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  1. Ive loved this original mod. I am so lucky I am SAM User. Thx a lot ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ!!
  2. Hey guys! I love to use SAM body since I started Skyrim. Unfortunately, So many of mod clothes is not compatible with SAM's Samuel and Samson option. When I start SAM, it automatically set slight values of Samson and Samuel to all NPCs in Skyrim so that it brings hands seams and foot seam who are wearing clothes not compatible with SAM body. So I figured out that it is from 'enabled class morph offsets' 'variation range' as default. Does anyone know how to disable those when I start Skyrim? Or I have to set 0s to each NPC that is really annoying. I think I have to fix script file, but I have no idea what values I have to change.
  3. arbor

    Curvy Body

    Thank you for sharing your precious mod! I have a question. Can you make this changeable curvy hair color with hair color? It is weird that blondy hair with black penis hair color for me.....
  4. Actually, SAM is really unpopular body type than the others in Skyrim, but this is my favorite so I am still using this body type. I see many mods are ported to SE except for complicated mods(Dodge, HDT-PE, etc..) these days. I think those mods also will be ported later as really famous mods. Do you guys think SAM for SE will be released later? I have no idea that SAM author is still playing Skyrim and developing SAM because English is not my first language so I am hardly visit English forum and no one mentions SAM body in my country's all forum. If you guys have any clue for SAM, please share with me.
  5. I.... Really Really has wanted it, since I chose SAM body. Finally, I got it!!! I really hope I can refit by this tool. Thank you!!!