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  1. Just found out that i wont last in skyrim lmao 🤣. So im preparing a big surprise for Fallout 4, stay tuned 👀

  2. Ulfberth

    Ulfberth's Skin Overlay for Male Bodies

    nice, what needs to be updated.
  3. Ulfberth

    What's going on?

    Oh? I thought you had this conversation dead from you...
  4. Ulfberth

    What's going on?

    Like what? The game ports? I cant upload game ports to nexus you know that. But whatever, i just came here to answer our friend here, i dont have anything to say to you.
  5. Ulfberth

    What's going on?

    And you are the only one here who dont understand i was following your permissions until you decided to get crazy and pointing things im not responsible for.
  6. Ulfberth

    What's going on?

    That was not an encouragement, and i told you im not your bot, im not talking things for yourself, if ppl want to make stuff with your mod they have to talk to you not me. Helped him through the project? Wtf? I just told him what i know, i didnt help through his project. See? You just make false assumptions based on your own judgment cus you are too agry with me to think straight. Even though believing you dont agree with anything, because it seems you want your mod to be the ultimate and only (oh no... Im not saying you to forcelly agree with me, its just a shame we never get cool things because of authors like you who restrict everything).
  7. Ulfberth

    What's going on?

    God, you are like a wall that dont understand what ppl say... You created this social climb shit, not me. Its not my fault if you think modding is about that and felt jealous because i was "getting relevant with your work" I never encouraged anyone to step over your permissions, stop saying shit you dont have proof of. If i had so my apologies, but afaik, everything here is just false assupmitions of yours. And yes, i didnt agree and was still following so you have no point saying i was not following it. It was over *** 30+ mods for a boring upload process of adding descriptions images + i was still planning to improve some of them before they were going to be uploaded to nexus. And i was not planning to make a server right after i left, in fact i was afraid i wasnt be able to manage one, someone suggested me as a easy way to announce upcoming mods.
  8. Ulfberth

    What's going on?

    Yes you are right, i didnt agree with your nexus upload shit (i hate having to deal with nexus kids), but i was following anyway for the sake of creating male content. So as far as im concerned i didnt violated any permissions until recently you decide to make a big deak of everything, putting your finger on my face for something im not responsible for, saying im treating our discord server as bt official server and saying i was using your work to socially climb (its just a shame you thinking modding is about social ladder instead of a way for sharing and to have fun, its really a shame how one can think on this bullshit). And you told me to reupload my refits to nexus just after ive done like 30-40 refits already, while i still had lots of other stuff planned, i was slowing adding the old ones to nexus + always making the new ones available in nexus for download, but you wanted me to upload everything in the exact time you want as if i was your employee, i do things at my pace bro. Plus, i was going to stop supporting your work right before you revoked the permissions. You dont think on anything else but yourself... All what ive done to help BT to make popular, the moments i spent my time helping ppl to get it working with AAF and stuff, im just sick having to deal with that ungrateful ass of yours. Instead of you, im really grateful about all the stuff you shared with me and the efforts youve done for everyone, but i suppose you dont understand this word so its useless. Oh... Do you want to know why ppl dont follow your permissions (or at least some of them)? Because you are an ass!!! try being more modest and kind when talking to someone (specially when they need technical support), ppl like to recognize/respect if they are respected first 😊
  9. Ulfberth

    Random Male skin (NPC Male Bodies)

    Oh wow, this is awesome! Thanks a ton
  10. Does anyone have the files to share with me? I wanted to give my go to port to SE
  11. Ulfberth

    Ulfberth's Skin Overlay for Male Bodies

    Read your DM in discord
  12. Ulfberth

    High Poly Head

    thanks a lot 😄
  13. theres an option in sexlab to toggle the nudesuit, you want to keep that disabled.
  14. @everyone Im really sorry it had come to this and i've done everything i could to not get to this point, but i'll stop giving support to BT because of personal reasons with the author. Since there will be no other male body to give official support to, i'm also not modding for Fallout 4 anymore and considering to go to Skyrim.
    With that in mind, i'll wipe all the content related to BT in both vectorplexus and nexus. But dont worry, i'll give you all 3 days to download everything you can.

    As for UAP, i'll try to continue supporting for who get any problems with it, but since my focus will be on skyrim, i wont be able to continue its development and maybe wont be able to keep it updated with the most new updates of other animation packs.

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    2. Dee Aeriel

      Dee Aeriel

      OH god nooooooo, I love your mods 😭, dammit these damn stupid permissions nonsense.  Modding is suppose to be a fun experience where we share our work and others can give their ideas and create from others assets without any fuss.  I don't understand the modding community sometimes, it reminds me of sims modding community, very toxic indeed.  Thats one of the reasons why I haven't played sims in a long time.

    3. Ajablexipi


      Dammit !
      Was it you who had made the CROSS Bos Recon refit for BT2 ? I knew I had seen it somewhere ! Should have snatched it when it was still up !

    4. Ulfberth