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    Job well done KouLeifoh! If you can add complexion retextures for the wrinkles and rough skin, etc, this mod will be perfect!
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    10/10, love it, well done Don.
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    Vector,to date your male body mod still the best,thankyou
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    Love this mod! The original SAM offers crazy, Hulk-like bodies and huge monster dicks, but I prefer natural and realistic looking bodies, and that is just what this mod is. And more importantly, it works for custom races when you replace their meshes/textures. Something I have been trying to do for years. Finally I can get Ningheim with a nice SAM body! Works for Epic Elves and Custom Races (by d_rail1602) too, and most likely all custom races with their own male meshes/textures.
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    I love it. It was little bit hard to install but once I did it was wonderful. Thank you for such wonderful mod.
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    After Figuring out My issues with this mod, (Fixed by Following the Handy Guide in the Skyrim section) This is probably My all time favorite mod for any game, period. The Fact that it replaced S.O.S. as my favorite mod says a lot.
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    Great male body mod. The option to merge between meso and ecto morph bodies, and be hairy chested is fantastic, I can have a slightly overweight, realistic, heavy warrior whom is equally at home downing flagons in taverns or driving through nordic ruins in search of loot.
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    I love that you can create from super muscular guys to bears, including skinny characters like the ones I like. I just transitioned from SOS and I don't think I'll be going back.
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    You know i would love to have a boyriend of Sampson furball hard body veiny dick variety "droool" i love this mod
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    Love it! Nothing more to say. Well done Vector.


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