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    While working on the next update to my high poly head mod, I got sidetracked and ended up redoing my head textures. I used the EFM racial head morphs and baked some clean normal maps to use as a base while layering them with the vanilla normal maps (cleaned up in Photoshop) to keep the original vanilla look on NPC's. The skin pores look a bit rough under certain lighting and need some adjustments later.
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    Version 1.4


    High poly heads for all playable vanilla races based on the vanilla head meshes (male and female). A simple name for a not-so-simple mod. Available for both LE and SE. Features smooth high poly male and female heads complementary high poly brows, beards, scars, and hair to fit new head shape includes morphs for RaceMenu's extended sliders compatible with vanilla-based head textures compatible with existing presets for the vanilla male/female head meshes (excluding sculpt data) Requirements RaceMenu (LE, SE) Expressive Facegen Morphs (LE, SE) [optional] Expressive Facial Animation Male Edition (LE, SE) [optional] Expressive Facial Animation Female Edition (LE, SE) [optional] Installation Use a mod manager to install the original .zip file and follow the install script for easy installation. Do not manually extract anything. Manual Installation 00 - Base mod (required) 01 - Loose files needed for FaceGen creation in the Creation Kit (optional) 02 - no Dawnguard DLC (optional) 03 - vampire head fix (optional) 04 - remove sunken vampire face morphs (optional) 05 - symmetrical eye sockets (female) (optional) 06 - adds Aesthetic Elves (optional) 07 - adds Expressive Facegen Morphs (optional) 08 - adds Expressive Facial Animation Male edition (optional) 09 - adds Expressive Facial Animation Female edition (optional) 10 - adds high poly vanilla hair as optional replacers (optional) Usage For the player character Use the Face Part slider in RaceMenu to switch to the high poly head. If the head turns dark, change the player weight to force the skin shader to update. Don't forget to also change the vanilla brows/beard/scars to the included high poly versions. For NPC/follower mods Add this mod as a master and then swap the vanilla head parts with the high poly version Generate new FaceGen data (Ctrl + F4) in the Creation Kit. This method does not work for sculpted head meshes. Known Issues minor clipping with certain vanilla hair meshes eyes/scars appear darker than vanilla in SE. can be fixed by changing player weight. changing to vampire race will reset the high poly head back to vanilla eye mesh may have flickering/rendering issue after switching to high poly head. can be fixed by closing RaceMenu and opening it again. Modder Resource (xEdit Scripts) Skyrim - KL Filter Race.pas Filters NPC records based on races supported. Skyrim - KL Swap Headparts.pas Swaps vanilla head part records for their high poly versions. Custom head parts are not supported. Requires High Poly Head.esm to be loaded into xEdit. Skyrim - KL Copy NPC Protected Status.pas Copies NPC Protected status found on all plugins currently loaded (eg. NPCs Protected Redux.esp) Tools Used 3DS Max Nifskope Animation Tools N2 Permissions You may use this mod for your NPC/follower mods that will be shared with others. For clarification, these NPC/follower mods may be uploaded to other sites. You may add extra RaceMenu morphs. You are not allowed to modify (in part or in whole) and claim it in its entirety as your own. You are not allowed to reupload this mod to other sites. For other usage not mentioned, please ask me first. Credits Niroku for Expressive Facegen Morphs and Expressive Facial Animation tktk1 for Enhanced Character Edit head mesh reference ruddy88 for Aesthetic Elves
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    I can't dowload big files (more tan 200mb) because all end on "Interrupted: Network Error" Help
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    Version 1.1


    this file will change the look of Lucien. will be no neckseam if you are using SAM Light with ' SAM Light Textures add-on you need to install the follower Lucien - fully voiced follower first if you want to try this mod REQUIREMENT Lucien - fully voiced follower How to fix his neck gap(Neck is not matching the body mesh) Lucien orignal weight is '0',but I change his weight to '50', so it would cause the neck gap. You need to use the console to fix it. Open the console , click on Lucien,type '' setnpcweight 50 '' ,enter, then you will see the neckgap fixed but his face become strange. type '' disable '' ,enter, type ''enable'' , enter . Close the console, done credit COtR- HQ Characters creation addon for RM (i made the face base on this head) emo hair for male (hair mesh and textures) Lucien - Fully Voiced Follower (requirement) beard (beard textures) llygaid eye improver (eye normal map) cor-SAM Light patch (head textures patch)
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    I would love for someone to make an LE port of this someday.
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    Version 1.1


    The upper part has SMP physics. Might clip if you don't have that installed. Get it in game with additemmenu. https://www.patreon.com/Kiraxx
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    you are LE user? try my edited esp, use this to overwrite the mainfile COR_AllRace.esp because 'DZ nord' race use 'costom body', so you need to set the 'DZ nord' race to use default body in the esp, try my esp, it will fix the problem
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    Ah cool, thanks for the port.
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