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    Something less silly from me, Arden and Jorik:
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    Finally Im happy with my ENB Im using Special Edition..And I made something decent so Im fine right now thank you
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    Version 1.0.0


    Just re-upload, Voice Pack was entirely developed by @lxlhunter, credits for that go to him
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    Thank you Im really happy to see you evrwhere lul
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    @iamnotvirgin alright, he goes an alternative way to add physics. After opening the Bodytalk project, go to file>import from nif... then select mesh you want to refit/add physics to With the files imported select the meshes you want to add the physics to using your right panel. In this case i need to apply the physics in both the shirt and the pants since both is covering the butt area With the meshes selected go to the Bones tab and leave selected both Butt_CBP_L_01 and Butt_CBP_R_01 Then head back to the Meshes tab, right click on the meshes previously selected and select the option Copy Selected Weights (since we selected only the butt bones, only them will be copied using the "Copy Selected Weights" function. Now you can see the meshes have the physics butt bone data. All that dyed area is under influence of the bounce With that you can save your project, build the meshes and you are done.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is actually my personal stuff for SAMlight. But i think many our friends need it ( especially if they have many underwear refit ) so i better share here than share through pm and pm. Remember, i made this patch with 1 goal. Separate genital and body so we can use SAM usual system for all reavealing armor + underwear. I don't deal with big dick fetish size or anything not usual stuff about SAM. Because i don't know if this SAM morph slider will work perfectly with this patch or not. I don't have time to try it and i don't have intention to find out too. But since racemenu have many slider feel free to experiment. Samuel and Samson work perfectly with racemenu slider. Dick size handled by SOS system like usual. With this system, you have chance to use another mod such UNP schlong, ect. For load order: - SAMlight - SAM high poly - SAM Schlongs Of Skyrim - SAM Racemenu Morph - SAM light textures ( and everything like Samlight khajit, argonian, all about samlight textures ) Underwear will work as usual. If you disable schlong, it will replace schlong with underwear from SAM. If you need cut dick skin, just use racemenu to hide the skin. I only set Uncut dick as default so we can use racemenu as usual. I can do another esp for cut version but useless. Better we save esp slot. Khajit, Argonian, working too. USE MOONLIGHT TALES mod to solve werewolf problem incase your werewolf in T pose. Happened to me but i don't know if other will experience this too. Besides who want use vanilla ugly werewolf anyway. Moontales muscular werewolf best of them all. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If happen you experience dick gap for first time load this mod, go to racemenu ( sam tab menu ) and switch enable scaling on and off. This will solve it. NO NEED INSTALL SOS except this file, I compiled all inside the zip. I tested this mod ( with exact load order ) with pure vanilla and working well. If happen you experience error because your great mod such 10000000 mod enable at once, feel free to solve your problem by yourself. As long as the mod working well with vanilla, for me it's fine. I can't make patch for every mod out there. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Credit to VectorPlexus, Smurf, and bro Kouleifoh.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Credits goes to: MaGlas original mod required here: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/28629?tab=description A Special Request by: @good0593 Files included: My own preset for Bodyslide used in screenshots. Preset name: Big Bear (BT)Retro Fashion project files (build with your favorite preset). They are tagged as the following in your bodyslide outfit/body dropdown selection menu: You can craft them using the chemlab in "Vintage Clothing" Category. See pics to have reference of the various models you can get (The original Retro Fashion Overhaul modpage, has the references better sorted) Follow me in the | Twitter | if you want to get notified in real time when i publish new refits for Fallout 4 Join us in TBOS' BodyTalk | Discord | for more BodyTalk content, pre release announcements, pics and more (NSFW server, no underage allowed please) Join me in my | Private Club | for non public releases Follow this | File | if you want to be aware of new updates! Let me know if you have any questions, feedback, requests or suggestions. Also feel free to improve these meshes if you would like to.
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    View File SavrenX Sexy Vampire Lord SAM Light ( Skyrim SE ) This mod based on this ( Credit to No more ugly vampire lord ) -https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/77763?tab=description Because this mod need some instruction ( maybe some common user will confuse ), i include everything in this file. No need download original mod anymore. This mod only for Males. I don't really care what happen to females. Lol This will change your vampire lord form to human like original mod. I enhanced the look with SAM. Gorgeous horn, custom skin , custom map, Vamp Thong, Custom shape body, bigger butt, ect. The vampire lord armor new too and very HD. That face will follow your preset but enhanced with this mod. I don't make the mod, just enhance the looks. So if something happen about bug animation or anything better read on original page. But so far so good no problem. The download files just link to my dropbox ( for now ) because i tried load 20 times and failed. Maybe i will update later if i can load the files without problem. LINK DOWNLOAD : https://www.dropbox.com/s/gwv8au2ini7t53b/SavrenX Vampire Lord SAM.zip?dl=0 Submitter Don Submitted 03/08/2019 Category The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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    Version 1.0.0