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  1. Ulfberth

    Fallout 4 muscle mod request

    but how he made the legs so thick like that?
  2. Ulfberth

    Fallout 4 muscle mod request

    it looks hella good, never thought we could get something like that for fallout.
  3. i cant remember how NMM works since i've been using MO for a long time, but try renaming The "Masculine Argonian" folder inside of the rar to "Data" instead and see if that works.
  4. as i said you just need the regular texture... not normal maps from it like this one And you have to choose between PBI and Skysight. Unless you stick with PBI texture + Skysight Normal Map
  5. if by younger you mean less muscular you can just pick the regular PBI texture from the pack and select a normal map of your choice. Also there's nothing like a standalone pubes texture, it comes as body texture as its own, all you can get if it's less hairy, more hairy or mixed with the Furball Texture by T1ranno and so on.
  6. Cool, are you developing your own script for skin randomization to work in SE?
  7. Ulfberth

    Feet sinking below ground

    Just a quick report regarding the feet sinking below ground. I was trying to make it work for npcs; since we can't import presets to npcs i had to develop another method. So here what i've found, an alternative way to fix the sinking, but first something i realized -> *Adjusting Leg to Body Proportion (deprecated) at same time with both Leg Length (Thigh) and Leg Length (Calf), kinda corrupts your character so you must adjust them once at time *To make things work your character must sink his feet before you save the game, or else, it sinks when you load. So that's simple, sink before saving to not sink on load. *Adjust Left Thigh, Right Thigh, Left Calf and Right Calf in conjunction with Leg Length (Thigh) and Leg Lenght (Calf) forces your character to sink your feet. If you just adjust Leg Lenght Calf and Thigh you character dont sink his feet which means if you load the game, he will. With that being said, in my example lets say i have some slider goals -> Left and Right Thigh (1.4) / Left and Right Calf (1.5) / Left and Right Foot + Left and Right Toes (1.2)/ Leg to Body Proportion (Deprecated) (0.87) / Leg Lenght (Calf) and (Thigh) (10). So the steps would be: 1. Adjust the following sliders > Left and Right Thigh (1.4) / Left and Right Calf (1.5) / Left and Right Foot + Left and Right Toes (1.2)/ Leg Lenght (Calf) and (Thigh) (10) [Note that i didn't touch Leg to Body Proportion (Deprecated) yet]. Your character must sink his feet. 2. After that exit Racemenu, open it again and adjust the last slider to -> Leg to Body Proportion (Deprecated) (0.87). Even after that your character must have his feet sunk. 3. Exit Racemenu, save the game, load it and there you have it!!! Well don't ask me why, it just works... "Hey Ulf... but your settings make your character's feet float instead", not a problem... SAM Body tab (SAM Morphs For Racemenu) has a slider called "Pelvis" with that one you can make the feet touch the ground again.
  8. Why not just using sse optimizer to convert the LE version to SE instead?
  9. As far as i know this usually happens at the very start state of the game. Sam is meant to be used post helgen escape or something. Its one of those mods that need a "clean save" to get it running.
  10. Ulfberth

    Feet sinking below ground

    Confirmed! everything working as intended now, thx for your efforts 😄
  11. Ulfberth

    SAM texture problem

    you need armor refitted for SAM
  12. Ulfberth

    Download — SAM Morphs for RaceMenu

    may i know about your game version, skse64 version and racemenu? just to make sure...
  13. Ulfberth

    Download — SAM Morphs for RaceMenu

    Recently i've found a issue with sliders like spine, pelvis left thigh and right thigh not being saved after you load the game (samson and samuel sliders do fine). Is this something you can do about or it's racemenu's fault itself?
  14. Ulfberth

    Feet sinking below ground

    HAHA!!! finally fixed, actually its a bit tricky since i forced a bug to fix the bug. 1. After loading your game go to Racemenu set both "Calf Length" and "Thigh Length" to 0 save a preset and go back to main menu 2. Load your save again and load the saved preset from "step 1". Your character will likely float and in my case with tiny legs (note that you must load the save which your character had an already changed value for both calf and thigh) . Save the game and go back to main menu 3. Load your last save, open the Racemenu and change both "Calf Length" and "Thigh Length" to the desired value, in my case, Thigh - 1/ Calf - 9 (note that if your feet sink below ground after changing the value, it means it worked, congrats!). Save the game and go back to main menu 4. Load your last save and enjoy your Oversized character ;D In the process of a lot of testing i also found another bug... both Spine and Pelvis sliders from "SAM Morphs for Racemenu" SamBody Section are not saving by anyway. I'm not sure if its a racemenu issue or from the mod itself. Guess i gotta ask Kou about it.
  15. Ulfberth

    Feet sinking below ground

    aaah actually i was looking forward to it but its not compatible with Special Edition 😕