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  1. Ulfberth

    BodyTalk V2 and AAF, No Erect-Problem

  2. Ulfberth

    3D Pubic Hair for Bodytalk

    Aaah i cant do that lmao, the penis is totally connected to the body. Its not like SAM where the penis is optimally separated. Okay, maybe i can do that, but i dont agree doing it cus it would look too weird. The best choice would be making the outfit skimpy instead.
  3. Ulfberth

    3D Pubic Hair for Bodytalk

    You can use the equipable version for that
  4. Ulfberth

    BodyTalk V2 and AAF, No Erect-Problem

    Nah, i'm just sharing what i know I appreciate it ^^
  5. Ulfberth

    BodyTalk V2 and AAF, No Erect-Problem

    @MannDesFriedens you are using vortex right? you need to sort the assets so The patch overwrite if it has any conflicts. I don't know how that works on vortex, i just know its one of its features.
  6. Ulfberth

    BodyTalk V2 and AAF, No Erect-Problem

    Some animations names are being loaded which shouldnt because my patch was supposed to overwrite them. In this case, your AAF is telling you are not loading my Patch with priority higher than its conflicts. In addition, i dont think you can have the overlay mod installed with the patch, so you want to remove that.
  7. Ulfberth

    BodyTalk V2 and AAF, No Erect-Problem

    Yeah, i tried to port them to male too but i have no clue why its not working (even tho it works if you use them in looksmenu). Its a shame we dont have the same attention for the MM in AAF(specially animations), thats why i joined in The One Patch development so i can give my contribution in that department. Once i we get to the overlays stage for the patch, i feel like i'll finally figure out how to port it for males.
  8. Ulfberth

    BodyTalk V2 and AAF, No Erect-Problem

    Yeees! Glad you made it. So, cum overlays are still not implemented for the patch, but are planned for the next versions so stay tuned
  9. Ulfberth

    BodyTalk V2 and AAF, No Erect-Problem

    They will probably stay there, thats why you dont want to manual install anything. About the texture, thats really weird, i cant understand some vortex bugs. I like to use mo2 since the abillity to sort assets is easier.
  10. Ulfberth

    BodyTalk V2 and AAF, No Erect-Problem

    And please, dont manual install anything. Its harder to give support that way
  11. Ulfberth

    BodyTalk V2 and AAF, No Erect-Problem

    You must use only my patch, you cant use it with the patch by polistiro and The One Patch
  12. Ulfberth

    BodyTalk V2 and AAF, No Erect-Problem

    @MannDesFriedens welcome to Vectorplexus! So, i suggest you using the modified version of The One Patch that is in my private Club. Its optimized for MM interaction and is updated with animation packs (except atomic lust that just updated 2 days ago). In addition, its compatible with latest bodytalk version v2.75 (the erection morph just changed to work the same as EVB). I gonna send you an invite, you gotta look up for Ultimate AAF Patch in AAF Related Mods tab. If anything, you can contact me in discord Hydrogeddon #8216 or you join our discord server
  13. Ulfberth

    Download — 3D Pubic Hair for Bodytalk

  14. View File 3D Pubic Hair for Bodytalk Credits goes to: Vioxsis for the original mod (NOT REQUIRED) here: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3091-3d-pubic-hair-for-fo4/ Files included: (BT)3D Pubic Hair for Bodytalk - Thick & Light bodyslide files (build them with your favorite preset). They can be crafted in in your chemlab under the 3D Pubic Hair for Bodytalk category. Those are equipable pubes! You can use the Pubic Thick/Light NudeSuit version or you can layer them with skimpy clothing using the Pubic Thick or Pubic Light The NudeSuit use the Body and Ring slot, the non NudeSuit use just the Ring slot. you can have an extension of this mod by joining my vectorplexus private club, just ask for an invite The preset used in screenshots can be found here: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/40415 Follow me in the | Twitter | if you want to get notified in real time when i publish new refits for Fallout 4 Join me in my | Private Club | for non public releases Join us in the Bearhood of Steel | Discord | NSFW Gay oriented server. Get in to be update with my stuff and to share yours too. A place for men who enjoy men. Follow this | File | if you want to be aware of new updates! Let me know if you have any questions, feedback, requests or suggestions. Also feel free to improve these meshes if you would like to. Submitter Ulfberth Submitted 08/25/2019 Category Fallout 4