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    I like this new mod,less chiselled muscles,very natural。thank you。 Would you please make a version that no Chest hair and 3d pubic hair ,but more hairs on the Pudendum、 the arm and the leg?
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    Absolutely I can... and it worked. I don't have USLEEP as I don't have LE - I only have skyrim, no expansions. It's on the list of once I have money, but at the moment that's all I have It worked great and no more invisible jarl feet, thank you so much for your quick response and support.
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    First - thank you for your conversion work, it was one of the main reasons I decided to try SAM rather than stick with SOS. I'm finding that the Fur lined Boots (the Jarl's boots) are disappearing in my game. I'm not sure why? I was using 2.1 and thought that might be it, but they're still invisible on 2.2. The characters I've used for testing are within the normal range for SAM. I can post a screenshot if that would help, but I suspect I'm missing a mesh or texture?
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    Thank you very much for making this MOD. But when I installed it(with sam light se), I found that there were fine lines on the male neck. Could you please modify it? Another question is, can I use your mod ( Male Body Hair Racemenu Overlays Plug-in )with sam light se?
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    this was created even before samlight, so definitely not compatible 😅
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    Oh my. I forgot write only for SE. Hahahah. Updated the information.
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    Of course. My mouse is currently broken. So I can't do much texture/mesh editing at the moment. Using a pen to navigate still feels strange to me.
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    Physics-enabled penis + scrotum = no erection animation. I don't use FloppySOS since I mainly play on SE. If you want FloppySOS to work, you need to remove the scrotum physics and collisions from either my xml or FloppySOS xml's. Use the JFF tool included in the HDT-PE downloads to edit them. All these issues will be addressed in a future update. If I try to work on too many mods at once, I won't get anything done. 😅
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    can not find animations , like your sit on getting hard gif ...... Where to find it ?
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    It doesn’t, just like all LE mods


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