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  1. Guys!!! now created a discord server with the main purpose of sharing my stuff, but you are free to share yours too

    This is a Gay NSFW Server, mostly for fallout 4 and game modding. Read
    #Introduction and #Rules upon joining (link: https://discord.gg/v8u7YRR) discord.gg/v8u7YRR HF!

  2. This guy has been working on an awesome version of deathclaw since the last year. Give him some kudos guys! this kind of project needs to be encouraged: https://www.deviantart.com/disabledtheory/art/V3-Fallout-4-Super-Mutant-DeathClaw-Reloaded-797577939

  3. Vanilla refit for bodytalk reuploaded right here: https://www.nexusmods.com/Core/Libs/Common/Widgets/DownloadPopUp?id=163276&game_id=1151&source=FileExpander

    Just a note its a bit outdated (just a single slider that needs update) but better than nothing. The vanilla refit will eventually be updated tho.

  4. Guys! i'm not inactive. I've just been working on a AAF Creature patch for BT to be put on test (i gonna drop the files in my private club once i get a fomod for it).

    While i don't get the FOMOD for it, the next project is Absolutely Skimpy Attires by SavrenX

    Just a brief idea what i'm doing:

    I managed to increase the polycount for this one so i can make it fit the BT penis better, stay tuned for the full release!

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    2. InoOnew88


      Hehehe it looks sooo good Ulfberth! Thank you so much again! I really  can’t thank you enough.😘

    3. Ulfberth


      Finally done with the plugin! And its huge, a lot of materials to choose from. Now running some final tests and preparing the screenshots for showoff in mod page

    4. Ulfberth


      @here Released!

  5. @here... All of my refits for Bodytalk in VectorPlexus have been updated to latest Bodytalk features!!! You can get them here: https://vectorplexus.com/profile/1036-ulfberth/?do=content&type=downloads_file&change_section=1

    1. Ulfberth


      With that i can finally bring some more new refits. Stay tuned y'all!

    2. InoOnew88


      Yeaaa i can't waiiittt! xD

  6. Now updating prostitute outfit to the latest bodytalk version. Still looking for better boots to use with... If you guys happen to find something better let me know 


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    2. Ulfberth


      Vault suit done, One more to go...

    3. InoOnew88


      Wow! Thank you sooo much for updating them sooo fast Ulfberth! :)

    4. Ulfberth


      they were quite quick cus i've done the edits for even bigger presets on them already