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  1. @everyone Im really sorry it had come to this and i've done everything i could to not get to this point, but i'll stop giving support to BT because of personal reasons with the author. Since there will be no other male body to give official support to, i'm also not modding for Fallout 4 anymore and considering to go to Skyrim.
    With that in mind, i'll wipe all the content related to BT in both vectorplexus and nexus. But dont worry, i'll give you all 3 days to download everything you can.

    As for UAP, i'll try to continue supporting for who get any problems with it, but since my focus will be on skyrim, i wont be able to continue its development and maybe wont be able to keep it updated with the most new updates of other animation packs.

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    2. Dee Aeriel

      Dee Aeriel

      OH god nooooooo, I love your mods ?, dammit these damn stupid permissions nonsense.  Modding is suppose to be a fun experience where we share our work and others can give their ideas and create from others assets without any fuss.  I don't understand the modding community sometimes, it reminds me of sims modding community, very toxic indeed.  Thats one of the reasons why I haven't played sims in a long time.

    3. Ajablexipi


      Dammit !
      Was it you who had made the CROSS Bos Recon refit for BT2 ? I knew I had seen it somewhere ! Should have snatched it when it was still up !

    4. Ulfberth
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