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    Thx to my friend SavrenX who came up with the idea i just used Sin Dunestride Headmesh for my character. its amazing. why i havent thought about this earlier?!^^ but there is still the feet mesh and face texture issue.
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    Hey Friends. I'm currently recreating my Mane Khajiit. SE Sam light with Hardbody normalmap, replaced the tail with HDT tail. I'm very happy about the results i had the last time but there is still much to do for perfection. preview: Khajiit Mane Sam light SSE my probolems are simple but i wasnt able to find a solution till now. at first i have zero experience with sculpting. i sometimes tried but mostly failed. especially for big changes. what i currently need is a Headmesh / headmorph suitable for Lion type characters. ive found images but have no idea what they used to create this look. (picture #1) since i use my Mane hair it doesnt even care if there is a neckseam second problem is face texture. the body texture is amazing but the face texture simply is shitty. (picture #2) third problem...i want a sam light compatible Digitigrade feet for my Khajiit. i know Kouleifoh is working on fixing the gap which is amazing but i personally would prefer Digitigrade feet. (picture #3) i hope someone here can hel me. have a nice day Karunavai
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    Version 1.0.0


    Just a Sim I made that I thought turned out pretty good
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    Version 1.0.0


    This file actually belong to bro kouleifoh. I download this longggggg time ago in forum. I already forgot where. The goal is to use chris redfield in gameplay. But since bro kouleifoh already fix the head mesh so i take another step to make Neck Patch including made him as Farkas. So we can take that hottie wolf everywhere as follower and involved quest too. Listen...this is important. When you meet him in game, open console command and type this : Set Npcweight 100 Disable Enable Because i forgot set weight so he got neck gap. With that console, everything solved perfectly. I'm sure you understand that console command. If you don't please don't ask me because this is Old game. Read google. Enjoy. Credit to Chris redfield converter to skyrim and bro koulefoh for fixed his head. This is for SKYRIM LE.
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    Warrior - Xho Kreuz (before he was a vampire) - Snowfall Weathers ENB
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    Version 1.2.0


    DESCRIPTION More refits!! This is a refit of an outfit based on Olgierd Von Everec from The Witcher games, worn by Heiko. This is a standalone mod--You do not need the original .esp. This is by far the most time consuming refit I've done so far, with 6! pieces of armor. All have been refitted for SAM. Enjoy! Each piece: Can be crafted at any forge, and is considered leather armor. Can be improved at an armor station. HDT compatible. Armor pieces included: Olgierd Robe - 28 Armor rating Olgierd Boots - 8 Armor rating Olgierd Ring - 0 Armor rating Olgierd Gloves - 8 Armor rating Olgierd Robes Alt (only shirt and pants, no skirt) - 28 Armor rating Olgierd Revealing Robes! - 28 Armor rating In terms of armor rating, that makes it about on par with the Shrouded Armor set, without the fancy enchantments. But you can add your own! HOW TO OBTAIN Two ways of obtaining armor in-game: Craft it at a forge (requires leather & strips, and a gold ingot for the ring). Cheat! 'help olgierd' will show you the item's code 'player.additem xxxxx 1' will give you 1 of the item. (replace 'xxxxx' with the code you found with the previous command) INSTALLATION Manually: Simply extract the folders into your Skyrim\Data folder, or use Mod Manager to do it for you. With mod manager: Don't extract. In NMM, click 'Add mod from file' (shown below) Find your copy of '[SAM] Olgierd Armor.7z' that you downloaded, hit ok. Look for it in the 'unassigned' category of the 'mods' tab. Once you install it you may delete the .7z file. (NMM keeps its own copy ). Final notes: If you wish to use Heiko's version, simply drop the .esp, 'textures', and 'meshes' folders into your Skyrim data directory and overwrite. If you go this route, you will need to do some additional tweaking to fix the follower Heiko as he uses hardcoded skin textures which are not compatible with SAM. If you are wondering which ENB I used for the screenshots, it is Project ENB - fantasy preset. This was the most challenging refit by far but I'm pretty happy with the result. Let me know if you notice any issues!! I'm still new at this. Hopefully more refits to come. : ) Credits Thanks to Heiko for granting permission to use their awesome armors and textures! Also thanks to Kouleifoh for the HDT BBB and high poly conversion mod.
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    Version 1.0.0


    AIM [Vin terminus.esp]
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    What is the mods used in the photo all together!
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    What you're looking for is floppySoS https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2180-floppysos/ Enjoy the bouncing
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    Ok, wait there: that's for converting FROM VANILLA TO SAM, meaning the armor to be correctly morphed whould be an armor fitted for VANILLA body. Using a SAM armor would deform it on the _1shape. that's the reason the shape you got is "almost" ok. For regular armors SAMKenDoll. ActionMan includes the schlong and it's mostly for refitting revealing armors/things that have to conform with the schlong From what you highlighted I think you missed this: I did manage to find those though google REBOL and Bodyslide tools (scroll down on the thread, you will need only the REBOL/View and the Bodyslide_Tool.r file in the Bodyslide_tools_v0.3.2.7z archive) and this should be BodyMorph (I didn't download it to test it but looks like it). If you look at the programs it should be more clear.