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    After 5 years of modding, I finally had the idea to throw together a Lion-King-themed Khajiit 🦁
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    View File Bodybuilder Naked Armor I have modified SAM Highpoly Conversion meshes under KouLeifoh's approval to build muscles to match with Bodybuilder Muscle Normal Map by alwa201. I upload this meshes based on my modification as Bodybuilder Naked Armor which covers 8-Pack ABS, Oblique Abdominal Muscle, Cowl Muscle and Deltoid Muscle, Gluteus Maximus Muscle, and Thigh and Calves muscles. This version 1.00 is released for both SAM Original LE and SAM Lite SE, but not for SAM Lite LE because I don’t install SAM Lite LE in my PC. As next step I have a plan to build shoulders more. <Remarks> I have already deleted my old thread of Bodybuilder Naked Armor in download because I couldn’t edit the thread for this updating. <Credit> SAM High Poly Conversion by KouLeifoh for his great mod and kind supports. Submitter Kyoshi Submitted 11/15/2020 Category The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition compatible Yes Created by  
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    I love that you guys love my mod, I had a great time working on B.F.G and am currently trying to mod some more stuff.
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    Some more not safe for work twink fun haha ~
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