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  1. Not sure if it qualifies, but I particularly enjoyed the Court of Bedlam arc of Elder Scrolls Online (that spans on two chapters and one DLC: Morrowind, Clockwork City and Summerset), and its ending, with all the characters you encountered in Summerset making an appearance and the "Words of the Fallen" book. Base-game only, I liked Morrowind's ending since it ended on a very positive note and felt a deserved accomplishment. Oblivion is the second best because in the end it feels like Martin's sacrifice didn't impact much on Cyrodiil itself... yes, there are no more Gates spawning daedra, but it feels like the get over the end of the empire quite too soon, imho, or like they didn't care much in the first place. In morrowind, on the other hand, you being the nerevarine was something shared among very few people and even on that there were doubts (are you really Nerevar reborn or someone who just had luck in fulfilling the prophecy?). The protagonist is something in between the "right person at the right time" (like the Hero of Kvatch) and the "chosen one" (like the Dragonborn) and the ending reflects that.
  2. Felio

    Upscaling Werewolves

    Actually the WW and VL schlong are set in the script (UpdateSchlongNiOverride() function of the SAM_QuestScript) to have an additional hyper value of 2 and 1.5 respectively, so when you transform youw dong should actually be TWICE the normal size. These values are hardcoded and cannot be modified unless you edit the SAM_QuestScript itself. I have customized a lot my SAM scripts so I am not 100% sure what you can or cannot do (or even if the source scripts are included in the current release, I think vector gave them to me or they were there from a previous HoT version), anyway in said script you can change the hypermodifier variable to suit your taste better, though per EULA you cannot share it afterwards (it would modify the existing script).
  3. I don't know how WM works but I imagine that it directly calls a morph variation instaed of setting a Samuel value with the native SAM functions (such as SetSamuel()), so it doesn't calculate the value and the corresponding normal map, which it would make sense given it works with female body as well that don't have the "swap normal" mechanics. If that's the case, it's something that should be fixed on the mod's author end.
  4. You can but I wouldn't recommend it. If you use the optional setpqv plugin you can use the console to input values above 100 (like "setpqv sam samson 150") but the morphs themselves are calibrqated for that form and applying them at higher values may result in distorted meshes and other problems. You could try using the xmpse plugin in addition to SAM to have bigger pecs, butts, tights or arms, but they don't really work very well together.
  5. It's not a problem with the mods, it's just the animation that it's made for a FM couple. There should be an option in the MCM menu to filter the animations according to gender (I think it's something like "Filter gay/lesbian animations"), but it doesn't work if you don't have some MM animations installed. What mod do you use to start the animations?
  6. You need armor refitted for sam: the wrist gap appears because the hands are morphing and the arms aren't.
  7. Felio

    SAM User Guide

    I don't think there is a command to "empty a faction", afaik you should call on each actor that belongs to it the RemoveFromFaction() function which is not quite that easy because you don't have any way to get who's in that faction at a given time. Basically, since there's no accessible "member list" for a faction though papyrus, the only way is to check if any actor you encounter is in that faction and get him out. Problem is that once he's out of the faction the SAM setup spell would run and put him back in it, so every time you encounter an actor the function would runcausing (probably) all kind of results.
  8. Felio

    SAM User Guide

    @MelesseThe thing is, I have no idea how to call all members of a faction without registering them in a formlist or something. If I used the faction itself it would just keep on removing them and re-add them every time we encounter them, and it would make the mod even more script heavy than it is currently. It would be possible to reset a single actor (i.e. the one in the crosshair) or perhaps add a "rerun morph generation" hotkey, but I think it still would be faster to manually tweak them from the MCM. Also, I have never been able to make the hotkey option in the mcm work properly.
  9. Felio

    SAM User Guide

    Nope, I think that's it. In fact I used that button only back in the times when I had to uninstall SAM to perform a clean update, then I just left it there. On the other hand it does what the description does: it cleans the overrides (ALL overrides then, not just SAM's). To remove all characters from the setup faction there should be a function to call all memorized characters one by one and remove them from the faction to run the random morph generation again. It would be easier to uninstall sam, save in a secluded location (better yet in an uninhabited interior cell), perform a save cleaner, reinstalling SAM and setting it up before going out. @Dredd yes they stack and in fact are applied later. As I told you, the variation range serves also as a "limiter" for the Samson/Samuel morphs, but the class offset ignores that. Say you set up a race with a 50 Samson slider value and a 2 variation range: you'd expect that no character can go less that 30 Samson and over 70 Samson, but with class offset active a warrior with a generated value of 70 from the class offset gets a value of 90, while a beggar with a value of 30 gets instead a value of 10. Of course the values are checked to stay in the 0-100 range before applying those morphs, so that a beggar with 0 samson won't get a -20 morph, but this means also that characters can have a morphs less than the one expected form their class: if a warrior had, say, a generated -5 samson, the +20 would make it 15. Basically: variety.
  10. Felio

    SAM User Guide

    Well, most of the times I used it it worked, but it's skyrim we're talking about. It may happen that to rerun the setup on the NPCs you have around you have to exit and re-enter the cell, or the script doesn't fire or reload the game. It may also mhappen that if you reset a single NPC its overriedis are immediately re-applied as the same because it takes them from the actor tab. If the button was re-purposed, then I don't know when and how. There's also another factor: the morph generation uses a random factor, and since in scripting random is never entirely random it may happen that in the same zone most people are setup with similar values because the function yelds the same results (i.e. all guards of whiterun or all NPCs of Dragon Bridge). If your edits are not dramatically different from the old values (i.e. you change the average samson of the nord from 0 to 100), you may not notice a difference between the old setup and the new. Anyway, on the class offsets: the scripts uses "class archetypes" categorizing each NPC class in one of these and giving these hard coded values: Citizen Archetype (Bards, Farmers, Commoners in general): +10 Samuel Famished Archetype (Beggars, Prisoners): -20 on both Samson and Samuel Laborer Archetype (Blacksmith, Lumberjacks, Miners, etc.): +20 Samson, +10 Samuel Mage Archetype (all classes marked as "Conjurer", "Mage", "Necromancers", etc.): -20 Samson Rogue Archetype (All classes marked as "Scout", "Archer", "Ranger", "Assassin", etc.): - 20 Samuel Sloth Archetype (Basically the merchant classes, like "Apotecary", "Vendor" etc.): +20 Samuel Soldier Archetype (All classes marked as "Guard" and "Soldier"): +20 Samson, +10 Samuel Warrior Archetype (all classes marked as "Warrior", "Barbarian", "Vigilant", etc.): +20 Samson So, basically, if the morph generation for an NPC from the race settings is 50 Samson, 50 Samuel, if the class offset is active the NPC will be 30/50 if it's a mage, 50/30 if it's a rogue, 70/50 if it's a warrior, etc. As I said, there is no way to edit these values, however I am reworking my SAMPLE mod that was previously on HoT and I have added a MCM tab that makes them editable (Vector himself suggested it once).
  11. Felio

    SAM User Guide

    As I have insights of the coding I can confirm/specify some of these: Enable Automatic Race Settings: Clarification: If enabled, SAM will morph NPCs according to their race, but there's no default values hard-coded in the mod. Race adjustments must be defined manually in the "Races" tab, otherwise it's all set to 0 (and medium hair textures). Class Offset: Confirmed. If enabled, some hard-coded values of Samson and Sam will be added to the NPC during the morph generation according to their class. The values are hard-coded in the mod, and will be applied after all other criteria. Variation range: confirmed. The variation range it's a delta of values from the race-specific base value. Schlong and morphs values have this multiplied by 10, for textures is taken as it is. It also acts as a "limiter": if you set a race samson value to 50, and the variation range is 1, NPCs of that race will have have their samson morphs ranging from 40 to 60, but it will never be below or over these values. Since the function it's parabolic, it will be more likely that you will have values closer to the one you set (so most NPCs of the previous example will have values closer to 50 and few will have 40 or 60). Same thing goes for textures. If you set a race textures to be "smooth", a variation range of 1 will give them either "smooth" or "light" hair, with a variation range of 2 it goes up to "medium" but you'll never get "hairy" or "furball" textures. Overrides: clarification: morphs and scaling are overrides too. Cleaning the overrides basically resets the NPCs as you never encountered them. Pretty useful if you edit race settings and you don't want to fine-tune everything, or if your savegame starts to suffer from all the datas gathered (specially for random leveled NPCs). Race settings: confirmed. Editing these values will affect only values generated for NPCs encountered AFTER the edit, it's not retroactive. The perfect example od this is Advar/Ralof: when the mod gets activated entering Helgen keep if you set nord the race to have certain values it will not affect the guy you've entered the keep with, since he'll be already set up by the default values (all 0 + medium hair) Texture Lock: confirmed. This is specially useful if you don't want to have a race to get too much/less hairy but keep a high variation range for other values. (i.e. hairy altmer of hairless nords) Cut: confirmed. Werewolf: clarification: the tab works also without MT (works for me and I don't have it), but there's a thing here. The werewolf inherits sam/samson and schlong values from the base actor (i.e. if Farkas has 50 samson, his werewoilf form will have 50 samson) and saved values for the werewolves will carry over (i.e. if you set yourself to have red fur you'll always have red fur). However, werewolves are only recognised as werewolves in their wolf form and humans are only recognized as such in human form. What does it mean? It means that you can't set Sindig's morphs and schlong size in Bloated Man's Grotto (it's a different actor reference than the one you encounter in the falkreath jail) unless you don't use the setpqv SAM console commands (with the related mod), and you can't set Farkas' wolf form's fur and eye color until he transforms. Same goes for you: if you want to setrup your wolf form's options you have to transform first. Note also that every NPC that has multiple references, like Kodlak or Ulfric, they'll be set up differently every time you encounter them for the first time, so they can end up with different features (i.e. different samson values or different schlong size).
  12. Felio

    How to make follower buff?

    have you enabled scaling for followers and NPCs?
  13. there is a female werewolf body included in SAM (to prevent Aela having a surprise down south during the companion questline) but I am not sure if it is set up to have morphs and/or if the gender check applies to werewolves as well in the MCM, to be hones I never tried that. The latter case is critical, as if the gender check applies to werewolves there is no way currently to have weregals appear in the SAM MCM for any kind of setup. SAM is, though, compatible with either or both Moonlight Tales or Moonlight tales essential (I don't remember tbh since I don't use them), that I seem to recall provides options for textures.
  14. I really don't know, I think the best thing to do is editing the model in a 3d modeling program (like blender) in the four morphs (1, 0, samson and samuel) and export it as nif, then proceed like all other clothing for morph generation: the conversion toold for sam work best with a vanilla base shape (I had some minor inconsistencies with the body when converting from SOS/Favoredsoul bodies), so using Outfit Studio may cause problems. :\
  15. Felio

    SAM for SE

    In the BSDismemberSkinInstance of the genitals block? (Partitions>Partitions>Body Part)?