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    I almost forgot to thanks Mr Ulfberth and Mr The Bottomhood of Steel for helping me. Thanks to those tips i was able to find a decent face texture that is close to my costume skin( hairy and Oily) Here is some naughty pics to show this new skin.😜
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    Hey Everyone, just a quick tutorial here on how to set up bodytalk to make it ready for play. I'm afraid not many ppl know how to do that because when compared to SAM for example, bodyslide is needed. For this tutorial i gonna use Mod Organizer 2 as mod manager. To use it in fallout 4 you need to download mo2 from skyrim special edition page right here: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/6194 Alright so before we start with installation make sure to download bodytalk files and its requirements Download the main bodytalk files in 1. and looksmenu patch in 2. so you can get bodytalk to work with ingame morphs using looksmenu. its something very close to how SAM Morphs for Racemenu works for SSE (The patch is not available anymore of download because it has been integrated to the main mod files so don't panic) Also make sure to have F4SE downloaded, since its Looksmenu's and AAF's hard requirement. With everything downloaded install all files with MO2 as you normally do pressing the icon in (1.) and selecting the compressed files in (2.) *If you have no idea on how to use mod organizer and feel this tutorial don't make you understand it enough, you can find plenty of tutorials on Youtube about its functions and installation process, just gotta hit the search button. After installing them ofc you want to make them activated: just tick the boxes in (1.) if there are any plugin files ".esm .esp .esl" they will show up in (2.) window as you activate them Also in order to make your mods work you need to add a specific line... open the ini editor with your mod organizer and go to fallout4custom.ini and place this line: [Archive] bInvalidateOlderFiles=1 sResourceDataDirsFinal= Once you're done placing the line, Press "Save" and we can proceed. Now bodytalk is installed and ready to go right? NOPE! if you check bodytalk mod files you'll be able to see there are no malebody meshes in the default male body directory "meshes/actors/character/character assets" so if you go as it is you'll see no difference ingame, so you have to build them using bodyslide. Using MO2 for that we need to run BodySlide through it so do the following 1.Hit the box close to "Run" button 2.Hit the "Edit" dialogue box 1.This Box gonna show up 2.Hit the dots in "Binary" box line 3.This will show up 4.Browse where your bodyslide executable is located, since we installed bodyslide with MO2 as mod its located in MO2 mods folder so the path is "Your Mod Organizer Folder here\mods\BodySlide and Outfit Studio\Tools\BodySlide\Bodyslide x64.exe" in my case "Mod Organizer 2 (Archive)-6194-2-1-6-1545422839\mods\BodySlide and Outfit Studio\Tools\BodySlide\Bodyslide64.exe" 5.Hit the Open box 1.Path Detected 2.Type in a tittle you can remember of, like bodyslide 3.Hit add button 1.Hit the box again 2.Select Bodyslide 3.Hit Run After hitting run if its your first time with MO2, it will ask you to open Steam. If your have a non steam version select "Remember Selection" then hit NO A Box will show up ask which game you want to run bodyslide for ofc you want to select Fallout4 With all done you'll get the bodyslide interface now running through MO2. Before we begin building the body lets make sure bodyslide is targeting fallout 4 right 1.Bodyslide interface will show up 2.Hit Settings Button 3.The path must be "Your disk/Any other folder that leads to fallout 4 installation/Fallout 4/Data" NOTE: it must be targeting data as last folder, if not make it target right with pressing Browse box 4.Then hit OK OK now we are ready to build our body so lets understand some of bodyslide functions for that: 1.Here its project files for bodyslide ".osd" they have shape data and sliders data. Here is where you have to choose your naked body and outfits (refits) to match your body 2.This is your preset selection. Presets are saved sliders values data for your body so you don't have to set values manually everytime you build a body. The bodytalk itself include some presets for you but you can use/save your own preset for personal use. Normally sliders goes from 0-100% but you can goo further 200%... or lower -50%... just gotta hit the percentage box and type in the value you wish. You can also save your own preset... after playing with the combination of slider the way you like then hit "Save As...". Keep in mind your character won't look like exactly the way you designed your body in bodyslide, that's because fallout 4, differently from Skyrim, has 2 more vanilla group sliders (Weight Triangle in looksmenu -muscular/large/thin- and hidden sliders acessible only through wordpad editing using preset files generated by looksmenu mod). When those sliders are in combination with BodySlide sliders your character will show you differently so everything here is a matter of balance. 3.To see how you body bends with the sliders press the preview button 4.This will show up you can rotate, zoom in zoom out etc. 5. To make body morphs work using looksmenu ingame For this Tutorial i gonna build my body with my own presets. The preset Sample i gonna use is stored in one of my refits and i gonna use the one from here: Its pretty simple you just gotta close bodyslide, install the provided mod using MO2 like any other regular mod, activate it and run bodyslide again 1.As you can see my preset is not located in preset list for Bodytalk nude body project. That's because my preset has additional slider data like imported FatStomach slider from older bodytalk version which makes undetectable for the current project. 2.All you gotta do is save the project file with a different name, just hit the little icon there, it makes you open outfit studio for the current selected project. With the Outfit Studio interface shown up just go to upper left coner and hit File>Save As... 1.This will show up 2.Press "To Project" button to save all the project files with the name used in "Display Name" Box, in this case TBOS-BodyTalk-V2 Tutorial, so SliderSet and ShapeData is gonna have this name 3.Press Save After That close the BodySlide This preset was designed to work with my Nude Body cus as i said has additional slider data aside from the ones provided by the Bodytalk. You can still use it with the "original" project we saved above but if you want to use my project file so download it here: Ulfberth's Bodyslide BT Body and Preset.rar Just install it using MO2 like any other regular mod Now reopen Bodyslide With the bodyslide reopened you will now be able to see the Bodytalk project file we saved earlier "TBOS-BodyTalk-V2-Tutorial" and my Project file "TBOS-BodyTalk-V2-bait" (The File is now named TBOS-Bodytalk-V2-Ulfberth For this tutorial i gonna use my project file but if you wish to stick a with original sliders (it doesn't matter the difference is my project file have more content when compared to the original the all the other sliders are exactly the same from original bodytalk project file) 1.Now my preset is finally avaible for use "My Bodytalk Preset 2.30 bait" (The preset is now Named Big Bear) 2.Tick the "Build Morphs" box and hit Build and close your Bodyslide 1.Select the outfit project file 2.Select your Preset 3.Build Morphs box checkes 4.Build it! Also you want to build the outfit we downloaded earlier to have something to cover our bodies with (you can have vanilla refits for bodytalk here: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/35043 ) Every single file generated from MO2 is stored in your overwrite folder. For a matter of organization you want to drag the files from there to their proper directory 1. Double click the overwrite line 2.This box will show up 3.This belongs to Bodytalk drag and drop to TBOS-BodyTalk2 4.This belongs to Bodyslide drag and drop to BodySlide and Outfit Studio Make sure you have sex theme installed and load the Bodytalk as last as possible in your left panel like this: As you can see the BT is loaded after the theme so the conflicting files will get priority to load for bodytalk and they will overwrite the Sex Theme's. The Lighting icon with a + means the current mod is overwritting a previous mod; the mods being overwritten will be highlighted by a green box, as you can see, the Sex theme is inside of a green box and being overwritten by Bodytalk. The lighting with a minus means it's being overwritten. You can have the sex theme here: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/36342 Or an AiO theme pack here: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/112667-aaf-themes-beta-basicanimations-sexanimations-kinkycreaturesexanimations/ And that's it, now just run F4SE through mod organizer and enjoy bodytalk!!! if you wish to know how to mess with hidden sliders refer to here: Source: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/36195?tab=description&BH=0 Also some notes about this guide *You can go something below 0 like negative numbers like -5/ Decimal numbers like 0.5 (would stand for something like 50%) and Value above 1 (100%) like 10 and so on *The value for *** stands for a specific area of the head/ The second value stands for Shoulders/ The third value for the Chest area/ The Forth value for the Hips and The Last value for the legs (BEEFY LEGS!!!) *If you wish to use my preset i recommend using making the following combination of sliders: -My bodyslide preset itself -The values for hidden sliders are: [ 0, 0.5, 1, 0.2000000029802322, 0.300000011920929 ] -The Values for the Weight triangle are these: "Weight" : [ 0, 0.6120703220367432, 0.3879296481609345 ] (they are in very bottom of your preset file) Let me know if you have any questions!
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    It shouldn't matter which one you use 🙂. The genitals clipping through is because SAM Light uses Slot 32 for both the body and the genitals. With regular SAM (and SoS), the genitals used slot 52....so it was possible to hide the genitals with an accessory by making the accessory use slot 52. To fix it you can use this mod, or you can play with the slots but I'm not sure if there are any consequences to the latter.
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    if you re experienced enough, you`ll understand how much lower you need to load bodytalk. Mostly you want to load after any mod that adds an XML morphset so bodytalk`s will overwrite them, but if you`ve installed body textures ofc you want to load the textures after the bodytalk. Its a matter of how to manage your files, that`s why we say to load it as last as you can, cus its more easier to understand that way. So you don`t necessarily need to bring it down whenever you add more mods, you just have to do it for when you install animations and this kind of stuff ;D.
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    Yes, you'll need to export them again. I'll add that in since it's not clear. By this step the body should be unset as the reference, so there should be no reference shape and you can export without reference.
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    so the FreeFlyCam Mod requires F4SE, which I assume you have installed. But it'll only work when you activate TFC in the console (The ~ Key) TFC will unstick the camera and let you fly around. If in 3rd person view, you'll be able to see and capture pics of your character Console Command TM will just hide the UI so you can get nice pics. I used TFC to let the camera move freely, then TM to hide the UI. The angles and closeups are achieved with Freeflycam . I can't give you exacts on how to use it, since I use a controller, so... you'll have to play with the keys to control the camera if you are not using a controller.
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    View File SAM Light Texture Add-on Custom skin textures I created for SAM Light for personal use. It's reached a point where I feel it's ready for everyone else to use. These textures are for human races only. Each texture set is custom made and meant to be used together. Hand and feet textures include fingernails/toenails and are meant to be used with hand/feet meshes from SAM High Poly Conversion. Face textures include high quality ears and no problematic seams commonly found in the back of the head. Requirements SAM Light Diffuse Maps created from various photo references slightly saturated and mainly tailored for Nords skin tone might be off for non-Nord races includes body hair options optional tanline body available in 2k (uncompressed) Normal Maps (_msn) baked from high poly models and blended with skin pores for extra details face maps use vanilla maps as base and blended to remove neck seams available in 4k and 2k (uncompressed) Specular Maps (_s) designed specifically to highlight fine skin pores while not being overly glossy available in 4k and 2k (compresed and uncompressed variants) Subsurface Maps (_sk) effect is subtle in Oldrim but much more noticeable in SE created from diffuse maps available in 1k (compressed and uncompressed variants) Face Complexion Maps custom-made complexion maps rough maps are freckles and age maps are sharper and appear younger than vanilla certain NPC's may look different due to age complexion available in 1k uncompressed (RGB 64:64:64) Installation If using a mod manager, just follow the installer. The quality 4k options are meant for screenarchery, but they're usable for general gameplay if you have a capable system. Manual Installation 00 Diffuse textures in _bodyBase, _hands, _head folders are required choose one body texture from _bodyDefault (normal body) or _bodyTan (tanline body) folders 01 Normal textures in _hands and _head folders are required. choose between 2k body (_body2k) or 4k body (_body4k) optionally install texture in _headCustom folder for custom head texture 02 Specular Quality: pick one body texture from _body2k or _body4k folder, then install all textures in _quality2k folder Performance: install all textures in the _performance2k folder 03 Subsurface Quality: install all textures in the _quality1k folder Performance: install all textures in the _performance1k folder 04 Face Detail optional for custom face complexion maps What about SAM (full)? Due to the vast amount of normal maps used, I decided to only support SAM Light since it uses only one set of normal maps. The other maps can be used for SAM, but some editing is needed if you want the genital textures. Please do not modify and share without my permission. Credit goes to Vector for the creation of Shape Atlas for Men. Submitter KouLeifoh Submitted 01/13/2019 Category The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim  
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    New set is up on my patreon. It is fitted for SAM and SAM only. Consists of: Original armor set Broken version Shield & Sword Hairstyle Also, patron exclusive post: Berserker Tyrie Consists of: Original set One handed axe Hairstyle Keep in mind that both of these sets are [1.0], which means first draft. There will be weighing/clipping issues, and I aim to fix them down the road. HDT is planned, but I feel like most people here don't know what SMP is and don't want to get into installing it, so I'm working on a complete guide/making SAM body physics compatible with SMP. I'm not gonna do PE cause I need to switch to max 2012 and PE itself is buggy as hell. One more thing, you will notice the three sets from vindictus are gone, they're taken down for revamp because I'm not happy with them. The legacy version is patron only. They will be re-released in the future as public posts. So don't worry. That's it. Have a great day.
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    Hey all I recently decided to try SAM found it was fantastic except for the fact that everyone kinda looks like a buff stay puff marshmallow man lol. I looked around but couldn't find any other normals except for the hard bodies conversion but that one is a bit extreme for me so I went ahead and gave trying to make my own conversion in gimp a try (though hopefully a "real" modder will give us something better but till then...), anyways this is a mixture of the SOS and SAM normals if you give it a try and notice any odd seams go ahead and post with pics pointing it out (woop for my first post on this site!) ps file size limit so ill post the second part in a sec S.A.M. SOS+SAM normals pt01.7z
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    It needs to be converted over. So in its current state, no.


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