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    Uhh cool, more! My Skimpy Armor Mod is getting bigger and bigger.
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    I think this should be it [briarheart_SAM_patch.esp] Edit: I just found that a gap between the body and the wound can be seen. Probably it is the result of that texture thing you did, because it wasn't so pronounced in my version. Either way, just leave it how you want but I thought I might as well tell you about it.
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    This is my tweaked version for LE: My .esp includes some more records in order not to add master dependency. [Added]: You can use this patch regardless of your install of USLEEP/ USSEP, since this patch does not have either of them as a master file. You don't have to original optional patch for SAM briarheart either for LE or for SE from the main download section of this mod, added in v. 2.1a(+). This optional-optional patch presupposes neither the optional patch nor (very-) crude hot fixes package itself. This optional-optional patch requires a small .esp to override the setting of Briarheart body texture to use SAM or SAM light original skin. +++ SAM_Briarheart_original_skin_texture_LE.7z SAM_Briarheart_Original_Skin_Texture_Patch_LE_1_1.7z SAM_Briarheart_Original_Skin_Texture_Patch_SE_1_1.7z +++ Change Log for this secondary option (SAM original skin patch ) for SAM Briarheart conversion. 1.1: Provides also SE converted meshes (though .esp is still technically LE version (Form no. 43). I'm looking for some volunteer who can optimizes it to Form no. 44, proper SE version, by SE CK. Merges 1st person skeleton edit of NakedTorsoHighElf [ARMA:00038A6B] and NakedTorsoWoodElf [ARMA:0003D2AF] Armor-Addons into this patch to prevent potential CTD issue when the player character is either a High elf or Wood elf male and get naked. If you convert the meshes (and .esp if you mind form number problem) into SE by NIFOptimizer SSE/ CK SE, it will work also for SE regardless of USSEP (for LE, USLEEP) though the tweaked outfit record will conflict some other mods like COOR.
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    Interesting, so that's what the game uses to change the color of the skin. Personally, I think that their unhealthy skin color enriches their lore. So I would just leave as it is right now. To me, the mod now works elegantly and does its purpose. Given how niche this is (not even Bethesda cared about it, different textures and other issues can be seen in vanilla Briarhearts), it also looks easy to overdevelop. If you still want to give it a go, I wouldn't complicate myself. But for the sake of discussion: Would the overwritten texture set record (option 2) change the color of the original SAM texture? As a note, this shouldn't be a particular issue to Briarhearts. I think the afflicted also have some trouble with textures.
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    OK. Hereby I hope that I can finally make the Briarheart subject to the SAM morph sliders also in Skyrim SE with USSEP. SAM_Briarheart refit_SE_USSEP_testv3.7z It's actually almost just a re-package with the correct directory structure altered by USSEP (plus .tri file path change).
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    Hi, I am getting the exact same problem that is shown in screenshots and I downloaded this file yesterday, so it is from the latest available file.
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    tl;dr You are right. I could reproduce your issue with minimum mod setting, though I'm still not sure whether you and @Takuyawest indeed had shared the same problem. So to speak, USLEEP/ USSEP is responsible for this issue: In short, it turns out that Briarheart SAM conversion by @Jamesalexian is based on USLEEP tweaked version of Briarheart meshes and its management (with tweaked Biped slot assignment by USLEEP/USSEP), and without USLEEP/USSEP it gets invisible due to the Biped Slot assignment mismatch between the vanilla Briarheart armor data in .esp (Slot 32: Armor) and the SAM refit mesh itself (Slot 35: Amulet). So far, I've managed to hit upon the following two solutions: briarheart_SAM_patch_for_wo_usleep.esp : This quick patch was made from the copied record from USLEEP, though without any master dependency as well as without infringing any copyright issue. This is the easiest way to achive the compatibility of the original meshes, but it eats up the .esp slot (Max. 255). As for Skyrim SE, I just wonder whether someone can convert it to .esl for saving the .esp slot. Rebuilt alternative, non-USLEEP/ USSEP version of Briarheart - SAM body, though I'm not so inclined to tackle this solution (since some people will still confuse about which one should be downloaded for their game). OK. at least the LE test package seemed to work in my LE (all the credit should be given to @Jamesalexian) : SAM_Briarheart refit_wo_USLEEP_LE.7z ; SAM_Briarheart refit_wo_USSEP_SE.7z I've not decided which option would be wise one, though. At least they cannot be incorporated with this package since some people need non-USLEEP (USSEP) version, but others need USLEEP/ USSEP one. Anyway, If possible, could you (seemingly without USLEEP/ USSEP installled in your game) test these patches either in LE (tested by myself, though) or in SE (sorry for the fact that Form no. of the first option's .esp is still 43, not optimized for SE by CK SE) ?
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    Thanks for your report, but I myself haven't really encountered any noticeable problem with Briarheart under SAM Light (LE) plus SAM Morphs for Racemenu without any modification of Jamesalexian's original since September while killing at least ca. two dozen of them. Can you elaborate a bit about what exactly your problem with his Briarheart mesh conversion (AFAIK one of the most sophisticated works in this site) is? Don't they put their armor (with their implanted briarheart) on as they did in vanilla? [Added]: I'd also appreciate on the following information: Does their torso body mesh use SAM texture you install? I've also paid some attention to avoid the possible conflict of how Briarheart looks in the game (armor add-on). Have you installed any of these mods either in Skyrim LE or in Skyrim SE? USLEEP (USSEP) CCOR (Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes for SE?) Cloaks of Skyrim (Cloaks of Skyrim SE) [Added]: Adds some SSs for Briarhearts in my game, just encountered (and killed). Sorry for low-res. Even SAM Morphs (NPC) worked on them.
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    Thanks for the help. I did try that but it didn't work. After more testing I found that Jamesalexian's conversion just doesn't work at all for me - not even in a clean install of SAM for LE. I know you didn't make it; but since you appear to be using it, if you could make sure it works in your machine I would appreciate that a lot.
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    Hello, thank you for replying. Here is the warning message displaying when launching the install process (I selected "yes" obviously, this is also shown if I select the muscular men look features (less and more either) from the first page.) : Here is the first page : and the second (HRFMFM features not installed because I don't use this mod):


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