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    Wow thank you so much for sharing this mod Don! I really appreciate it. Now i can finally use your sexy Dragonplate Thong without the schlong coming out from it hahaha. Love this so much!
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    I think some hair look kinda out of place, also some meshes do the same. But I still like one or two styles from the Mod. Also you fixed the shiny effect.
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    It is a very good texture. Double eyelids and nose were characteristic.
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    Incredible textures, you truly are a master.
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    I love your work since first day i joined this Vectorplexus. Keep update to perfecting male art, bro. We all support you.
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    One word : Amazing ! It's even better than I thought when I saw the screenshots in the showoff thread. Used in combination with your Hi poly meshes, the result looks better than Dizona imho. I love the care given to the details, like the feet. Finally some good looking soles... It's a bit a pity that there is only one normal map, now that I managed to write a custom script that assigns the normals to the corresponding morphes on Skyrim SE but I understand that it would take a lot of work to create a complete set. If I might suggest a fancy option for a future option, a tanned body would be sexy, with clearer zones in the underwear area, soles and palms like in this thread : Thanks a lot for sharing this great work !
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    Such a wonderful mod Thank You for making it, I previously had SOS and while I did enjoy it the body always lacked something...it needed more realism. By that I mean the body just felt generic and everyone looked the same...boring, however with SAM installed the game now has more diversity with the male body everyone looks unique and so does my player. 10/10 will always download as a must replacer for the male body. ?
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