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    Thank you very much Ulfberth for taking the time to convert this armor, love your work. I can't wait for you next project.
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    Thanks a lot Ulfberth. I love your Btv2 converted armors. Can't wait for your next project.
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    Thank you Ulfberth, I love the work that you do for BTv2, can't wait for your next project.
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    I love this armor and the pants only variation... Definitely one of my favs!
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    SAM become best body mod for quality and features in SE because of you bro Kouleifoh. Keep spirit up. We all support you.
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    Thank you so much for fixing the SE version. This looks so good now!
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    I got my first PC in 2015, and began modding Skyrim after having the game for the Xbox 360 since November 11, 2011. Needless to say, modding made me love Skyrim all over again, and in ways I could never have imagined playing without mods for hundreds of hours on the console. Still, at that time, I was new to the modding world, and had limited understanding of what mods existed, let alone how I was to achieve the right 'look' for Skyrim's abysmally designed male characters. I understand about how the game was cross-platform and therefore needed to have reasonable graphical elements for the time - textures most notably. But I still remember the first time I encountered images of Shape Atlas for Men. I was intrigued, because, at long last there was a body shape for men that I could get behind. Not to mention when I discovered all the features of SAM - the body morph system and everything else - I was blown away by the sophistication and loving intent that was clearly put into every aspect of the mod's design. It took me a while to get it working properly - especially before this wonderful site was put together - but I haven't enjoyed a play-through of Skyrim without it since. And I have tried, though what possessed me in those moments I'll never understand completely. Shape Atlas for Men has literally redefined how I enjoy and play Skyrim now, so thank you to @Vector for his talent and loving vision, as well as thanks to all the people who continue to support it, giving us all one of the best mods I have ever seen.
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    Looking very good, really like it. Using Schlongs of Skyrim Body. Fits pretty good.


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