture seams may be visible. Regarding Refits Armor refits are not required for basic functionality. They're only needed if you use SAM Morphs for RaceMenu and want the morph features. Credit goes to Vector for the creation of Shape Atlas for Men.
  21. 1 point
    Something mostly SFW from me for a change Hunter and his newly acquired little Elf friend; Palsis. The Elf really wanted to go mushroom picking so the big boy was dragged along, much to his bemusement. After an hour or so the spores began to have an effect on the big man's mind:
  22. 1 point
    Prince Arlo and his bodyguard; Devran Dark.
  23. 1 point
    Thank you for this wonderful mod. This really brought my characters to the next level!
  24. 1 point
    Truly awesome work! I thought I made pretty decent presets before, but OMG! This takes them to another level. Thanks so much for your hard work creating this for us, really appreciate it! I also found a helpful Youtube video showing you how to convert your existing presets that originally used the vanilla head mesh, over to use the high poly version instead. So credit to them for helping me move over some of my older presets: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sL9_MZWxbC4 This is the first preset made from scratch that I have created using your amazing mod:
  25. 1 point

    Version 1.0


    Bath towels for SAM ported from The Witcher 3. These towels are meant to be used on a nude/underwear SAM body. Available for both LE and SE. Towels Acquisition Bath towels can be freely crafted from any tanning rack. Known Issues some clipping during movement and certain animations towels do not scale with genitals (large genitals will clip through towels) towels will clip through physics-enabled bodies Credits to CD Projekt for The Witcher 3
  26. 1 point
    I mean.. ? I already started working on something like that just recently. It works purely from RaceMenu without the use of event listeners on NPC's. The texture paths are currently hardcoded, and I need to move them to the .esp to make it easier for users to edit without touching the scripts. The goal is to have a framework where different body textures (diffuse/normal/specular) can be assigned for more variety. It's still in early development and I don't even have racial checks yet. This screenshot is a proof of concept that will be expanded upon later. This will be for SAM Light only since SAM already uses scripts for texture overrides.
  27. 1 point
    I'm switching to sam light just because of this. Though I will keep coming back to check if you ever find time to make a SAM full version
  28. 1 point
    It's almost embarrassing that it took me this long to learn how to properly add texture details to (model space) normal maps. Skin doesn't look so flat anymore. Although, under direct lighting, it tends to look a bit rough. Skin textures are custom made and I redid the normal maps. For a fair comparison, I switched to using SAM diffuse textures along with my custom normal + specular + subsurface maps. Aside from skin tone, they don't look that different. Ignore the texture baking errors. The normal maps aren't finished yet, but once they are, I'll make them available as a texture addon to SAM Light.
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