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    It's an issue with the key used for morphs/transformations. I'm surprised that Oldrim is affected as well. I updated my mod to use a slightly different key for the skeleton sliders and they now properly save in both Oldrim and SE.
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    Thank you for this! I grabbed the latest version posted by Alarik. Thanks for sharing your work
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    Hello guys, I was wondering if anyone else besides me likes tan lines on male bodies and I was thinking if there's any textures out there for SAM or maybe SOS (since there's a lot of textures for SOS body) And I still have one character using SOS mod just for testing mods and fun. Do you guys know anything about a mod like that? I hope this pic don't cause me trouble it's just to illustrate
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    Cool dude, thank you for your hard work! I've been messing around with this file and FloppySOS and they seem to work together really well. Ironically, I havent' seen any belly distortion, but the body bounce looks good and the schlong collision works well without hurling the characters' balls into orbit like HDT BBB 1.5 does in conjunction with FloppySOS.
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    All full Complete version 12-11 SAM - 3MW Texture Pack - PBI+THO+MMMLT+DW.7z
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    All full Complete version 12-10 SAM - 3MW Texture Pack - PBI+THO+LMMLT+SABI.7z
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    All full Complete version 12-7 SAM - 3MW Texture Pack - PBI+MMMLT+DW.7z
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    I found this 7zip file in my mods folder. Hope this is what you're looking for. 3MW Texture very good! should not be buried. All full Complete version 12-1 SAM - 3MW Texture Pack - LMMLT+DW.7z Muscle texture: DW SABI LMMLT MMMLT
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    Just to drop by and let you guys know that new set is up on my patreon https://www.patreon.com/posts/22262211
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    Thanks for your tutorial. For use Racemenu 3.4.5 with sam you can install HDT physics extension


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