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    This is one of my experiment Combining SAM Skin and Dizona skin. Since bro kouleifoh release high quality skin i always curious combine all mods. As we know so far, Dizona body very good for Daddy body but not that much for young or slim body. It's because the chest part meshes shape very similar fat daddy shape. But for that reason, dizona normal very good for young body too because lack muscle definition and smooth. Lucky, Dizona make skin for Vanilla too so i use that one. But since that skin non nude version, i combine this with bro Kouleifoh skin. Besides, i don't like dizona ass part anyway so better take best part and combine it. So far i see seamless combined. As you can see..Dizona chest part and arms look more Rounded because lack muscle definition. This skin can become good alternative for Daddy SAM build too. Fat arms become detail. Normal map and diffuse combined. Can't deny that ass from bro Kouleifoh gorgeous XD.
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    I'm not sure if "finished" is the right word, but he has said he will no longer be sharing mods. There was an XSoldier update in progress that we unfortunately never got to see and probably never will