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    I don't understand why this isn't more popular.. maybe since it isn't on nexus? IMO this beats any male body texture/genital adding mod ever created for skyrim. SOS is garbage when compared.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is actually my personal stuff for SAMlight. But i think many our friends need it ( especially if they have many underwear refit ) so i better share here than share through pm and pm. Remember, i made this patch with 1 goal. Separate genital and body so we can use SAM usual system for all reavealing armor + underwear. I don't deal with big dick fetish size or anything not usual stuff about SAM. Because i don't know if this SAM morph slider will work perfectly with this patch or not. I don't have time to try it and i don't have intention to find out too. But since racemenu have many slider feel free to experiment. Samuel and Samson work perfectly with racemenu slider. Dick size handled by SOS system like usual. With this system, you have chance to use another mod such UNP schlong, ect. For load order: - SAMlight - SAM high poly - SAM Schlongs Of Skyrim - SAM Racemenu Morph - SAM light textures ( and everything like Samlight khajit, argonian, all about samlight textures ) Underwear will work as usual. If you disable schlong, it will replace schlong with underwear from SAM. If you need cut dick skin, just use racemenu to hide the skin. I only set Uncut dick as default so we can use racemenu as usual. I can do another esp for cut version but useless. Better we save esp slot. Khajit, Argonian, working too. USE MOONLIGHT TALES mod to solve werewolf problem incase your werewolf in T pose. Happened to me but i don't know if other will experience this too. Besides who want use vanilla ugly werewolf anyway. Moontales muscular werewolf best of them all. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If happen you experience dick gap for first time load this mod, go to racemenu ( sam tab menu ) and switch enable scaling on and off. This will solve it. NO NEED INSTALL SOS except this file, I compiled all inside the zip. I tested this mod ( with exact load order ) with pure vanilla and working well. If happen you experience error because your great mod such 10000000 mod enable at once, feel free to solve your problem by yourself. As long as the mod working well with vanilla, for me it's fine. I can't make patch for every mod out there. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Credit to VectorPlexus, Smurf, and bro Kouleifoh.
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    @SailgaiT31 @Alexstrin Can you please try the alternate link again? Download
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    Version 1.0.1


    19/08/19 -Some meshes were re-adjusted in order to decrease the number of clippings -Added refits of Fur and Guards' armor -Imperial medium armor edited DESCRIPTION This file replaces all light armors except for Hide armor (4 types) and Stormcloaks armor. They'll be uploaded later. UPLOADED The list of armors changed : Shrouded armor Thieves Guild/Leader armor Elven Light/Heavy armor Nightingale armor (incompatible with custom textures) Forsworn armor Tsun armor Savior's Hide Imperial light armor Imperial medium armor - It’ll be redone little bit in the next update I've also included light armors I made earlier i.e. Glass armor Studded armor Dragonscale armor Nothing unusual. All changes can be seen on screens. Sorry but only screens with Samson 100. It works with both Samuel and Samson. IMPORTANT - gloves and boots weren't changed If you notice any clippings or something just write here or in personal messages. INSTALLATION Drop files to Skyrim folder UNINSTALLATION As usual delete files added by archive (I'll all the information later)
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    Version 1.0.0


    AIM [Vin terminus.esp]
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    Version 1.0.0


    This file actually belong to bro kouleifoh. I download this longggggg time ago in forum. I already forgot where. The goal is to use chris redfield in gameplay. But since bro kouleifoh already fix the head mesh so i take another step to make Neck Patch including made him as Farkas. So we can take that hottie wolf everywhere as follower and involved quest too. Listen...this is important. When you meet him in game, open console command and type this : Set Npcweight 100 Disable Enable Because i forgot set weight so he got neck gap. With that console, everything solved perfectly. I'm sure you understand that console command. If you don't please don't ask me because this is Old game. Read google. Enjoy. Credit to Chris redfield converter to skyrim and bro koulefoh for fixed his head. This is for SKYRIM LE.
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    Version 1.1.0b


    This is a crude SAM supported conversion package of my mashed-up male underwear mod, VLSIMU: Vanilla-Like Schlong Interactive Male Underwear, originally hosted on LL. This package (v 1.1.0) is standalone, so you don't have to download the original one from LL (optional outfitlist.esp is included in optional_outfitlistlist subfolder) as well as older version to update. [Add]: [Feb. 13, 2019]: This package does not need to update in accordance with the latest SAM Morphs for Racemenu v 1.0.4+ . Features: Almost vanilla-looking (loincloth-style) underwear for male actors, with flexible front side 'apron' that can move in accordance with the movement of the wearer's schlong. That is to say, no more his schlong sticking directly out from the cloth. Compatible with BOTH SAM: Shape Atlas for Men (full) & SAM Light , suporting from samson/ samuel from ca. -20 to +80 onwards, Use equipment slot 56 (instead of slot 52, unlike other male underwear mod), so it does not hide your PC's manly bit entirely while he put it on. No Script, very light-weight (i.e. low poly mesh/low-res texture...) I hope it works both for Skyrim LE and Skyrim SSE. Really sorry, I've also uploaded meshes (only) optimized version for SSE users, but you have to convert .esp file to SSE by youself (and SSE CK). [Updated] .esp/ .esl file, together with meshes, in v 1.1a package is finally properly converted fully to SSE. Constructable with one roll of linen wrap and two leather strips, at the tanning rack. No smithing skill/perk required. Supposed to be hidden under (almost) all vanilla armors or clothes. Male only. If female can try put it on, the underwear will just not show up on their body (i,e. she will remain nude). The mod itself does not distribute the underwear to other NPCs in the game. Although I personally cannot recommend, if you REALLY wish to achieve such a thing, check below. Also includes crafting only (i.e. not distributed to NPCs) three variants of the underwears. Red (linen: additionally requiring five pieces of Red Mountain Flowers as dye when crafted), Green (linen: additionally requiring five pieces of Lavenders as dye), and soft touch leather one (requiring one piece of Leather instead of Linen Wrap). Known Incompatibilities/ Problems: Basic Principle: While any SAM revealing replacers of the vanilla outfits should be loaded AFTER this mod, any NON-revealing armors/ clothings should be loaded BEFORE this one to patch AA (as for how to do, see below) for hiding the underwear. Any other armor/ cloth mod that occupies the equipment slot 56. I assume that, however, few male armor mods use this slot, and even if female actor tries to put it on, other equipments (using the same slot) should be prioritized in the game. Non-vanilla armors/ clothes (including Replacers) will not hide the underwear unless the patch is not made (how to make it compatible with TESVEdit, check the following SS: http://imgur.com/GTmOVO5 If you wish to use this underwear together (only) with some revealing armors, you don't have to tweak armor/cloth's AA for hiding slot 56, as instructed above. Just install and put on the underwear as well as the revealing armor together. Some clippings especially while sneaking/ running especially for HDT bouncing body. Due to its nature of tweaking armor add-ons of all the vanilla armors and clothes to hide the slot 56, I assume that I carry forwards almost all the 'fixes' of armor add-ons done by USLEEP (and CRF as well) that can be done without any dependency also into this mod's .esp. Fixes of the other overhaul mods like CCF are currently not supported, however. How to distribute the underwear to other NPCs in the game? (though I strongly wish to dissuade you to try) #Except for the option A, you will definitely need some basic knowledge on TESVedit/ CK. Option A: Use Underpants (http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1878-underpants/) Option B: Integrate this mod's asset with Andrelo's Vanilla Underwear for ALL, and rely on her/ his other mods, Outfit filter and updater (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/71342/) and Undergarment distribution (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/71308/). Option C : If you achieve it by non-scripting ways, you can make use of my optional .esp, titled as vanilla_male_npc_outfitlist_vlsimu.esp, as instructed below. Put vanilla_male_npc_outfitlist_vlsimu.esp below in your load order (preferably just above your bashed/merged patch). Open this .esp and your other mods together with TESVEdit. Carry forward all the conflicting record into NPC's outfit entry of this .esp (see SS). http://imgur.com/5fSa1L1 NB: You have to make a patch by yourself by tweaking the outfit list of other additional mods. NB2: If you install vanilla_male_npc_outfitlist_vlsimu.esp in course of your play through (i.e. not from the new game), the actors those who had already appeared in the game would be not affected by this outfit change. So, it's best to install vanilla_male_npc_outfitlist_vlsimu.esp from the new game. Sorry for your inconvenience. Credits: SOS - Male Skimpy Crouch underwear for SOS by DarkSchneiderBS for the flexible mesh/ weighting of the front side 'apron'. It was her/him who invented the interactive mesh, and I just adapted it to the vanilla-style underwear. HD Sacks Retexture by Mazarin for the re-texture base (cloth/ soft-leather: diffuse as well as normal maps). Compared with other candidate material (some of them were clearly high-resolution like 1K/ even 2K), only 512x512 resolution pieces of her/his sack looked really good so that I decided to re-texture of the loincloth based on them. USLEEP team: for some additional meshes (Added patched Penitus Oclatus 1st person torso for maximum compatibility without any master dependency). Of course, Vector for SAM original. jorrob96 for the topic 'How I refit armors': https://vectorplexus.com/topic/651-how-i-refit-armors/