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    4.6.1 maybe OK, but v 4.6.2+ is definitely no.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Hey everyone! This is my first upload here at VectorPlexus, and I hope to upload a few more things for The Sims eventually. I present: the rigged bulge mesh for WickedWhims! The base mesh was created by littledica, which I slightly modified to give it the best visual effect when animated. Thank you so much for letting me use your mesh littledica! In the download, you'll find a pair of underwear that comes in the 4 default colors. These can be applied to a sim through WickedWhims' underwear settings, or in any outfit you wish. I may add more patterns and styles at a later date. This mesh doesn't do anything on it's own! You must install an animation package that uses this mesh to see any of the above effects. Links: WickedWhims - This is required for the mesh to show up in-game properly! So don't forget to download it! My Tumblr - I post a lot of my WIP's there first. So if you want to see what I'm working on, go ahead and follow me! Animator's resources


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