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    Absolutely Skimpy Attires Showcase. Thank you so much to Ulfberth for refitting and fulfilling my request. Thank you so much to the other creators as well (dikr, Don, and Maars). This sets is so fun to use and suitable for everyone hahaha.
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    Thanks a lot Ulfberth. I love your Btv2 converted armors. Can't wait for your next project.
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    Thank you Ulfberth, I love the work that you do for BTv2, can't wait for your next project.
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    Shows off just the right amount of skin ?
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    Just put it in the BodyTalk V2 folder , Thanks For Share !!
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    Love it, maybe you do the 0 Weight aswell one day..
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    Sexy while still lore-friendly! Aka everything good in life.