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    Version 1.3


    This is a modified version of SAM that removes dependencies on scripts and .esp to allow the genitals to show when fully nude by resizing and placing the genital texture on the body texture layout. As a result, body morphs are not supported. It's a basic body replacer along the same lines as Better Males and SOS Light. Compatible with classic Skyrim and Special Edition. This mod is not an official release of SAM. Therefore, if you encounter any issues with it, please do not contact Vector about them. Difference between full SAM Lightweight due to no scripts or .esp used No body morphs* No dynamic body type and genital adjustments No dynamic body texture options Revealing armor with "SAMRevealing" node not supported Werewolf and Vampire Lord not supported *morph functionality can be added with SAM Morphs for RaceMenu Installation If using a mod manager, just follow the installer. Manual installation 00 and 01 are required for core functionality. 02 Genital Option - Select between Cut, Uncut, or Underwear (non-nude) version 03 Human Body Texture - Select one body texture for human races 04 Khajiit Body Texture - Select one body texture for Khajiit race Custom Textures If you'd like to use your own body textures, use the layout template to resize and align the genital correctly. Base texture 2k, resize genital texture to 256x256 Base texture 4k, resize genital texture to 512x512 Align genital texture in the green box, create selection mask with the green color, and delete the selection. Due to genital texture resizing, minor texture seams may be visible. Regarding Refits Armor refits are not required for basic functionality. They're only needed if you use SAM Morphs for RaceMenu and want the morph features. Credit goes to Vector for the creation of Shape Atlas for Men.
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    I just built my first gaming PC, and I decided to get Skyrim SE since I was such a big fan of it on the PS3. As a feminine twink myself, I want to make a cute twink character to play as, but lord it's nearly impossible. I got the Fine Face Textures mod, Racemenu, and Schlongs of Skyrim (apparently SAM isn't compatible with SE?), but my character keeps looking old, rugged, and ugly, so I haven't even been able to progress past the character creation screen. Then I look up Skyrim twink, and I come across a video with a very pretty looking twink, and, well, how?! Also, how do people make Lovers Lab work with males? I downloaded it and all the settings were either M/F or F/F... I'm sorry if I sound really stupid, but I kept looking up information, and it's been weirdly hard to find anything, so I'd really like some help, and I think this is the only gay Skyrim adult mod community I've been able to find.
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    Version 1.0.2b


    Adds six craft-able armor sets into the game, based on the classic RPG archetypes of a certain video game. All can be crafted without perk requirements as long as you carry adequate materials. * Due to the many amounts of images, I put all the specifications (and flavor texts) of each armor sets within a spoiler tag. Click them below to open! KouLeiFoh's HDT BBB for SAM Light ousnius' Race Menu High Heels Feel free to edit and modify any files of mine; as long as it's still within VectorPlexus site. If you're willing to convert this mod to LE, please PM me. I will include your conversion to the page. If you like what I do, drop me a like, review, and comments. Additionally, please consider supporting me on Patreon or Ko-Fi! The Bodyslide files for this armor sets are available for download for my Patrons. Special thanks to PoeticAnt44 for their presets that I use to create the guys (except for the Redguard).
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    To answer your first question, yes, in case you missed the huge ass naked male in the banner
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    Ah. Sounds like this site is oriented more toward the M+M population subset? I am...was...100% ignorant on that topic. Thanks for setting me...oh, come on, you knew that was coming!
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    SAM is available for SE. I think there was also a less muscle-y texture somewhere here too (which I am too lazy to find). As far as faces go, it usually just takes time using Racemenu's sculpting (which I apparently don't have the patience for). I actually did find Don's mod that might be what you are interested in:
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    Very nice work. Amazing looking Armors yet again!
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    The non physics version is now working splendidly:) Thanks!
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    Oh captain, my captain. It took me an embarrassingly long time to realize that 3DS Max has a tool to conform one object into another, essentially allowing me to shrinkwrap my high poly head mesh over Cap's head shape without having to learn Blender. Yes, I've been playing a lot of Marvel's Avengers lately.
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    Love this new bikini with the dick print!
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    Version 1.1


    Custom skin textures I created for SAM Light for personal use. It's reached a point where I feel it's ready for everyone else to use. These textures are for human races only. Each texture set is custom made and meant to be used together. Hand and feet textures include fingernails/toenails and are meant to be used with hand/feet meshes from SAM High Poly Conversion. Face textures include high quality ears and no problematic seams commonly found in the back of the head. Requirements SAM Light Diffuse Maps created from various photo references slightly saturated and mainly tailored for Nords skin tone might be off for non-Nord races includes body hair options optional tanline body available in 2k (uncompressed) Normal Maps (_msn) baked from high poly models and blended with skin pores for extra details face maps use vanilla maps as base and blended to remove neck seams available in 4k and 2k (uncompressed) Specular Maps (_s) designed specifically to highlight fine skin pores while not being overly glossy available in 4k and 2k (compresed and uncompressed variants) Subsurface Maps (_sk) effect is subtle in Oldrim but much more noticeable in SE created from diffuse maps available in 1k (compressed and uncompressed variants) Face Complexion Maps custom-made complexion maps rough maps are freckles and age maps are sharper and appear younger than vanilla certain NPC's may look different due to age complexion available in 1k uncompressed (RGB 64:64:64) Installation If using a mod manager, just follow the installer. The quality 4k options are meant for screenarchery, but they're usable for general gameplay if you have a capable system. Manual Installation 00 Diffuse textures in _bodyBase, _hands, _head folders are required choose one body texture from _bodyDefault (normal body) or _bodyTan (tanline body) folders 01 Normal textures in _hands and _head folders are required. choose between 2k body (_body2k) or 4k body (_body4k) optionally install texture in _headCustom folder for custom head texture 02 Specular Quality: pick one body texture from _body2k or _body4k folder, then install all textures in _quality2k folder Performance: install all textures in the _performance2k folder 03 Subsurface Quality: install all textures in the _quality1k folder Performance: install all textures in the _performance1k folder 04 Face Detail optional for custom face complexion maps What about SAM (full)? Due to the vast amount of normal maps used, I decided to only support SAM Light since it uses only one set of normal maps. The other maps can be used for SAM, but some editing is needed if you want the genital textures. Please do not modify and share without my permission. Credit goes to Vector for the creation of Shape Atlas for Men.
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    Version 1.1.1


    One of my favorite followers ever. The original LE version is located here. He's god skills dual-wielding his enchanted swords. He's also a bit of a poet. Most would describe him as mysterious, dangerous with a dash of sensitivity. Shout out to R0uu for making this and giving me permission to take over and share. So I converted it, fixed a bunch of broken texture and mesh links. Then added SAM High Poly body meshes (KouLeifoh), textures (Vector), and muscular body map (Don). This is a WIP as I want to do R0uu's vision for Farys justice and make my own personal modifications. Credits and much appreciation and thanks to: Rouu MeekVoice previously known as Purgey (voice) Vector KouLeifoh Don
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    Version 1.0.0


    Thank you @viwi! Alyosha is a young bartender in Windpeark Inn, Dawnstar. Apparently, he has a Slavic and boyish look. Presented to those who find it hot, with honor! Original file:
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    Version 1.0.0


    I think many of you already use this follower before. The author, Elza left skyrim and closed her data ( From what i read on loverslab ). Still Credit to her because this Severini originally belong to her. This file spreading everywhere like abandoned. But like i said before, credit to her. Incase she contact me someday and want me to remove it, i will. For now just enjoy SAM Severini. I patched the neck and Severini automatically use any sam body. You need SAM Light and SAM Light Add On skin. This Severini compatible with my sos patch too directly. Enjoy then. Find him in The Frozen Hearth of Winterhold.
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    Welcome to the Unofficial SAM User Guide ABOUT THIS GUIDE This is a simple guide intended for new users who are looking for a walkthrough of the basic functions of Shape Atlas for Men by Vectorplexus. It assumes that the user has successfully installed SAM and its components and is now seeking guidance in making use of SAM's main features. DISCLAIMER: I am just a long-term user who was in no way involved in making SAM or any of its assets and has no insight in SAM's coding. As such, some pieces of information might be slightly inaccurate. Corrections and suggestions are always welcome. WHAT IS SAM? SAM is a male body replacer mod for the old 32-bit version of TESV: Skyrim and is meant to replace and go beyond the capabilities of its predecessor, Schlongs of Skyrim (aka SOS). It introduces a wide variety of body forms, also called morphs, that can be assigned directly or randomly to male characters in Skyrim. That way, it's possible that no two male NPCs will look exactly the same. This is achieved by introducing three basic body types: "Normal" - Similar to the vanilla body. Ranges from skinny to, well, normal. "Samson" - Muscular, top heavy body. Wide shoulders, small hips. Adds muscle definition to the body. "Samuel" - Fat, almost pear-shaped body. Narrow shoulders, wide hips. Adds softness to the body. To create a virtually endless amount of body shapes, the Samson and/or Samuel morphs are "injected" into the normal body on a scale from 0 to 100. This will be explained in more detail in the "Actor" section further down below. Furthermore, SAM adds male genitals, lovingly called schlongs, that can be scaled and toggled on and off in-game, 5 different degrees of body hair, beast character support, werewolf support and 13 bodybuilder-inspired poses. Whew. As a caveat, all armor and clothes have to be refitted for all three body types in order to function as intended, which was, and still is, a large community effort. If you want to see more armor, clothing and other items for SAM, become active and support this little community! GETTING TO KNOW THE MCM MENU So, you have managed to get SAM up and running. Huzza! But wait a minute, where are the beefcakes, where are the bears? Everybody still looks more or less the same! That's not what we signed up for! Well, to get the most out of SAM, you have to get accustomed to and make use of the settings offered in its MCM menu. Let's take a look. The MCM menu is part of SkyUI, so if it's not in your game, check that SkyUI is installed correctly. If the MCM menu is there, but the SAM menu isn't, wait a few minutes and see if it pops up. If it doesn't, start a new game and see if it loads there. It is possible that SkyUI wouldn't load some MCM menus even though everything is set up correctly. That's a problem within SkyUI, not within SAM and it can happen to any mod with an MCM menu. Sorry. GENERAL SETTINGS Most of the options here alter the way SAM assigns values to NPCs. Enable Automatic Race Settings: If enabled, SAM will assign values to NPCs according to their race. The default values for all races are set to 0 / medium hair, so it is highly recommended to define your own race adjustments in the "Races" tab. Class morph offsets: If enabled, SAM will also morph NPCs according to their class: warriors are more muscular, mages are leaner, etc. Weight Cap: If enabled, the Samuel and Samson values cannot exceed the overall weight of the NPC. For example, if an NPC has the weight 37, the Samuel and Samson values can only add up to 37. If disabled, this rule no longer applies. Note: The weight of an NPC is usually set by the game when the NPC spawns and cannot be changed directly by the player. Variaton Range: The higher the value, the more varied and extreme the randomly assigned body morphs become. At lower values, SAM will adhere more closely to the values set in the "Races" tab. Enable schlongs: If enabled, all male characters will have genitals. If a character is dressed, the schlong will usually be hidden by their clothes (duh). To see what they're packing, you will have to find a way to undress them (e.g. Sexlab or similar mods) or install skimpy armor and clothes, which are available on this website. Skimpy armor that was made for SOS is not supported because it needs to be refitted first. If disabled, schlongs will be replaced by black underwear. WARNING: every now and then, schlongs might still peek through some characters' clothes, especially if they just spawned. That's because schlongs are enabled by default and hiding them is step 2 for the game's engine, which may take a moment to happen (I think). As a work-around, if you absolutely do not want even just the tip of a single dingeling to be seen anywhere at any moment in your game, rename/delete the schlong meshes in the SAM core file in addition to disabling them here. If you activated schlongs but guards still wear undies, that's most likely because you've installed Vector's Optional Legacy Skimpy armors. In which case, those undies are in fact their armor. They are very effective. Absolutely necessary and in no way superfluous visual aid for the schlong toggle: (Note: Game does not actually display eggplants. There's a schlong under there.) Overrides: this button resets the values SAM has assigned to all characters up to that point. Meant for trouble-shooting primarily. Export/Import settings: all your settings can be saved and loaded via these buttons. By pressing the Export button, a file called "SAM.json" containing your current settings will be created in your data folder. Pressing "Import" will read that file and apply its settings to your save file. Very useful if you start new games often. SCALING In this menu, you can chose which characters SAM should affect and customise the scaling of different body parts to your liking. Body Options Most of these options are fairly self-explanatory. However, the schlong options won't be present if schlongs are disabled in the general tab. NPC body scaling and NPC Schlong scaling are toggled off by default to save system resources. Enabling them means that the engine will assign moprhs to all male characters that get loaded into the game. This can stress the engine considerably as NPCs are loaded and unloaded constantly in the background. The Scale multiplier affects all male NPCs. It is set to a believable value by default. Use responsibly. Or be an insufferable size queen, it's your game and nobody is judging you (openly). Proportion Settings Here, you can adjust the proportions of the Samson and Samuel morphs to your liking. If things get too wild, the Original Values buttons reset your inputs in this menu. ACTORS In this menu, you can assign Samuel and Samson values as well as schlong options to your character and currently loaded male NPCs around you. Actor: Choose which currently loaded male actor you want to alter. Default is your character. Overrides: Same button as the one under the general tab. Body Options These options are probably the ones you will use the most. Here, the values SAM applies to the character that you chose in the Actor field are shown and can be adjusted to your liking. The weight slider is only available for the player character. Schlong options are hidden if schlongs are disabled in the general tab. Weight: Vanilla weight slider. Make the character broader or slimmer. Height: Make characters bigger or smaller. Adjust in small steps as even a change by 1 unit already makes a noticeable difference. Samson / Samuel slider: Choose how much of each body morph should be injected. Max combined value is 100 by default. See table below for visual aid. Texture: Choose between different texture sets. Available options are based on the character's race. By default, there are 5 degrees of hairiness for human and elf races. Khajiits have two texture options (smooth and striped), Argonians only have one default option. Body hair is black by default, which cannot be altered. For coloured body hair, choose the smooth option and use Racemenu overlays (i.e. tattoos) as a work-around. Here is a table of different combos of Weight, Samson and Samuel values at default scaling settings. And here are the default hair textures (part of the default texture set in the download section of SAM after clicking the "Download this file" button): (Note: Khajiits and Argonians have their own texture sets not shown above. Body morph values used for this character are 100 weight, 40 Samson, 60 Samuel.) Schlong Options Note: To keep this guide SFW, there is no visual aid available for this section. Schlong Size: Alters the schlong's size, primarily its length. Schlong Taper: Makes the tip of the schlong narrower. 0= evenly wide, 100 = strongly tapered towards the tip. High values also shorten the schlong noticeably. Testicle Size: slider from -50 to +50, default is 0. Makes the testicles bigger or smaller. Cut: Toggle foreskin on and off. RACES This menu lets you define different base values for each race. If you want all your Orcs to be shaved bodybuilders with footlong schlongs and all Nords to be hairy uncut bears without having to adjust them all one by one, this is where you can make this happen. Settings made in this menu will only be applied if the "Enable Automatic Race Settings" option is toggled ON in the general tab. Note: Values entered here usually only affect NPCs that have never been loaded before by the game. NPCs you have encountered before will already have values assigned to them that persist within your save file. Most options work exactly like the options in the Actor tab. Options that behave differently are: Race: choose which race you want to alter. Texture Lock: Make all characters of the chosen race have that particular texture. If unticked, variations can occur based on the "Variation Range" setting in the general tab. Cut: In this tab, the cut option is a slider rather than a toggle on/off button. Sets the probability of characters of the chosen race being cut or uncut. 0= everyone is uncut, 100 = everyone is cut. Werewolf Options in this tab are fairly self-explanatory. IMPORTANT: Werewolf options can only be set when the character in question is currently in werewolf form. Vice versa, the values in the "Actors" tab can only be changed while the character is in its human form. Values from the "Actors" tab carry over for the character's werewolf form and adjustments made in this menu persist over transformations. Finally, let's talk about the features not accessible via MCM. SAM Poses and SOS console commands SAM contains 13 poses for your pleasure. FNIS is required to play them in-game. Important note: when running the FNIS tool, make sure to toggle the "Skeleton Arm Fix" option ON. To play the poses, open the console in-game and use one of the following commands. Note: console commands are not case-sensitive when entered into the console in-game. player.SAE SAMPose XX SAE SAMPose xx The first version plays the pose for the player character, the second version plays the pose for the character selected in the console (left click on them while the console is open). Replace XX with a value from 01 to 13 to play the according pose. Alternatively, you can use mods such as Poser Hotkeys to access poses, be it from SAM or other poser mods. Also, some console commands carry over from SOS (Schlongs of Skyrim). These include: SAE SOSFlaccid //turn schlong flaccid SAE SOSFastErect //get erection quickly SAE SOSErect //get erection gradually SAE SOSBendXX //replace xx with value from -9 to 9 to adjust erection angle, default=0 Again, add player. before the command to target the player character. After entering these commands, the error message "The event was not processed by the graph" will be displayed; this is expected behaviour and can safely be ignored. The commands will be executed once you close the console. Thank you for reading the unofficial SAM User Guide. Thank you so much @Vector for making SAM and entertaining this forum, and thank you to all mods and active community members for making this a lively place. Thank you @Felio for providing some corrections and clarifications. Additions, corrections and suggestions are always welcome. Have fun with Skyrim and Shape Atlas for Men! Last note: Screenshots were taken by me. ENB preset is Rudy ENB (NLA version). Body textures are the default SAM HD textures. Beard is from Hirsute Beards.
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    I have trouble getting SAM to work with SexLab/ SexLab Aroused. It doesn't load the MCM menu for SAM at all and the characters have underwear on with their genitals poking through. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Edit: I figured out that load order and bashed patches didn't fix it, but I uninstalled and reinstalled all the SexLab, SAM and SOS mods. When I reinstalled them in the correct order, (SOS, SexLab, SAM), it works perfectly. Still haven't played through to any animations yet since it's a new save game and I'm using Eager NPCs, but the Menus, SOS and SAM functionalities are back and I have the dialogue options for Eager NPCs.
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    Thank you for the user guide, very helpful. Out of curiosity, is it possible to keybind the SOS commands? Honestly, as someone who played with SOS a couple years ago and now is starting a new game, SAM has essentially 100% of the functionality of SOS, it's just annoying to have to type in console commands to control schlong angle. Google is not proving super helpful.
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    Nope, I think that's it. In fact I used that button only back in the times when I had to uninstall SAM to perform a clean update, then I just left it there. On the other hand it does what the description does: it cleans the overrides (ALL overrides then, not just SAM's). To remove all characters from the setup faction there should be a function to call all memorized characters one by one and remove them from the faction to run the random morph generation again. It would be easier to uninstall sam, save in a secluded location (better yet in an uninhabited interior cell), perform a save cleaner, reinstalling SAM and setting it up before going out. @Dredd yes they stack and in fact are applied later. As I told you, the variation range serves also as a "limiter" for the Samson/Samuel morphs, but the class offset ignores that. Say you set up a race with a 50 Samson slider value and a 2 variation range: you'd expect that no character can go less that 30 Samson and over 70 Samson, but with class offset active a warrior with a generated value of 70 from the class offset gets a value of 90, while a beggar with a value of 30 gets instead a value of 10. Of course the values are checked to stay in the 0-100 range before applying those morphs, so that a beggar with 0 samson won't get a -20 morph, but this means also that characters can have a morphs less than the one expected form their class: if a warrior had, say, a generated -5 samson, the +20 would make it 15. Basically: variety.
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    Well, most of the times I used it it worked, but it's skyrim we're talking about. It may happen that to rerun the setup on the NPCs you have around you have to exit and re-enter the cell, or the script doesn't fire or reload the game. It may also mhappen that if you reset a single NPC its overriedis are immediately re-applied as the same because it takes them from the actor tab. If the button was re-purposed, then I don't know when and how. There's also another factor: the morph generation uses a random factor, and since in scripting random is never entirely random it may happen that in the same zone most people are setup with similar values because the function yelds the same results (i.e. all guards of whiterun or all NPCs of Dragon Bridge). If your edits are not dramatically different from the old values (i.e. you change the average samson of the nord from 0 to 100), you may not notice a difference between the old setup and the new. Anyway, on the class offsets: the scripts uses "class archetypes" categorizing each NPC class in one of these and giving these hard coded values: Citizen Archetype (Bards, Farmers, Commoners in general): +10 Samuel Famished Archetype (Beggars, Prisoners): -20 on both Samson and Samuel Laborer Archetype (Blacksmith, Lumberjacks, Miners, etc.): +20 Samson, +10 Samuel Mage Archetype (all classes marked as "Conjurer", "Mage", "Necromancers", etc.): -20 Samson Rogue Archetype (All classes marked as "Scout", "Archer", "Ranger", "Assassin", etc.): - 20 Samuel Sloth Archetype (Basically the merchant classes, like "Apotecary", "Vendor" etc.): +20 Samuel Soldier Archetype (All classes marked as "Guard" and "Soldier"): +20 Samson, +10 Samuel Warrior Archetype (all classes marked as "Warrior", "Barbarian", "Vigilant", etc.): +20 Samson So, basically, if the morph generation for an NPC from the race settings is 50 Samson, 50 Samuel, if the class offset is active the NPC will be 30/50 if it's a mage, 50/30 if it's a rogue, 70/50 if it's a warrior, etc. As I said, there is no way to edit these values, however I am reworking my SAMPLE mod that was previously on HoT and I have added a MCM tab that makes them editable (Vector himself suggested it once).
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    As I have insights of the coding I can confirm/specify some of these: Enable Automatic Race Settings: Clarification: If enabled, SAM will morph NPCs according to their race, but there's no default values hard-coded in the mod. Race adjustments must be defined manually in the "Races" tab, otherwise it's all set to 0 (and medium hair textures). Class Offset: Confirmed. If enabled, some hard-coded values of Samson and Sam will be added to the NPC during the morph generation according to their class. The values are hard-coded in the mod, and will be applied after all other criteria. Variation range: confirmed. The variation range it's a delta of values from the race-specific base value. Schlong and morphs values have this multiplied by 10, for textures is taken as it is. It also acts as a "limiter": if you set a race samson value to 50, and the variation range is 1, NPCs of that race will have have their samson morphs ranging from 40 to 60, but it will never be below or over these values. Since the function it's parabolic, it will be more likely that you will have values closer to the one you set (so most NPCs of the previous example will have values closer to 50 and few will have 40 or 60). Same thing goes for textures. If you set a race textures to be "smooth", a variation range of 1 will give them either "smooth" or "light" hair, with a variation range of 2 it goes up to "medium" but you'll never get "hairy" or "furball" textures. Overrides: clarification: morphs and scaling are overrides too. Cleaning the overrides basically resets the NPCs as you never encountered them. Pretty useful if you edit race settings and you don't want to fine-tune everything, or if your savegame starts to suffer from all the datas gathered (specially for random leveled NPCs). Race settings: confirmed. Editing these values will affect only values generated for NPCs encountered AFTER the edit, it's not retroactive. The perfect example od this is Advar/Ralof: when the mod gets activated entering Helgen keep if you set nord the race to have certain values it will not affect the guy you've entered the keep with, since he'll be already set up by the default values (all 0 + medium hair) Texture Lock: confirmed. This is specially useful if you don't want to have a race to get too much/less hairy but keep a high variation range for other values. (i.e. hairy altmer of hairless nords) Cut: confirmed. Werewolf: clarification: the tab works also without MT (works for me and I don't have it), but there's a thing here. The werewolf inherits sam/samson and schlong values from the base actor (i.e. if Farkas has 50 samson, his werewoilf form will have 50 samson) and saved values for the werewolves will carry over (i.e. if you set yourself to have red fur you'll always have red fur). However, werewolves are only recognised as werewolves in their wolf form and humans are only recognized as such in human form. What does it mean? It means that you can't set Sindig's morphs and schlong size in Bloated Man's Grotto (it's a different actor reference than the one you encounter in the falkreath jail) unless you don't use the setpqv SAM console commands (with the related mod), and you can't set Farkas' wolf form's fur and eye color until he transforms. Same goes for you: if you want to setrup your wolf form's options you have to transform first. Note also that every NPC that has multiple references, like Kodlak or Ulfric, they'll be set up differently every time you encounter them for the first time, so they can end up with different features (i.e. different samson values or different schlong size).
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