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  1. Crafting system similar to how fo76 works. You have different workbenches and they will craft related items only. So for example, the armor workbench will craft armors only and weapom workbench, weapons only (instead of having all craftables in chemlab).
  2. this was the original upload from the author, but i decided that i'll not support COATS in the future anymore. I will just get it back to the chemlab due to lack of communication with the author
  3. This patch is kinda outdate because it will only work with the legacy version of Wasteland Dairy
  4. COATS seems to be hidden and under re-construction on Nexus. Any idea as to when it may be back up? I really wanna wear all those great clothing pieces here ;-;

  5. good night @kairen92. Neither AAF or Victoriam Line requires Bodytalk btw. Sometimes authors set mod as required, like victoriam line author, but its not actually a requirement, its a recommendation, so you may want to keep your eyes open for these details too.
  6. so @kairen92, that might be due to Looksmenu morph inconsistency. Morphs can behave like that specially if in a busy area, so i suggest changing your body morphs where there are not much going, like close to a wall or where your fps works better. Both Atomic Muscle and Bodytalk are body replacers. You cant have more than one body raplacer for the same gender installed so no, they are not compatible. Depending on the mod, you might've mistaken that bodytalk is actually required... which mod are we talking about here?
  7. exactly, Atomic Muscle was made specially for users so they dont have to go through bodyslide. So lets not overcomplicate things and just leave the bodyslide files for actual advanced modding purposes.
  8. hello @kairen92 If the sliders are not working on the body, perhaps its not atomic muscle you have installed, its another body. To make sure its Atomic Muscle, you'll see the character will have a unique sculpted anus. Either way, i cant tell much what is happening with just your load order because they are just plugins, not assets. I need your mod list instead (if you are using MO2, its the mods from your left panel).
  9. again, please, do not build anything for Atomic Muscle neither for refits, they are modder's resource only! The outfits must be crafted using COATS plugin in the Armor Workbench under (Atomic Muscle) GS Outfits category. If you are crafint from the GS Outfits in chemlab you are crafting the wrong outfit (the default GS ones, not the ones i refitted)
  10. hello @vinceagashi! please, refer to here: https://vectorplexus.com/topic/1719-for-everyone-missing-coats-download-link/
  11. and i just noticed you have some mods unmanaged by MO2. Probably manually installed or installed by other mod manager @Pyros Onlyfans | Quicksell.store In order for the MO2 to work properly, no mod files can be installed manually, only through mo2 or the files will conflict out of mo2's scope and you wont be able to sort.
  12. you didnt happen to install the bodyslide files for atomic muscle or some shit right? see if there's anything conflicting with zex skeleton
  13. 1. Race Customizer is not compatible, its gonna mess with Zaz Extended Skeleton 2. The "Bodygen" mod you have installed is the Bodygen Reset? As i said, the bodygen reset is only necessary to be installed IF you need to reset bodygen to install another bodygen preset, so dont install it 3. Player Exclusive Body is also not advised if player character is Male. Atomic Muscle already has all the resources to make Unique Player an obsolete mod. Same for Unique NPCs. Male npcs will prob not get Atomic Muscle body with that mod installed
  14. This is the loadorder, which only displays the plugin. I need to see your modlist instead (some mods dont install plugins at all, so thats why it doesnt apply). The modlist are the mods you see on your left panel
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