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  1. Unfortunately, I jumped out of the modding community several months ago. And due to my limited HDD size, I don't have Skyrim nor any of the mods I used stored away. You would have more luck asking some of the screenshootters over at HoT.
  2. I am currently using all the latest stuff, no glitch. I was actually one of the unfortunate, a year ago, that had the NiOverride incompatibility issue and "preached" the solution of downgrade left and right. It is somewhat random, the glitches pick newbs at random to torment. By the way I didn't see Ashara armor set using HDT physics. It says it uses HDT on the trousers, huh, I don't use them, nor the vest, they ruin the style for my character. Anyways, the last XPMSE version compatible with dowgraded NiOverride/RaceMenu is v3.21 as far as I recall. Any higher, and it requires NiOverride/RaceMenu v3.4.5. Nor HDT nor nothing required latest XPMSE back when I had the glitch (the only con was not having the wielding/sheathing styles).
  3. There are a few on HoT/LadyM's forum, some not in the downloads section. Just your luck I made a mod list with links for my mate just yesterday. SAFS 0 6 - Skimpy Armor for SAM - More Vanilla skimpy armor. SAM-Ashara Prince of the Woods Refit - Classic Ranger styled armor. (The set I currently use for my Shadowscale character) SAM-Prometheus's Conan Hyborian Age SAM-Forsworn Loincloth Refit SAM-Forsworn Armor Refit SAM-Revealing Tsun Armor SAM AdultAccessoriesForMen - Piercings with HDT physics SAM Aokis Revealing Projects - Vanilla vampire armor modular version. SAM Dungeon Guards Inspired Armor SAM KL - Bless Online - Daren (I just posted the fix method for this one on the comments of the mod) SAM KL- Kyron - Tera Castanic Heavy Armor SAM MH Revealing Tera Armor SAM Revealing Lich King Armor Those are all the armors made/converted/refitted for SAM. Any other armor, would be using a body that does not conform with Samsom/Samuel values and cause hands/feet/head to look weird, so I'd recommend to avoid them. Unless you have a thing for weirded-out textures and floating/disconnected heads/hands/feet like cartoonish creatures, such as Rayman. No judgements. OBS: The Legacy Skimpy mod turns a lot of vanilla armors into underwear. So all guards, most mages and some heavy armors will be just an appropriately textured underwear.
  4. Wut! Am I late for hyper party?! >w>'
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