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  1. Oh those are just some generated files for AAF. You can just move those to AAF mod folder But still, no idea whats going on... Is this a new game you are playing with or a old save? Have you considered starting a new game and see if it doea the same? Maybe your save got corrupted.
  2. Ulfberth

    Hello from the Wasteland!

    Hello adventurers! This is Elder Ulfberth from Boston post total atomic annihilation. Humanity fell a lot but we are always fighting for a better community. Here you'll see some of my pics in the commonwealth.
  3. If you wanted to download the modified skeleton by GS you picked the wrong file. You want to install the BT Skeleton in optional files, not the "Sliders and Tutorials" Thats a prettt short mod list, i dont see how any of them may cause CTD to your game. The only thing "wrong" is that you are loading the looksmenu.esp before master plugins, but that should not be enough... What is in that exclamation mark on your top right?
  4. You just have those mods? none of them should give you any sort of CTD that way. Im afraid its your save is corrupted somehow or you don't have an adequate computer to run the game with stability
  5. You'all are not seeing much of my activity in vectorplexus because im currently working on UAP development.

    Im keeping everyone updated with the changes until the public release, in our discord server, so you should join us as well and check it out whats going on!

  6. Hello @JoshMPty 1. Victoriam Line just requires an EVB based body to work, so you just want to install Atomic Muscle as body replacer (which is based on EVB). 2. It depends, if its a vanilla replacer, after, else, the order doesnt matter. But i use to leave in the description which order your should set for each outfit 3. You better not do that. Face textures in this game is troublesome and can cause missmatch with other body textures 4. Looksmenu will open for the actor the way they are, clothed or not. You can use console commands to strip the actor (unequipall) or to access its inventory to unequip specific parts (openactorcontainer 4). I recommend to start customizing when you awake from the cryopod. A sign that Atomic Muscle is working is that if you can see looksmenu advanced sliders having effect on the actor. 5. The clothes button in looksmenu is broken and needs fixing, dont press it. To wear clothes, youll be able to, by accessing your pipboy near to the event you are about to leave vault 111
  7. AlanaSP have finally uploaded a official fix for COATS framework in gunetwork forums.
    I have tested and it seems to work very well, here's the fix:


    And the folder with additional patches if you need any of them:


    This update will now make buttons work differently: press E for modify and SPACE to craft instead!

    1. Ulfberth


      its advised to load the COATS plugin in the very top of your load order if there's a plugin overriding the human race in your case


      the patches are more to have the layered armor system working so not a hard requirement imo, as long as you load the plugin on the top

  8. its actually 1.1.1... The .7 is the file format (.7z) But yeah, the latest version is 1.1.4
  9. thats weird... i just checked the info.xml and its in the right versioning
  10. Im not updating anything, just testing the new VP theme so dont mind me lol...

    1. Ulfberth


      @Faun i didnt update any of the files today, i just fixed the mod descriptions to work properly on the new upcoming dynamic theme for vectorplexus

  11. Hello @Azazemon glad you've been liking! If you purpose of making penis longer is to align animations, your best option is applying morph values to animationData.xml directly like what i've been doing with UAP development version. If you need more details how to work on this kind of alignment drop a DM in discord so i can better guide you, but here comes a short version of what you'd need to do: lets say you want to align savage cabbage anims. In this case i just added the Erection morph, but there are other possibilites where can help you align the penis. You can use the Erection Up for penis to angle up and the counterpart Erection Down. You can also use Penis Adjust to make the entire penis to rotate down which is very useful too. Predicting values for alignment though is very difficult and make the workflow slower, so you can just enter the looksmenu for the actors while AAF is running and preview the slider values before you enter them in the animationData.xml. Note that a value equal to 1 is 100%, 0.5 is 50% at same time you can enter values above 1 or below 0 (negative values) to help you align (which you will most of the times). For that matter, you can make use of this file which will make penis sliders extended. It'll unlock the penis sliders to have max of 3 (300%) and minimum of -3 (-300%) [For example, entering a value of -1 for Penis Adjust will make it rotate up instead of down] Atomic_Muscle_Penis_Extended_Sliders.7z Another tip i can give you, is that you can morph the own Erection morph ABOVE 100%. It'll make it sighlty distorted but larger, and since it would be in someone's else ass the distortion is not really noticeable during a intercourse.
  12. hello @simmysimm if you are trying to use the CBP presets from this FOMOD they will only work with CBP and not OCBP. You may want to look after OCBP or OCBPC presets instead if you want to use OCBP
  13. Isnt the anus bones included in the extended skeleton though? i this case they could just have been added from the current extended skeleton to sam body and weight accordingly...
  14. Pyramid Head race is now officially supported in AAF Violate https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/6657-aaf-violate/
  15. Hello there. I love all of your work. I have a question about the base mesh for AM. Is there a way to add a slider for the glutes?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Ulfberth


      Oh cool, in this case if you need more details let me know and i'd be glad to help you out. Or you can join our server and ask for help there as well

    3. bharotmac


      Hey dude, guess what? In my effort to edit the sliders, I realised that they, already, go well beyond what I had been using in game. Since the body mesh clips with the PipBoy, I always had the sliders set way low, to prevent it. Being overly concerned with that, during character creation, I never turned my dude around to see his backside. I just assumed, in errour, that the glutes did not change much beyond "Vanilla" as they say.

      Had I read the bloody instructions thoroughly enough, I would have seen that you did specifically and clearly mention the PipBoy issue and link to a "fix". I am still glad it happened though, because I would have, likely, not ever used the BodySlide tools had you not mentioned doing so.

      So, basically, I just wanted to let you know that, in addition to your mod being awesome, as is, it is also quite perfect for me.

      Thank you so much, again, and for all the help : )


    4. bharotmac





      Hey Hey, I am being a nuisance again : )

      Would I be able to adapt either or both of these to your AM body, using BodySlide? I thought to ask before I go in and start tinkering

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