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    Version 01.04.2022


    Hello, It's been ages I'm active on this forum and maybe you already know me as Alex788 from the nexus site. I recently started creating animations for the Sims 4, mostly NSFW sex animations for M/M. After sharing some of my WIP on another site and my patreon page, I decided to share some of my animations here. I learned how to animate in one month so please be gentle and do not insult me because it looks bad, but I accept every good criticism. You need wickedwhims to play my animations in your game. Download it here : https://www.nexusmods.com/thesims4/mods/223 There will be two categories of animations : My old animations that I'm too lazy to fix (it's the first animations that I created, there are not really old since they are being created one month ago, but there is some issues mostly with hands, im sorry) and my new animations (WIP and finished that seems to be better looking according to me). THE OLD ANIMATIONS ARE NOW BEING SEPARATED FROM THE NORMAL PACKAGE. I think the quality of the animations changed between those two kind of animations so if you want to still have them you have to install BOTH PACKAGES. Animations availables :
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    Version 1.0.0


    About this mod: I removed most of the meshes because I like skimpy stuff, if you use extreme Samson/Samuel the feathers in the back can get messed up. The armor will not count within the body slot, so you'll be able to use it with other armors or thongs freely, that also means that using only the armor without a thong will let your character naked, the armor uses slot 46. The thong used in the screenshots does not come with the mod, it's from Kreis' Armors of Fantasia. You can get the armor trough the AddItemMenu - Ultimate Mod Explorer. Requirements: SAM High Poly Conversion - for HP body (hard requirement) HDT BBB Bounce for SAM - for body physics (optional) Install/Uninstall: Use your mod manager or just drop the files into Skyrim Special Edition/Data To uninstall just remove the files, it shouldn't affect your game at all since it's just an outfit, just make sure to unequip it before removing the mod. Known Issues: - If used with extreme Samson/Samuel the feathers will get messed up. - It should be ok to use it without HDT-BBB and you can also use it with it. Credits and Special Thanks: Team TAL for the original BDO Gierach armor KouLeifoh for both HP body and HDT BBB physics VectorPlexus
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    Version 1.4


    High poly heads for all playable vanilla races based on the vanilla head meshes (male and female). A simple name for a not-so-simple mod. Available for both LE and SE. Features smooth high poly male and female heads complementary high poly brows, beards, scars, and hair to fit new head shape includes morphs for RaceMenu's extended sliders compatible with vanilla-based head textures compatible with existing presets for the vanilla male/female head meshes (excluding sculpt data) Requirements RaceMenu (LE, SE) Expressive Facegen Morphs (LE, SE) [optional] Expressive Facial Animation Male Edition (LE, SE) [optional] Expressive Facial Animation Female Edition (LE, SE) [optional] Installation Use a mod manager to install the original .zip file and follow the install script for easy installation. Do not manually extract anything. Manual Installation 00 - Base mod (required) 01 - Loose files needed for FaceGen creation in the Creation Kit (optional) 02 - no Dawnguard DLC (optional) 03 - vampire head fix (optional) 04 - remove sunken vampire face morphs (optional) 05 - symmetrical eye sockets (female) (optional) 06 - adds Aesthetic Elves (optional) 07 - adds Expressive Facegen Morphs (optional) 08 - adds Expressive Facial Animation Male edition (optional) 09 - adds Expressive Facial Animation Female edition (optional) 10 - adds high poly vanilla hair as optional replacers (optional) Usage For the player character Use the Face Part slider in RaceMenu to switch to the high poly head. If the head turns dark, change the player weight to force the skin shader to update. Don't forget to also change the vanilla brows/beard/scars to the included high poly versions. For NPC/follower mods Add this mod as a master and then swap the vanilla head parts with the high poly version Generate new FaceGen data (Ctrl + F4) in the Creation Kit. This method does not work for sculpted head meshes. Known Issues minor clipping with certain vanilla hair meshes eyes/scars appear darker than vanilla in SE. can be fixed by changing player weight. changing to vampire race will reset the high poly head back to vanilla eye mesh may have flickering/rendering issue after switching to high poly head. can be fixed by closing RaceMenu and opening it again. Modder Resource (xEdit Scripts) Skyrim - KL Filter Race.pas Filters NPC records based on races supported. Skyrim - KL Swap Headparts.pas Swaps vanilla head part records for their high poly versions. Custom head parts are not supported. Requires High Poly Head.esm to be loaded into xEdit. Skyrim - KL Copy NPC Protected Status.pas Copies NPC Protected status found on all plugins currently loaded (eg. NPCs Protected Redux.esp) Tools Used 3DS Max Nifskope Animation Tools N2 Permissions You may use this mod for your NPC/follower mods that will be shared with others. For clarification, these NPC/follower mods may be uploaded to other sites. You may add extra RaceMenu morphs. You are not allowed to modify (in part or in whole) and claim it in its entirety as your own. You are not allowed to reupload this mod to other sites. For other usage not mentioned, please ask me first. Credits Niroku for Expressive Facegen Morphs and Expressive Facial Animation tktk1 for Enhanced Character Edit head mesh reference ruddy88 for Aesthetic Elves
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    Version 1.0.0


    An addon for CBPC Physics to make it jiggle. REQUIREMENTS: - any sos-based schlong mod (I use SavrenX's) - CBPC - Physics with Collisions for SSE and VR INSTALLATION: You may just drop it into mod manager (however if you already use CBPC and especially if you modified something - better merge CBPCMasterConfig.txt files). Voila, it should work now. You can play with settings in CBPConfig_SOS.txt (there are some comments) and CBPConfig_SOSScrotum.txt. I didn't manage to get any significant results for scrotum, sorry for that. NB! Forgot to mention that physics work both while erected and while not, so it might get weird while hard. Use reduced jiggle file to make it less visible. ========================================================================================================================== AS NOTED IN COMMENTS THERE ARE PROBLEMS WITH CBPC 1.4.9. FOR NOW, IF YOU WANT TO USE THIS PRESET - USE THE FOLLOWING SETUP: SSE 1.5.97 SKSE 2.0.20 CBPC 1.4.5 ==========================================================================================================================
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    Version 1.0.1


    About this mod: I was trying to find something that wasn't too much complicated to refit and that it looked good, then I came across this. Made using HDT-BBB and HP body. I removed the top part and the feathers because I felt that they cluttered more than actually helped, the amulet I didn't refit because I'm new to this and don't know how to refit accessories to a different body shape without breaking the meshes and the gloves didn't look good so they weren't reffited. There's the normal version of the outfit and the transparent one, just know that the genitalia will only be covered in the normal version, but it'll still be there, and the transparent version, well I guess the name says it all. You can get the armor trough the AddItemMenu - Ultimate Mod Explorer or by finding it in game in the Hall of Dead in Windhelm. Requirements: DX Necromancer Robes - UNP - for original textures, then overwrite it with my meshes and .esp (hard requirement) SAM High Poly Conversion - for HP body (hard requirement) HDT BBB Bounce for SAM - for body physics (hard requirement) DX Staff of Necromancy - SE - for playable staff (optional) Install/Uninstall: Use your mod manager or just drop the files into Skyrim Special Edition/Data - and overwrite all files. To uninstall just remove the files, it shouldn't affect your game at all since it's just an outfit, just make sure to unequip it before removing the mod. Known Issues: - The skulls in the side of the outfit may change its shape depending in how much Samsom/Samuel you use. - There's minor clipping with the mask that I couldn't find a way to fix it. - The penis will clip trough the vest if it's way too long (like literally a horse cock don't ask me how I found out about this) - I haven't tested without the HP body or the HDT physics, so test it at your own risk, the worst that could happen is not looking exactly like in the pictures. Credits and Special Thanks: DeserterX for the original Necromancer UNP outfit and playable staff air for the SAM Reffiting Guide KouLeifoh for both HP body and HDT BBB physics VectorPlexus (duh)
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    Version 1.0.0


    A quick port of both Don's Oblivion Thong and Kreis' Skimpy Underwear for Skyrim LE. All files are included. This has HDT Physics, so you better have the requirements for that. How to get: Add Item Menu look for "Undies" Credits: Don and Kreis for the their original works. I just ported it to LE.
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    Version 4.0.1


    Version 4.0.1 Pleaser see changelog note. Requirments: High Poly Head 1.2 SV Beards for KouLeifoh's High Poly Head 1.0.1 Q: How do I make it look exactly like the pictures? A: I'm using Vitruvia for SAM Light skin textures, SavrenX Muscular Body map by Don, and Lucid ENB in the pics. Q: Kaidan has Neck/Wrist/Feet seams and/or color textures are off? A: Kaidan is a follower with specialized body textures that work different than most other followers. Long story short you have two options: Download version 4.0.1 the Universal version which points to the textures in SAM Light (Note: this will remove all of Kaidan's body scars once he is healed) or change the head face textures in 'textures\actors\0kaidan\face' to match whatever texture is used for '0kaibodytexscarred.dds' ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thanks to livtempleton , Kaidan 2 creator More thanks to KouLeifoh and air for the high poly head, brows, scars, and beard Special thanks to Simon235 for helping me test and perfect the recent version. Shout out to ljtysunsky for the advice that finally helped me fix the beard clipping. Thank you!
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    Assuming you got everything set up to your liking (textures, lighting mods, character mods), it could be because of how you're taking the screenshots, try double checking if you're taking them with the enb fucntion (you can find the hotkey for screenshots under "input" in the enb menu) , in this case they should be named something like "enb2021_3_26_04_50_35". The format can also be an issue, for maximum quality you should use BMP format (which most enbs already use, but just in case check if "screenshot format" is set to 0 in the menu) and then covert it to PNG if you need to upload it in a site. I also found that some enbs have really high contrast (like Re-engaged enb) so that might be it too. About post-production i often just add some "fake HDR" in Photoshop but you can definitely skip it, the enb does most of the magic =D These are only some common suggestions, for something more "definitive" would need to know exactly what your setup looks like. But one thing is certain don't use steam to take screenshots lol
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    This image is VERY heavily edited, but I think it's too cool not to share 😆 I overlayed two images to get a more even lighting on the body to be precise
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  12. 1 point
    Very nice work. Amazing looking Armors yet again!
  13. 1 point
    A mod that had so much love and effort poured into it, to say it's brilliant is an understatement. The sheer amount of customization is insane and it tops every body replacer i can think of out there. 10/10
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