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  1. To the excellent Ulfberth (yes, I'm brown-nosing a bit,)

    I downloaded all of your great BT outfits and found that I can only enable one at a time since they are all labeled "big bear.xml". Am I missing something or did you design them to be active only one at a time?

    Whichever, I'm enjoying them very much...

    Take care,


    1. Ulfberth


      aaah... no, you can have all of them enabled they wont "mess with each other". Big Bear.xml is my bodyslide preset. I just included them in all of my refits just in case one ask for my preset.
      Glad you are having fun btw. We finally have a decent body for Fallout 4 and i'm so happy i can do something about it.

      @Aegis Brightfall

    2. Aegis Brightfall

      Aegis Brightfall

      Thz so much- esp. for the quick response. I'm new at this modding stuff and I'm so in love with it...



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