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  1. I ran into this myself. At the end i had to use console commands to promote them manually, not ideal. I looked around in the XSoldier scripts and there seems to be some code to remove a fake promotion which i suspect conflicts with LWOTC
  2. Vanaku

    XSoldier for WotC

    I finally ran into an issue using Xsoldier. In my new game i dismissed Bradford as he is a bit overpowered and didnt really want to use him this time... apparently this wasn't a good idea. If you do this before starting Alien Hunters it becomes impossible to start the mission as Bradford doesn't exist and wont show up on the party screen.
  3. Finally finished my Legend campaign with XSoldier (and a bunch of other mods). I just want to say thanks again for the time and effort Vector put into creating this mod! For some reason my photobooth stopped working but here are some final screen grabs of my guys and girls who survived the war. The final Chosen killed... good riddance! Advent network tower disabled (psi users are OP) My team embarks on their final mission
  4. Vanaku

    XSoldier for WotC

    Having a blast. Surprisingly works well with a few armor mods that hide the seams pretty well (if you stay at a reasonable weight level!). Haven't experienced any major issues so far!
  5. Vanaku

    What's new

    Appreciate the MCM options, wish more mods used it. Also... cant wait!
  6. This is great news, thanks for the heads up!
  7. Vanaku


    Yes, this looks amazing! I do hope we can see this for War of the Chosen at some point.
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