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  1. Guys! i'm not inactive. I've just been working on a AAF Creature patch for BT to be put on test (i gonna drop the files in my private club once i get a fomod for it).

    While i don't get the FOMOD for it, the next project is Absolutely Skimpy Attires by SavrenX

    Just a brief idea what i'm doing:

    I managed to increase the polycount for this one so i can make it fit the BT penis better, stay tuned for the full release!

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    2. InoOnew88


      Hehehe it looks sooo good Ulfberth! Thank you so much again! I really  can’t thank you enough.?

    3. Ulfberth


      Finally done with the plugin! And its huge, a lot of materials to choose from. Now running some final tests and preparing the screenshots for showoff in mod page

    4. Ulfberth


      @here Released!

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