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    Version 1.0.2


    Hellow,guys.These are my new followers. Long hair is Syredier ,The other one is Grarell.They're in Riverwood's Sleeping Giant Inn. They all support marriage,if you want.They are all equipped with blades. I hope you will like them. Requirements: 1.KS Hairdos 2.KXHairs 3.ApachiiHairmales 4.The eyes of beauty Credits: SAM Core by Vector SAM Light by KouLeifoh The Eyes of Beauty by docteure SavrenX Muscular Body map by SavrenX
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    Version 1.0.5


    Problem The SOS + SAM HDT-SMP schlongs on SkyrimSE didnt have working collisions for me, the balls flew around a lot, through the thighs, penis, etcetera, nothing collided as it should. There was only one schlong type in cut/uncut The conflicts (for me at least) were causing HDT problems and gave me the twitchy body parts bug. Solutions & Additions Done Made this patch for the existing SavrenX continuation mod to fix some things and add more, eventually we might merge these for easier installation. I investigated the HDT-SMP xml files and setup, found & fixed things until balls were behaiving. Bonus was fixing all that all the twitching body parts issues went away. 😃 Recreated Muscular Schlong in High poly Recreated a Cut schlong type that looks circumcised & has no foreskin mesh. Theres now 3 Schlong types Regular, Muscular, Cut (more to come), all schlongs are the High Poly based version now. Added Support for SAM Morphs for Racemenu mod Regular And Muscular Schlongs have retractable foreskin. Added updated HDT capable underwear - visible with some revealing armors, & if using no-shlong option on character or npc. Added optional patch for esl flagged schlong plugin esp's, its in downloads, it will have same version number as release it goes with in its file name. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Info Update Ive been investigating and learning HDT & its aspects, as well as animations, and even the SAM hdt anus mesh lol, I have more learning to go, but things are progressing nicely to be able to add the full feature-set of working body collisions including anus/throat/schlong , with dynamic schlong floppiness, auto retracting foreskin for schlongs that have em, & potentially also custom beast race plus werewolf retractable & sheathed schlongs. I still need to test a ton and tweak but the next update here will include the following. Update to the muscular schlong's mesh shape, I think I made it a bit too muscular and texture stretched too much, so thats fixed I will add some new updated xml for collisions including a schlong xml Add new version of each schlong mesh, all of which now include a new virtualPenis(simplified collision mesh). Most likely updates after that Add version utilizing classic texture arrangement with schlongs having their own texture outside of the body texture. I will keep working on getting functional HDT Anus & Throat into the SAM & HIMBO HDT body meshes, and more floppyness for the schlongs when flaccid. For more see Future Tweaks & Additions section lower on this page. Install Instructions You need to follow the main mods install instructions before you use this mod to patch theirs. (This is at least until we merge all these, or a new SAM is released.) Download is here -> SavrenX Schlong of SAM Light SE - Continuation Install HDT options in the FOMOD. Load my mod after SavrenX Schlong of SAM Light SE - Continuation. Modify from SavrenX Schlong of SAM Light SE - Continuation listed in step 1 delete their sos schlongs from mesh directory in their mod delete their schlong esp's SOS - SAM Light Cut Addon.esp and SOS - SAM Light Uncut Addon.esp, since they're named differently than the ones I provide. ? I may merge these together for a future release to remove all these steps ? If you want there are Optional eslsified schlong plugins in the downloads here now. The esp's will no longer count against basic load order plugin limit (I think it requires new game) let me know how it works for you. I am going to be adding more schlongs so this is great news! Theres a new version of HDT-SMP thats faster, its recommended, you dont need its xml config files for SAM to work, but if you install them from its FOMOD, be sure its DefaultBBPs.xml is deleted/hidden or doesnt overwrite the SAM one provided here. Known Issues SAM MORPHS When using SAM Morphs for Racemenu mod, the PenisSize, PenisTaper, ScrotumSize did not work for me (even though I added in the morphs in bodyslide), however those three right below it do work, they're named similarly, PenisSize 2, PenisTaper 2, ScrotumSize 2, you can also use the other menu labeled Genitals thats provided by SOS to tweak the schlong. FORESKIN HIDE When using SAM Morphs for Racemenu mod, the Foreskinhide setting does indeed work, but not instantly, after sliding it on/off you have to move Samson/Samuel left/right a touch to trigger the update, not sure if this is my mod or just a skyrim issue, either way, it works and thats what counts, if thats fixable I will do that in a future version. PUBIC TEXTURES Im not happy with textures of the pubic hair zoomed up close, maybe only solvable by going back to the old way of schlong textures separate from the body texture? I will try some UV tweaks, but if that doesnt work, then I will make schlongs have independent textures again like original SAM & SOS did. Notes & Tips MUSCLE DEFINITION For different very smooth to muscular definition (based on body size slider thus distributed automatically by game) I recommend Sandow PP Ripped Bodies SAM edition. This allows for a lot of variation(see in my screenshot), by combining this with SAM morphs for racemenu mod you can make several stages of smooth to super muscularly defined twinks, beefcakes, or chubby buddies, tweak to your hearts content. SCHLONGS You dont have to enable all schlong esps if you dont want, with the SAM Morphs for Racemenu mod you can make a lot of variations with just the one Vector Regular schlong, however, the additional esp's do allow for easy automatic distribution & tweaking via the SOS api. WEREWOLF If you want werewolf schlongs, check this out. https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/15605-hdt-werewolves-overhaul/ I might include werewolf like Vector had it in SAM here eventually, just have to look into it. IF YOU USE CBPC Use other mod on VectorPlexus made for that, these configs here are made for HDT-SMP not CBPC. TEXTURES these are made to work with SAM Light Texture Add-on just like the mods its patching. If you use with SAM Morphs for Racemenu mod it provides menus to change textures, for different hair levels, and the normal map & textures per NPC live in game, if you follow the naming conventions & instructions in their install guide its easy to get working. FOR SKYRIM LE You dont need this mod, go download the original SAM mod here on VP, its for LE and has all SAM features, im unsure of the way to do HDT on that version, but im certain its been done, instructions are there on its page, or here on the website somewhere. Future Tweaks & Additions Maybe add enhanced pubic hair mesh + overlays?. Add FOMOD installer for merging things into easy installation with choices. There needs to be a SAM HDT Anus & Throat addition at some point right? 😄🍑 Add other schlongs if they're out there, & we're allowed to post them here, also make new ones. Im investigating the sheathing schlongs from Bad Dog Hoodies, I think doing it a different way may be possible thats simpler by animating, rather than 4 mesh swap per peen like he has. Make a new mod that uses separate textures for schlongs, as it is now, they're contained in the body texture, and are slightly blurry compared to the body, I will leave this version up for those who want to do it this way though. Write a script that detects state of schlong and swaps hdt xml settings between more firm when boner, and really floppy when flaccid. the same script should be able to retract foreskin when boner too. NOTICE: This is Vector Plexus Exclusive, Do not upload these anywhere, its permissions are for here only. Thanks! 💚 Credits & Thanks KouLeifoh for the many SAM updates we all need and love! His HDT XML files are the ones used, his high poly conversion of SAM mesh, his texture pack, & many more essentials. HIMBO builder Kreis for inspiration on how HDT-SMP is working & ways to setup things for Skyrim SE/AE that helped me a lot! SavrenX for the original SavrenX Schlong of SAM Light + HDT Patch 1.0.1 Kija for SavrenX Schlong of SAM Light SE - Continuation which was my inspiration to make this mod VectorPlexus for the original SAM (Shape Atlas for Men). VectorPlexus, Smurf, & b3lisario for the original SOS (Schlongs of Skyrim).
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    Version 1.0.0


    All of the amazing vanilla outfit replacers made by Kreis in one installation! This compilation includes Kreis' heavy armors, light armors (plus alternate elven and glass armors), clothes, DLC1 and DLC 2 outfits, and imperial/stormcloak armors 😀 This is for skyrim SPECIAL EDITION. I don't know if it will work or not on LE, I don't have LE so I can't test it there. REQUIREMENTS -Bodyslide -SAM Light -SAM highpoly conversion (I'm not quite sure whether it would work without it or not) FEATURES -ALL THE PANTS! I added tons of pants versions, to all of the outfits that I felt could benefit from it 🤪 -There are two slidergroups: Pants Versions, and Thong Versions. Each slider group also includes whatever outfits don't have a specific thong/pant variant, and all of the gauntlets/boots, so now you can easily just batch build one of those groups and you're all set!😍 Only things you'll need to choose when batch building are the ebony/elven/glass variants and version 1,2, or 3 for DB robes. -Zap options: All zap options are present on both thong and pant variants. There are zap options for all of the piercings (Fine clothes, wedding clothes, imperial heavy armor, arch mage robes, DB robes 1,2,3, and Yarl outfit A,B, and C). There are zap options for the pasties on the bonemold guard armor and dwemer armor. Additionally, you can toggle on/off the tanktop and mantle of the 4 fur armors, and I added a zap option for the long part of the skirt on miraak's robes. CREDITS NONE of the original assets are mine, ALL of the original armors and the assets I used to make new pant variants come from Kreiste ❤️ All I did was compile everything into an AIO installation and add pants variants. I learned that he has stated that he is okay with people sharing/making changes to his work, so HUGE thank you to Kreiste!💖
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    my main obstacle is this fomod creation tool but i am going to have to learn it cause i will more than likely use it again , i hate this more than i ever hated school back in the day, class of 2007 yes i am taking notes every thing i am learning
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    @mikaakim i know it is horrible waiting i want to get this out as soon as i can so i move on to making the other mods i had planed ones that 100% mine
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    holy shit! thats how ur skyrim looks in game? what enb/visual mods do you use???
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    Well, my fairy has plenty of beds for you Cain
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    Version 1.4


    High poly heads for all playable vanilla races based on the vanilla head meshes (male and female). A simple name for a not-so-simple mod. Available for both LE and SE. Features smooth high poly male and female heads complementary high poly brows, beards, scars, and hair to fit new head shape includes morphs for RaceMenu's extended sliders compatible with vanilla-based head textures compatible with existing presets for the vanilla male/female head meshes (excluding sculpt data) Requirements RaceMenu (LE, SE) Expressive Facegen Morphs (LE, SE) [optional] Expressive Facial Animation Male Edition (LE, SE) [optional] Expressive Facial Animation Female Edition (LE, SE) [optional] Installation Use a mod manager to install the original .zip file and follow the install script for easy installation. Do not manually extract anything. Manual Installation 00 - Base mod (required) 01 - Loose files needed for FaceGen creation in the Creation Kit (optional) 02 - no Dawnguard DLC (optional) 03 - vampire head fix (optional) 04 - remove sunken vampire face morphs (optional) 05 - symmetrical eye sockets (female) (optional) 06 - adds Aesthetic Elves (optional) 07 - adds Expressive Facegen Morphs (optional) 08 - adds Expressive Facial Animation Male edition (optional) 09 - adds Expressive Facial Animation Female edition (optional) 10 - adds high poly vanilla hair as optional replacers (optional) Usage For the player character Use the Face Part slider in RaceMenu to switch to the high poly head. If the head turns dark, change the player weight to force the skin shader to update. Don't forget to also change the vanilla brows/beard/scars to the included high poly versions. For NPC/follower mods Add this mod as a master and then swap the vanilla head parts with the high poly version Generate new FaceGen data (Ctrl + F4) in the Creation Kit. This method does not work for sculpted head meshes. Known Issues minor clipping with certain vanilla hair meshes eyes/scars appear darker than vanilla in SE. can be fixed by changing player weight. changing to vampire race will reset the high poly head back to vanilla eye mesh may have flickering/rendering issue after switching to high poly head. can be fixed by closing RaceMenu and opening it again. Modder Resource (xEdit Scripts) Skyrim - KL Filter Race.pas Filters NPC records based on races supported. Skyrim - KL Swap Headparts.pas Swaps vanilla head part records for their high poly versions. Custom head parts are not supported. Requires High Poly Head.esm to be loaded into xEdit. Skyrim - KL Copy NPC Protected Status.pas Copies NPC Protected status found on all plugins currently loaded (eg. NPCs Protected Redux.esp) Tools Used 3DS Max Nifskope Animation Tools N2 Permissions You may use this mod for your NPC/follower mods that will be shared with others. For clarification, these NPC/follower mods may be uploaded to other sites. You may add extra RaceMenu morphs. You are not allowed to modify (in part or in whole) and claim it in its entirety as your own. You are not allowed to reupload this mod to other sites. For other usage not mentioned, please ask me first. Credits Niroku for Expressive Facegen Morphs and Expressive Facial Animation tktk1 for Enhanced Character Edit head mesh reference ruddy88 for Aesthetic Elves
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    I hope Cain won't hide from us anymore or for too long again. Always enjoying seeing him around.
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    Version 1.0.1


    This is my second Schlong of Skyrim patched for SAM Light. I already delete the old one because this one much better and almost perfect. Thank you so much for bro Vector and bro Kouleifoh for their efforts made our skyrim males world so exciting. This mod made based on latest bro Kouleifoh High Poly. Including High Poly genitals for our beloved SAM. I already tried this mod almost for every scenes, npc, and some extreme morph. What you need to know, this SOS sytem mostly fine for player and follower that using vanilla system. Some mod such males of skyrim or other follower need adjustment. But it's not my burden to patch every mod out there. I only make sure our character and npc from Skyrim working well. Sexlab working very well as you can see in my Incubus screenshoots. This SOS mod genitals will use our males body textures just like SAM Light. Khajit, argonian all adjusted. Now, if you use SAM Morph from Racemenu ( self or target ), you can use samson, samuel and ect. But sometimes you need to switch Enable Scaling on and off to make sure everything ok. You only need to do that IF....you use morph on NPC. If you just play normal without change every npc out there with custom moprh, then you can ignore this. LOAD ORDER : - SAM Light - SAM High Poly Conversion ( nude or underwear not matter because you only need hand, feet and the rest.) - Schlong of SAM Light ( This mod ) - SAM Light Skin add on ( If you use this ) - XPMSE Skeleton ( Never ever overwrite this skeleton. Only one mod can overwrite this mod. More Nasty Critters. If you use that mod..put that after this skeleton or you will experience CTD ). For genitals, SOS Regular means Uncut. SOS Muscular means Cut version. Underwear automatically use SAM underwear with enhanced textures from me. I remaster the textures to 2k and sharper. If i see error in my game i will update this mod automatically. Don't report problem because conflict with other mod or something. Like i said before, other mod not my concern. I only make sure our character and all NPC from default game working well including common mod such Sexlab, and armor. Custom follower that use custom body and skin not my problem. Besides word problem kind common in skyrim. So if you use specific custom mod for your own game and conflict, you must solve it yourself. I only fix problem that happen in my game. I always select my mod carefully especially scripted one. I don't want ruin my game. This sos mod adjusted like default sos. Any mod compatible with SOS will work well. Enjoy then. HDT PATCH LOAD ORDER : - SAM Light - SAM High Poly Conversion ( nude or underwear not matter because you only need hand, feet and the rest.) - SAM HDT ( Pick whatever body and choose your bounce ) - Schlong of SAM Light ( REPLACE MALEBODY and TRI files with HDT PATCH MANUALLY ) - SAM Light Skin add on ( If you use this ) - XPMSE Skeleton ( Never ever overwrite this skeleton. Only one mod can overwrite this mod. More Nasty Critters. If you use that mod..put that after this skeleton or you will experience CTD ). Do Not Reupload this mod on any website. This mod only for Vectorplexus website. DOWNLOAD THIS SOS LATEST DLL ZIP AND OVERWRITE MY FILE. SOS DLL UPDATE.7z
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    Version 1.0.5


    This is a RaceMenu plugin that adds SAM morphs without using any of SAM's scripts. It's mainly intended to add SAM morphing features to SE, but a version for Oldrim is also provided. Using armor refits for SAM is highly recommended. For SE users, the refits must be converted to SE format using NIF Optimizer. RaceMenu SE 0.2.4+ requires .tri morphs to be using the newer format exported by Outfit Studio. Main Features Body Morphs for different body types Texture selection for custom textures Body hair overlays for extra body hair control BodyGen Morphs for diverse body types on all male NPC's based on class (optional) Body Morphs Samson/Samuel morphs with a toggle for skeleton scaling Genital morphs based on SAM genital bones scaling formula Foreskin morph to toggle foreskin Individual bone scaling used in Samson/Samuel morphs for finer tuning Genital skeleton scaling for compatiblity with genital accessories Texture Selection (SAM Light only, textures not included) Swap to different diffuse, normal, and specular maps for the body, hands, and feet* Requires refits with body parts correctly named for SAM (SAMBody, SAMHands, SAMFeet, SAMGenitals, SAMForeskin) Textures follow the naming convention BaseName_xx.dds (diffuse), BaseName_xx_msn.dds (normal), BaseName_xx_s.dds (specular) where xx ranges from 01 to 10 For example, base texture malebody_1.dds would be named malebody_01.dds, malebody_02.dds, malebody_03.dds, etc. Feet textures have the BaseName of MaleFeet (default races), ArgonianMaleFeet (Argonian), and FeetMale (Khajiit) *feet uses body texture by default Usage Three custom spells are automatically added under Powers. SAM Morphs (Self)* Opens a minimal version of RaceMenu on the player character SAM Morphs (Target)* Opens a minimal version of RaceMenu on the target character SAM Textures Config Configures setting for feet texture mode and resets texture overrides *requires UIExtensions Requirements SKSE / SKSE64 RaceMenu (Oldrim, SE) SAM Light* UIExtensions** (Oldrim, SE) *not required, but SAM assets are required in some type of setup (like SOS). SAM scripts/.esp/.dll are not used. **only required for editing morphs on NPC's Manual Installation 00 Textures for overlays 01 Base mod for either Oldrim or SE 02 BodyGen morphs (1 for basic setup, 2 for overrides from other mods) (optional) 03 Genital Morphs if not using SAM Light (optional) Notes Foreskin morph requires SAM Light "un-cut" option during installation. BodyGen for RaceMenu SE can make the game unstable based on individual setups. BodyGen morphs are saved in the SKSE co-save alongside the game save. NetImmerse Override Cleaner can be used to remove the morph data in Oldrim saves. I'm not aware of any equivalent tool for SE. Body hair overlay only applies to the main body mesh, not the genitals. This is due to how the overlay system was designed. RaceMenu for NPC's will show them in a T-pose during slider changes. This is intentional and required when updating skeleton scaling since the game is paused. NPC will resume animations once the menu is closed. Genital morphs don't use genital skeleton scaling and are intended for BodyGen randomization. If used alongside the full SAM, the morphs and scaling are not synchronized and will add on top of each other. Credits expired6978 for RaceMenu and UIExtensions Vector for the creation of Shape Atlas for Men
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    Sorry to necro, but same here. In my case, big files work, but not HUGE files. I'm trying to download "Pride of Skyrim - AIO Male NPC Overhaul High Poly Head 1.0.0". The listing says its 5.87gb (I assume that's unpacked). My browsers, when downloading, all say about 1.9gb. All browsers fail, and there's no GDrive link.
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    Version 1.1


    this file will change the look of Lucien. will be no neckseam if you are using SAM Light with ' SAM Light Textures add-on you need to install the follower Lucien - fully voiced follower first if you want to try this mod REQUIREMENT Lucien - fully voiced follower How to fix his neck gap(Neck is not matching the body mesh) Lucien orignal weight is '0',but I change his weight to '50', so it would cause the neck gap. You need to use the console to fix it. Open the console , click on Lucien,type '' setnpcweight 50 '' ,enter, then you will see the neckgap fixed but his face become strange. type '' disable '' ,enter, type ''enable'' , enter . Close the console, done credit COtR- HQ Characters creation addon for RM (i made the face base on this head) emo hair for male (hair mesh and textures) Lucien - Fully Voiced Follower (requirement) beard (beard textures) llygaid eye improver (eye normal map) cor-SAM Light patch (head textures patch)
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    Literally just asked for this in the main mod 😂 this is fantastic! Thank you! EDIT: OMG It's you yourself! I'm a dumbass! Thank you so muchhhhhhh ❤️
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