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    Im planning to make a guide for my character's look since BT has updated with a better fat slider. Just waiting for neck fix for the nude body to drop.
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    Brutish Argonian Male changes the player's head. Argonian Brute Race lets you pick the custom "Argonian Brute" race. Female Fix fixes the teeth on the females of the "Argonian Brute" race. Baked Male Argonians for Skyrim and DLCs changes all the male argonian NPCs to brutes. Argonian Brute Voice Replacer changes the default argonian voice to something more brutish. Hope that helps people out.
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    beautiful work. thank you for sharing this.
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    Glad we all can make our fallout more interesting. We need more for males world for sure.
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    Thanks a lot Ulfberth. I love your Btv2 converted armors. Can't wait for your next project.
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    Thank you Ulfberth you did a great job I love this armor 😘
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    Hello, thank you for replying. Here is the warning message displaying when launching the install process (I selected "yes" obviously, this is also shown if I select the muscular men look features (less and more either) from the first page.) : Here is the first page : and the second (HRFMFM features not installed because I don't use this mod):
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    Ohh, I remember these. Always nice to have more underwear for my guys Thank you ❤️
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    Losing my body hair also I get a neck gap..


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