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    Hey peeps.I been posting a lot I know, so going to cool it a bit. I've been a little excited because I am finally close to a fully functional Centaur. I have always wanted this and been working on him for a quite some time. Anyway hope I wasnt too annoying. Heres a couple sample pics. I had to freeze his AI since still working on idles. I hope to release him as a follower once I iron everything out. Take it easy
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    I don't understand why this isn't more popular.. maybe since it isn't on nexus? IMO this beats any male body texture/genital adding mod ever created for skyrim. SOS is garbage when compared.
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    Version 1.0.0


    4 set of armors. All refitted for SAM. Report bugs in the comment section. This set is not the best of qualities as I am getting busier and busier. My apologies. Two more on patreon. Check it out if you're interested.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is actually my personal stuff for SAMlight. But i think many our friends need it ( especially if they have many underwear refit ) so i better share here than share through pm and pm. Remember, i made this patch with 1 goal. Separate genital and body so we can use SAM usual system for all reavealing armor + underwear. I don't deal with big dick fetish size or anything not usual stuff about SAM. Because i don't know if this SAM morph slider will work perfectly with this patch or not. I don't have time to try it and i don't have intention to find out too. But since racemenu have many slider feel free to experiment. Samuel and Samson work perfectly with racemenu slider. Dick size handled by SOS system like usual. With this system, you have chance to use another mod such UNP schlong, ect. For load order: - SAMlight - SAM high poly - SAM Schlongs Of Skyrim - SAM Racemenu Morph - SAM light textures ( and everything like Samlight khajit, argonian, all about samlight textures ) Underwear will work as usual. If you disable schlong, it will replace schlong with underwear from SAM. If you need cut dick skin, just use racemenu to hide the skin. I only set Uncut dick as default so we can use racemenu as usual. I can do another esp for cut version but useless. Better we save esp slot. Khajit, Argonian, working too. USE MOONLIGHT TALES mod to solve werewolf problem incase your werewolf in T pose. Happened to me but i don't know if other will experience this too. Besides who want use vanilla ugly werewolf anyway. Moontales muscular werewolf best of them all. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If happen you experience dick gap for first time load this mod, go to racemenu ( sam tab menu ) and switch enable scaling on and off. This will solve it. NO NEED INSTALL SOS except this file, I compiled all inside the zip. I tested this mod ( with exact load order ) with pure vanilla and working well. If happen you experience error because your great mod such 10000000 mod enable at once, feel free to solve your problem by yourself. As long as the mod working well with vanilla, for me it's fine. I can't make patch for every mod out there. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Credit to VectorPlexus, Smurf, and bro Kouleifoh.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Original work by teamtal. Wolf knight set is included, so you can uninstall that one. Please report bugs. I didn't test this very hard. Also this is hosted on google drive because I couldn't upload here for some reason? If you can't access google drive then you also can download it on my patreon.
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    Version 1.3


    This is a modified version of SAM that removes dependencies on scripts and .esp to allow the genitals to show when fully nude by resizing and placing the genital texture on the body texture layout. As a result, body morphs are not supported. It's a basic body replacer along the same lines as Better Males and SOS Light. Compatible with classic Skyrim and Special Edition. This mod is not an official release of SAM. Therefore, if you encounter any issues with it, please do not contact Vector about them. Difference between full SAM Lightweight due to no scripts or .esp used No body morphs* No dynamic body type and genital adjustments No dynamic body texture options Revealing armor with "SAMRevealing" node not supported Werewolf and Vampire Lord not supported *morph functionality can be added with SAM Morphs for RaceMenu Installation If using a mod manager, just follow the installer. Manual installation 00 and 01 are required for core functionality. 02 Genital Option - Select between Cut, Uncut, or Underwear (non-nude) version 03 Human Body Texture - Select one body texture for human races 04 Khajiit Body Texture - Select one body texture for Khajiit race Custom Textures If you'd like to use your own body textures, use the layout template to resize and align the genital correctly. Base texture 2k, resize genital texture to 256x256 Base texture 4k, resize genital texture to 512x512 Align genital texture in the green box, create selection mask with the green color, and delete the selection. Due to genital texture resizing, minor texture seams may be visible. Regarding Refits Armor refits are not required for basic functionality. They're only needed if you use SAM Morphs for RaceMenu and want the morph features. Credit goes to Vector for the creation of Shape Atlas for Men.