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  1. There's absolutely no conflict with AWKCR. I have AWKCR installed myself and i dont experience any CTD, i have no idea why you'd get it tho... its a pretty lightweight plugin. Edit: OOh wait... try the version 1.2 now of my file, see if it works. @Saratahoga
  2. Oops, forgot to mention the category for the patch... You can find them under "The reaper for bodytalk" in your chemlab menu.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Credit goes to: Crimsomrider Original mod required here: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/21368?tab=description A special request by @Gishy Fishy in TBOS' Discord Files included: *My own preset for Bodyslide used in screenshots *(BT)The Reaper Outfits (build them all with your favorite preset). They are tagged as the following in bodyslide outfit/body selection dropdown menu *Optional patch if you want AWCR and Armorsmith Extended dependency removed so you can craft all pieces in chemlab instead. You can find them in the "The Reaper for Bodytalk" category in your chemlab menu Follow me in the twitter if you want to get notified in real time when i publish new refits for Fallout 4: https://twitter.com/ulfbearth Join us in TBOS' BodyTalk discord for more BodyTalk content, pre release announcements, pics and more: https://discord.gg/ecSQTGb (NSFW server, no underage allowed please) Let me know if you have any questions, feedback, requests or suggestions. Also feel free to improve these meshes if you would like to.
  4. i'm not modding skyrim anymore, but i can tell you had a lot of work to write this one. Good job 👍
  5. Ulfberth

    Fallout 4 Screenshots

    oh my!!! Tasty Beef!!! The outfit looks great on him... i loved the tattoos btw
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Credit goes all to the original author: bp12946 His mod is required here: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/34980?tab=description This is just a simple refit i did during my tutorial here: Files included: *(BT)Navy uniform bodyslide project file. Build it using your favorite preset *Modified plugin for navy uniform, so you can craft it in chemlab under "Navy uniform for Bodytalk" category Follow me in the twitter if you want to get notified in real time when i publish new refits for Fallout 4: https://twitter.com/ulfbearth Join us in TBOS' BodyTalk discord for more BodyTalk content, pre release announcements, pics and more: https://discord.gg/ecSQTGb (NSFW and 18+ Only server, no underage allowed) Let me know if you have any questions, feedback, requests or suggestions. Also feel free to improve these meshes if you would like to.
  7. Nicely done, A+ for your homework ^^
  8. Yeah it works as intended. As for full port, its not gonna happen... It has been said by vector he's done modding and nobody else has source code for the scripts. If you want something like full SAM; combine SAM Light + Sam Morphs for Racemenu + Racemenu's Bodygen.
  9. There's no need for meshes, everything you need is in Tools folder. The textures were missing indeed tho, thx for reporting ^-^
  10. Once you install the files provided my preset will be there for selection in the presets tab. If its not there try to resave the bodytalk project with a new name showed in my bodytalk and BS and OS setup tutorial. My preset is using an older slider so you need to install my personal project for bodytalk too, its in the tutorial.
  11. As i used MO2 for this, everything generated by Bodyslide went to the overwrite folder (Tools Folder with the sliderset and shapedata). For organization you should drag them to something you can manage, either to the own bodyslide folder or to the original mod folder your choice. Also i'd like to take the opportunity to advertise TBOS's Twitch. He gives some useful tips in his streams: https://www.twitch.tv/thebottomhoodofsteel/videos
  12. First of all you need to know/ have Bodyslide and Outfit Studio (BS & OS) installed and properly set up already. If you don't you can guide yourself here (MO2 only): I won't go to much in depth how i do refits in this tutorial to make it easier to understand. I'm just gonna teach you how to do something i call "basic refit" and as far as this topic goes i can go give some more detailed tips. As for this tutorial we are going to do a basic refit so lets choose something simple that a "basic refit" can handle, so our outfit sample will be this one: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/34980?tab=files if you want to have a better understand of this guide, i recommend downloading it and following the steps i do with it so you can do it with your preferred outfits later So once downloaded install it using your mod manager/mod organizer cus we need to see the textures in outfit studio to make our refit easier. Alright now lets finally start working... First open your bodyslide 1. select TBOS-Bodytalk-NeverNude-V2 in your outfit/body dropdown menu. Nevernude is more suited for this kind of outfit, if you are working with revealing outfits use the nude body instead (TBOS-Bodytalk-V2) 2. Press this icon here to open the selected outfit/body in 1. in OS with nevernude project now opened you can import the outfit you want to refit for start working. Since i'm using MO2 i need to go to MO2 "mods" folder to find the nif we installed earlier, but as a shortcut we can do the following: 1. right click on the mod installed 2.select "open in explorer" 1.left click on the path and copy the directory (Ctrl+c) with the directory copied 1.head back to our opened project in outfit studio and go to File> Import> From Nif... 1.This Will show up 2.paste the directory previously copied here 3.browse through meshes folder till you find the nif you want In this case the outfit we want is located in: ...Meshes\Clothes\x2 double click on MOutfit.nif Now here it is... ofc it has some clippings at first but you don't need to bother with it since you can hide them using zap sliders (i'm gonna explain zap sliders later) also, this kind of outfit covers the most part of the body so we don't have to bother going too much in depth with the brushes tool. Before proceeding with the basic refiting lets make some adjustments First you can note that there are 2 bodies in your project, its unnecessary, you just need the Bodytalk body, the other one probably came with the outfit itself. Since we opened the project first before importing the outfit we can easily detect that Basemalebody with green name (green name means its the body reference of the project) is the bodytalk's So all you gotta do is delete the the other one: 1.left click on the other body shape's name and press delete or rightclick>delete 2.YES! and you might be wondering... wtf? isn't that supposed to have the navy textures? no problem... the outfit is using custom materials for navy textures but it has other textures set in the texture tab. Normally they just need materials set up for the outfit, not the texture itself. So lets delete the direct texture paths: Double click on MOutfit0_2 or right click>Properties... 1.This will show up 2.Go to textures... 3.this will showup, delete the lines on A,B and C 4.hit ok 5.hit ok OH now Ulf!!! the outfit has no textures. Don't panic... we just gotta refresh our bodyslide, but since we got this far lets save our project first 1.go to file>save project as 2.Type in a name you can remember of, when i do BT refits i place (BT) on the start so it gets pinned on the very top of the bodyslide outfit/body selection menu to make it easier to find so (BT)Navy Uniform 3.IMPORTANT!!! press this button there "To Project" so it will rename your Slider set file (.osp <- this is the file that makes your project show in the outfit/body selection menu) Shape data folder (PRoject assets folder where .osd "sliders data" are stored in cojunction with the nif file) Shape data file (nif file). This is important to not overwrite your TBOS-BodyTalk-NeverNudeV2 project so you can use it more times for other refits/conversions Then hit save and reopen your bodyslide 1.with the bodyslide reopened now select the project we saved earlier 2.then hit this button to open it in Outfit Studio See? its properly textured now... lets start fitting the body then For the basic refit we can "automatically" refit the outfit using the conforming option: conforming sliders means you make your outfit copy slider data from the reference body (BaseMaleBody, in green name) so the outfit can morph as you move the sliders. So do the following 1.select all non reference shapes, there's just one here but if there's more than one you can multi select using shift( everything except with the green name, we don't want to conform our body, just the outfit) 2.go to Sliders>Conform Selected(conform non reference meshes) Now your outfit has the slider data we need, as you move the sliders you can see your outfit morphing with them. As i said earlier we don't need to bother much with the clipping cus we are going to use zap sliders to hide the body anyway, except for the arms... we want the arms showing for this one so anything that clips close to the arms we need to bother with and maybe around the neck The area we need to work around the clippings is between the biceps and the sleeves and maybe on the neck since we want the neck body showing. 1.We need to test every single single slider to detect the area we can't cover with zap sliders and use brush tools to get rid of them, to do that, with the outfit selected, enter edit mode by pressing the pencil icon (you can just enter edit mode for one slider at time, so once you are done checking for a slider disable the edit mode for it and enable for the next one you want to check, rinse and repeat). One of the most problematic slider is BTAryadaMoreMuscular so i gonna enter edit mode for it as sample, but don't forget that you need to do the following for every single slider 2.As you can see, when we entered in edit mode for BTAryadaMoreMuscular a clipping showed up in this area. Its expected we can't cover that with zap sliders cus its too much close of the part of the body we want to be shown (clothing with showing arms) so we need to make use of the brush tools to get rid of it 1.One of the most famous way to fix this clipping is using the increase mesh volume area brush tool, to do that you can press "2" in your keyboard or left click here (make sure you have your outfit selected in the right panel, not the body) 2. Now, with your mouse hover your cursor over the clipping area, hold the left mouse button and make movements around the clipping till it fades out Tada!!! now the clipping is gone... for that slider lol, you need to do it for the others too Once you are done fixing the clipping on the needed area we are now ready to hide the rest of the body. to do so lets mask the part of the body we want to hide 1. With the outfit selected (if there were multiple shapes multi select them using shift) press G to toggle the Ghosted wireframe mode so we can see better what we are masking or click twice on the eye close to the shape's name till you see a wireframed square 2.Press number 1 in your keyboard or press this icon to select the Mask brush tool (masks are used to help you applying zap sliders, making other brushes not applied on the area you've masked and so on) We want to hide part of body not the outfit right? the brushes just work with the shapes selected 1.Select the body so the mask tool can make effect on it 2.With the body selected, use your mouse as a pencil and paint the area you want to hide. Alternatively you can mask just the feet than hold "D" letter in your keyboard so OS will automatically mask the vertices close to the one you've mask, then hold it till it get close to the arms and the neck 3.Speaking of vertices, vertices are single dots of a polygon (do you remember your math classes back in high school days? XD) So we can see better how much of the body is getting masked. As you mask your body it gets dark shaded. You can toggle the "Vertice Mode" pressing the icon here. Green dots are unmasked vertices and Red Dots are Masked Vertices This is enough masking, now lets exit the Ghosted wireframe mode, so we can see better how much got masked and clean what we don't want to get hidden (same step as above, select the outfit and press G or click twice in the eye icon close to the shape name) unmask everything close to the biceps until there's no other red dots left... make a good use of the camera to clean every spotable red dots or else you'll experience gaps to unmask the vertices, with the mask tool brush selected hold ALT as you hold left mouse button and paint them to become green. Don't forget to unmask the neck too now the body is ready to apply zap sliders, now its time to explain what it does Zap sliders hides unmasked vertices, i said UNMASKED vertices, in another words: everything that's not black on your shape. Since we masked what we WANT to hide we need to leave masked what we don't WANT to get HIDDEN in another words MASKED VERTICES stay, UNMASKED VERTICES get hidden. So we need to invert the mask in order to hide the UNMASKED VERTICES, to do so press Ctrl+ I or go to Tool>Invert Mask Now everything we want to get shown is red instead... time to finally apply the zap slider 1.To do so go to Slider > New Zap Slider 1. Enter a name you can remember of 2. Press OK... this will create a slider in your Sliders window 1.Scroll down in your sliders window till you find the zap slider we created, then enter in edit mode by pressing the pencil again cus we need to change some properties. As you enter in edit mode for the zap slider you can notice the body moved a bit, i mean, the UNMASKED vertices of the body moved (Green dots) and the red dots were untouched. This means the zap slider is making effect on that area only. Don't panic your zap slider don't hide the body when we are in OS but it does in Bodyslide. While in edit mode, press TAB or go to Slider>Properties... 2.This box will show up, its the slider properties, in this case, the zap slider properties. Leave checked the boxes in: A. Zap box: it gives the slider the Zap function B.Hidden box: it hides the zap slider in the Bodyslide so users don't need to bother with it when they build their outfit in bodyslide C.Zapped box: to leave the zap slider automatically applied when users open your project in bodyslide 3.Press Ok to confirm the changes Normally we don't need to run into this, but i did our homework arleady... WHAT YOU TALKING ABOUT ULF? this model here is not compatible with Zex Skeleton, which is the one the Bodytalk needs to run (because of extra bones like penis bones and so on) which means we need to reassign bones to match zex skeleton bones. If you don't know, bones are unities that make your mesh able to animate with an object or an actor, so things without bones are not animated. Ulf why is bones so much important? if the mesh your are working with is not properly assigned to the bones you need (Zex Skeleton bones) you will run into funny issues, so lets assign them since this one is messed up Right click on all non reference shape (meshes without green name) then select copy bone weights: Coping bone weights means it will copy bones based on a limited range... but Ulf, where is it copying bones from? from the reference shape ofc... That's why its important to leave bodytalk's shape set as reference, it has the bone data you need, in other words, the zex skeleton bones. 1.This will show up, as i said it copy bones based on a limited radius, by default OS is set to use a radius of 5 units to copy the bones. In this case its enough so just leave as it is and press OK Its pretty much done now time to save the project again, to do so go to file>Save project as Now we need to make some changes here... Don't think everything is ready, you still need to make the directories match with the outfit you are refiting 1.Type in the project name you can remember of 2.Press the To Project button to make your project have its own folder for Shape Data and Slider data and its own Project file based on the name you typed in 1. ITs important to enter the NAME FIRST before pressing To Project Button 3.Change this to the original nif you imported. Remember when we needed to copy the directory from mod organizer and pasted to "import>nif from..."? the outfit is there so we need to get its original name, in this case its MOutfit.nif, but just type in MOutfit without the ".nif" this is important because BS already save your built mesh with the sufix .nif followed by the name typed in "output file Name" 4. Enter here the mesh original directory starting with meshes folder, in this case Meshes\Clother\x2. Just copy and paste the directory using the mod organizer open in explorer method and delete everything before ...meshes\. After all of that Press Save, close outfit studio and reopen bodyslide With bodyslide reopened, seek for you project again in outfit/body selection menu, press Preview to see your project and OMG!!! its fitting the body, arent you proud to made all this way to here? now time to build the body and check everything up, don't forget to tick build morphs box Note the generated directory, if its match the original file. Now... get your ass to the game already!!! Dang!!! you did a heck of job sentinel, AD VICTORIAM O\ There's a lot more we can do with OS to solve many other possible problems, but i can't cover all of them in this tutorial because well... its too much. Let me know if you have any questions!
  13. My preset is in the download file too 😂
  14. special request by @yapi75
  15. Version 1.0.0


    Credit goes to: Johnc0n0r the original creator you can find the original mod here: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/37666 @Don aka SavrenX for adaptation to male bodies mod required here: https://savrenx.blogspot.com/2019/03/savrenx-el-cazador.html How are you supposed to survive the wasteland if you don't have the right equipment to hunt for supplies? Radiation made the local wild life even more smart so you need something to disguise yourself to get them off guard. Hunting your preys is now even easier with El Cazador and... when i say prey i'm also talking about human prey what not? *grins*. Stun your foes with your sexy look and abuse them while they are stuck looking at your meat. Files included: *My own preset for Bodyslide used in screenshots *(BT)SavrenX El Cazador Outfits (build them all with your favorite preset) -(BT)SavrenX El Cazador Skimpy Armor -(BT)SavrenX El Cazador Coat -(BT)SavrenX El Cazador Black Hoodie *Plugin to give Savren'x El Cazador craftable in chemlab, you can find them under "El Cazador SavrenX Male" category in your chemlab menu. The plugin is named as "SavrenX El Cazador chemlab.esp" This one has working penis morphs, ready for your skimpy gameplay just like i did with sav's vault suit Follow me in the twitter if you want to get notified in real time when i publish new refits for Fallout 4: https://twitter.com/ulfbearth Join us in TBOS' BodyTalk discord for more BodyTalk content, pre release announcements, pics and more: https://discord.gg/ecSQTGb (NSFW server, no underage allowed please) Let me know if you have any questions, feedback, requests or suggestions. Also feel free to improve these meshes if you would like to.